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Need a Holistic view of your Concurrent Processing? Choose CP Analyzer

Concurrent Processing Analyzer Features

The Concurrent Processing Analyzer is a Self-Service Health-Check script which reviews the overall Concurrent Processing Footprint, analyzes the current configurations and settings for the environment providing feedback and recommendations on Best Practices.

This is a non-invasive script which provides recommended actions to be performed on the instance it was run on.  For production instances, always apply any changes to a recent clone to ensure an expected outcome.

Benefits include:

  • E-Business Applications Concurrent Processing Analyzer Overview
  • E-Business Applications Concurrent Request Analysis
  • E-Business Applications Concurrent Manager Analysis
  • Identifies Concurrent System Setup and configurations
  • Identifies and recommends Concurrent Best Practices
  • Easy to add Tool for regular Concurrent Maintenance
  • Execute Analysis anytime to compare trending from past outputs

Go to Doc ID 1411723.1 for more details and script download.

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Resolve Instructional Webcast Series — E-Business Suite Payables Period Close

Resolve Instructional Webcast Series — New Product Specific Troubleshooting Topics

For E-Business we have coming up:

Title: Resolve—Best Practices for E-Business Suite Payables Period Close

Date: Nov 7, 2012

Time: 8:00 am MT - 3:00 pm GMT - 10:00 am Eastern - 8:30 pm India - 7:00 am Pacific

This one-hour webcast shows you how to use 3 main recommendations:

  • Period Close Helper – New Diagnostic to identify and resolve period close issues.
  • Master Generic Datafix Diagnostic (MGD) usage in proactive/reactive mode.
  • Recommended Patch Collection (RPC) uptake.

This session will help customers to plan and complete their month on month period close activities successfully. Also, in approaching period close in a proactive way. It will assist in order to avoid last minute hassles and prevent delays in achieving the Period Close deadlines.

Customers who are involved in the Payables period close activities (both Functional and Technical) will benefit most from the webcast.

Join us. Leverage this opportunity to learn Support Best Practices that help you resolve the issues you face with your Oracle products.

Oracle Support experts provide live demonstrations of proactive resources. You will see you how working proactively helps you work more efficiently—from using the right tools to providing the right information on Service requests—you can get answers faster.

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Questions? Contact Oracle’s "Get Proactive" team today.


UPDATE: Planning Bulletin for JRE 7: What EBS Customers Can Do Today

Java logo

An initiative to certify Oracle E-Business Suite with JRE 7 desktop clients is underway.  We have tested EBS, 12.0, and 12.1 with JRE 7. We have fixes for nearly all of the compatibility issues now, and are working hard to produce the remaining fixes quickly.

Go to the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Blog to read the latest information about:

            • When will JRE 7 be certified with Oracle E-Business Suite?
            • What can customers do to prepare for the JRE 7 certification?
            • What else will be required by the final certified configuration?
            • Where will the official patch requirements be documented?


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