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AR: Resolving AutoInvoice Date Issues

Check out our recent blog entry discussing the topic of AutoInvoice Date issues. Have you ever wondered where all these dates come from, and how are they derived? Check out what our EBS AR expert has to say on the topic.

AR: Noteworthy Notes


We highlight some documents that have been flagged as 'very helpful' by our AR Support Engineers - we have helped you resolve a significant number of Service Requests in the past 3 months using these documents.  

Do you have performance issues when querying the SubLedger Accounting (XLA) tables? This may be due to due to incorrect statistics at the index partition level. Please refer to DocID 1465689.1 to assess if this is your issue.

Having problems running Create Accounting? Does this error sound familiar? ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 1. If so, see DocID 1559488.1 for details on how to resolve.

Have you got spurious errors in the logfile of the Create Accounting (XLAACCPB) child process Accounting Program (XLAACCUP) regarding unprocessed reversals. Please review DocID 1550293.1 for the solution.


We highlight below some of the newly created notes since our last newsletter publication, that have been most frequently used by you. To keep abreast of new and modified notes in your area of interest, you can configure the Knowledge tab in MyOracleSupport to highlight recently updated documents. Please see here for information on how to set this up.

Does the error 'APP-AR-96024' display when you are applying a receipt to a transaction. For details of how to workaround this problem, please see DocID 1547415.1.

Do you have issues closing multiple periods, but yet nothing shows in the Unposted Or Subledger Period Closed Exception Report? The cause of this is due to duplicate records in the xla_ae_headers xla_ae_lines and xla_ae_distributions tables. These records are tied to events that are already processed to General Ledger.To find out how to manage this issue, see DocID 1549102.1.

Want to prevent duplicate Receipt Numbers, using Forms Personalization? For a full description and screenshots, see DocID 1543302.1 for further information.

AR: Project Billing Patch to Resolve AutoInvoice Errors

Are you running Project Billing?

If you have applied Projects patch, you may be experiencing the following errors when transferring to Receivables:

The distributions for this transaction are in the functional currency, but the entered amount does not equal the accounted amount. Please recalculate the accounted amount for this transaction and resubmit AutoInvoice.

Projects Development have released Patch 16944382 to resolve these issues. For full details, see DocID 1562223.1.

AR: STConferencing (STRTC) Retiring

The tool we currently use to conduct web conferences with our customers, STConference, also known as STRTC is being phased out. This will be replaced with our latest tool, Oracle Beehive Conferencing.

You may have already used Beehive, if your support engineer has initiated a session through this. If not, be aware that there is a small installation routine to go through, so don't wait to do this until you have an urgent issue and need an immediate conference.

Be Prepared and review DocID 1532515.1 for a full listing of system requirements.

Note: We do not yet have specific dates for the de-commissioning of STRTC, but it will happen in the near future. We will advise the dates via our communication channels - sign up to 'follow' us on Twitter, 'like' us on Facebook and keep in touch with our EBS Blog.

AR: Apple iPad Certified with E-Business Suite R12.0

Did you know that you can now access Oracle EBS OA Framework (HTML-based) applications using an Apple iPad?

The baseline requirements are:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 and higher
  • iOS 6.0 and higher

It is not possible to run Java-based applications on iOS devices, so Oracle Forms-based products requiring the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) plug-in are not available on iPads.

To get further information, please see DocID 1526099.1.

AR: EBTax Setup and Data Integrity Analyzer

Have you tried using the EBTax Setup and Data Integrity Analyzer? This tool is downloadable from DocID 1529429.1, and will produce an html output report of all known problems you may have relating to the EBTax Setup during Migration/Upgrade/Implementation, along with information on notes and/or data-fix patches which may already be available to resolve the issues.

You should always run this script prior to logging a Service Request when you suspect there is EBTax Setup related data corruption or if you simply want to proactively verify the data integrity of your EBTax Setup.

Did you miss the webcast on using the new EBTax Setup and Data Integrity Analyzer? Click on DocID 1455839.1 for access to the archived webcasts 2013 listing, and replay the recording.

AR:New Look Information Centers

Have you seen the revamped Information Centers? If not, take a few minutes to check them out. Information Centers provide a one-stop portal into all that is new and latest for your functionality of choice. The format of these documents has been changed to make it even easier to search and find content. Additionally, ICs now reference bugs and enhancement requests, so you can easily identify what is going on in that area.

Below is an example of the AR Customer Workbench Information Center:

Doc ID 1478539.1

For a full listing of Receivables Information Centers, check out DocID 1473872.2.

You can also view a full listing of Information Centers across EBS by viewing DocID 444.1 and selecting the appropriate tab.

If you missed the webcast discussing Information Centers in Oracle Receivables, you can replay the recording by accessing in the Archived 2013 tab in DocID 1455839.1.

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