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Continuing Our Inventory Item On-hand Quantity Series

Todd Cerny
Principal Technical Support Engineer

To continue our series focusing on on-hand quantity issues, have you ever suspected a quantity mismatch for your inventory item? Another potential reason your on-hand quantity may not be accurate could be because of a quantity mismatch. Let's discuss how to diagnose a mismatch between your current on-hand quantity and material transaction history.

You may suspect a quantity mismatch when any of the following (but not limited to) errors are seen in the application:

  • There is not enough quantity... at pick release a Sales Order, but physical quantities are in stock
  • Negative Balances not Allowed.... at Sales Order Issue
  • Insufficient quantity to perform the requested operation... at load task
  • Quantities are not available for transactions
  • Quantity reports does not match physical inventory

This diagnosis is applicable for Non-WMS organizations only. As a starting point of analysis, you can identify the issue where sum of primary quantity of an item from the Material Transactions (MMT) table will not be equal to primary transaction quantity from the On-hand Quantities Detail (MOQD) table (from the start date).

The standard scripts “mmt_moqd_mismatch_at_sublevel.sql” from the below referenced Doc ID 279205.1 will compare aggregated quantity in MMT with MOQD from the start date.

If a transactions history purge has been run, some transaction history is lost, so, the aggregated quantity in MMT will not match MOQD from the scripts. In this scenario, it is technically impossible to provide a data fix for on-hand quantity. The only workaround / alternative here is to perform a cycle count or Miscellaneous Receipt to fix any missing quantity.

For full details and the solution, refer to note, Current On-hand Quantity and Total Transactions History Quantity Mismatch Diagnosis (Doc ID 279205.1).

Want to diagnose the issue quickly and automatically? Run the Inventory Transactions Analyzer via Doc ID 1499475.1, which will also help diagnose other issues you may want to review to keep your on-hand quantity correct.

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