Thursday Aug 15, 2013

Top Adpatch Patching Issues For Release 11i And 12.x

Do you have problems or questions applying E-Business Suite patches?
Do you want to learn more about:

  • Patching strategy
  • Minimizing the risks when applying a patch
  • How to troubleshoot different patching issues
  • What information can be useful and should be uploaded in service requests or community threads (depending on the issue received)

Then use Document Id 1444322.1 Top Adpatch Patching Issues For Release 11i And 12.x as your starting point.  This document has a wealth of information about how to plan your patching so that you have a successful patching session and how to resolve failures if they happen anyway.

Many patch issues can be resolved quickly by following the troubleshooting steps in Doc ID 1444322.1.  If you need extra help try searching the E-Business Suite Patching Community by patch number first, someone else may have already hit and resolved your issue.  If you need to log a service request then providing information about all the troubleshooting steps you've already followed will help avoid you having to answer the same questions again; provide us all needed information (including all the patch log files) and you may find that we can answer your patching issue from the first update!

Want to discuss this some more?  Come and join us in the E-Business Suite Patching Community and discuss patching issues with Oracle experts and industry peers.

HCM: Introducing the 'RetroPay Analyzer' for EBS Payroll

The HCM Proactive Support Delivery Team is introducing a new Health-Check script - RetroPay Analyzer - to assist in proactive analysis of your RetroPay environment.

RetroPay Analyzer script reviews the current RetroPay parameters information, setup information, profiles, assignments statuses, custom / seeded retro elements, retro success and failed information, any history, instance patching and references along with providing helpful feedback / recommendations, and best practices for any RetroPay related areas highlighted as a concern on your system. 

To obtain the RetroPay Analyzer, go to

When reviewing the analyzer output, you can immediately see when issues are identified as they are displayed in red so that they are easily seen.  In addition to identifying areas of concerns, the analyzer also identifies My Oracle Support (MOS) articles which can be utilized to resolve the issue.

Proactive RetroPay Analyzer Benefits:

  • Immediate Analysis and Output of your RetroPay Environment
  • Parameter driven, so can be executed for a specific Business Group or Legislation
  • Identifies any issues and displays content for immediate attention
  • Identifies and Recommends RetroPay Best Practices
  • Ability to execute the analyzer at any time

Additionally, Oracle will be delivering instructions on how this Analyzer can be set up as a concurrent request so that our Functional Colleagues, who actually perform the RetroPay processing, will have the ability to run this Analyzer if required.  

To obtain the concurrent manager setup, go to

  • Doc ID 1568260.1 How to run EBS Payroll - RetroPay Analyzer Tool as a Concurrent Request.


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