Thursday Apr 09, 2015

Webcast: Implement & Customize Transaction Account Derivation Rules (TADR) in AGIS

Webcast_icon.jpgImplement & Customize Transaction Account Derivation Rules (TADR) in AGIS

Date: April 22,, 2015 at 11:00 am ET, 8:00 am PT, 3:00 pm GMT, 8:30 pm, India Time (Mumbai)

This one-hour Advisor Webcast is intended for functional and technical users who would like to implement and customize intercompany Transaction Account Derivation Rules (TADR) in AGIS based on their business needs. Join us to learn required setups, the transaction process flow, basic troubleshooting and more!

Topics will include:

  • Transaction Account Derivation (TAD) Overview
  • Advantages of TAD
  • Required Setups
  • Transaction Process Flow
  • Basic Troubleshooting

Details & Registration via the My Oracle Support Community thread:  Advisor Webcast On 22-Apr-15: Implement & Customize Transaction Account Derivation Rules (TADR) in AGIS

Tuesday Mar 31, 2015

Where to Find Product Documentation for General Ledger?

We know that having reliable Documentation available is crucial for anyone interested to use Oracle Applications; business users, developers, consultants, system administrators, in short - everyone using it needs to know how it works, understand the expected functionalities and design, keep track of changes. 

We heard you asking for direct links to Online Documentation, as browsing through My Oracle Support portal  may be inconvenient at times for a business user. 

We responded to this request - Product Documentation for General Ledger and Electronic Technical Reference Manual are both available online, there is no need for an account, password or browsing multiple pages.

Online Documentation

It is so simple!

Find out more today! Documentation - General Ledger Manuals and eTRM (Doc ID 66935.1)

Balances Corruption Fix Script (GLBALFIX) Now Available for Parameters Including Special Characters

General Ledger Balances Corruption Fix script -known as GLBALFIX- was provided by Development to help safely detect or fix corrupted actual balances. This script basically rebuilds the balances based on the posted journal lines.

We have briefly presented the script to customers in a previous blog article which is still available here

This easy-to-use script could not be used for cases where the input parameters such as ledgers or calendar periods included special characters (arabic, german, polish and so on).

New version available!

Development recently released a new version of GLBALFIX script which will addres special characters cases

Did you have this concern before?

Just check: GLBALFIX errors when Input Parameters Contain Special Characters (Doc ID 1958420.1)

Do you suspect balances corruption? Do not hesitate, get help today!

General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection Released Recently!

Recommended Patch Collections (RPC's) are released by Development periodically with the main purpose of providing a compact, reliable collection of relevant product patches that would address the main and most oftenly reported issues.

With a relatively small footprint, RPC's deliver solutions to address critical issues that could otherwise affect important business processes and flows.

Which Patches?

Patch 20251722:R12.GL.B: R12.1 General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection, February 2015

Patch 20255342:R12.RG.B: R12.1 General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection(FSG), February 2015 

What do they bring?

Solutions for multiple functional areas, addressing Bugs related to: 

  • Standard reports
  • Consolidation
  • Revaluation 
  • Financial Statement Generator Reports (FSG)
  • Drilldown
  • Gl Setup and Performance

I want more! 

Thank you, please review this document providing all the additional details you may need: 

General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection (GL RPC) Feburary 2015 (Doc ID 1982728.1

Be Proactive! Don't wait to have a problem, Prevent it from occurring!  

Monday Jan 05, 2015

Did Your Consolidation Journals Post Twice Recently?

General Ledger Consolidation feature allows reporting users to combine the financial results of multiple companies, disregarding the fact that the ledgers might have different chart of accounts, calendars or currencies. 

For some specific cases, where Consolidation was used along with Autopost feature, double posting occurred for the consolidation journal resulting in balances corruption. We have identified this issue and found a solution! 


 Review this document today for more details! 

Journal Posted Twice causing balance corruption (Doc ID 1922615.1

Budgeting For The New Year? Allow Us To Help!

Budgeting is used to represent specific estimated costs and revenues for the selected period ranges. Budgetary control helps track budgeted amounts against the control budget, monitor the available funds, get a good view over future funds reservations and funds consumption. 

General Ledger(GL) provides many tools to create, maintain and track budgeted amounts; this functionality is integrated with WebAdi product, allowing the users to upload budget data from the spreadsheet files directly to GL. It's that Easy! 


Do you think the setup required to achieve budgetary control is complicated? 

Review this document today, it provides everything you need for a good start:

Budgets and Budgetary Control - Setup and Usage (Doc ID 1928941.1

Let us help!

Wednesday Dec 31, 2014

Did You Check The Latest Rollup Patch for Report Manager?

Oracle Applications provide a large variety of reporting capabilities, Report Manager being one of the most powerful tools available, as it makes use of Financial Statement Generator (FSG) reports presented in a professional manner, allowing at the same time many custom options for the template and output.

No programming needed to define your own custom reports!

However in order to get the best out of this reporting tool, you should always consider upgrading the code periodically in order to include the latest implemented features and bug fixes.

Do you know what is the latest Rollup Patch for Report Manager? 

Find out now!

R12 - What Is the Latest Rollup Patch for Report Manager? (Doc ID 1952615.1

Tuesday Dec 30, 2014

Financial Reporting Using Excel? Get Some Hints!

Report Manager, as part of Oracle Applications E-Business Suite is a powerful tool allowing users to publish, store and customize reports results in order to meet complex business reporting requirements. Being integrated to work with Excel and General Ledger - Financial Statement Generator (FSG), it allows users to get a personalized look for their reports. 

Using Excel for reviewing and analyzing financial reports brings great advantages, such as:

  • making use of many Excel formatting options - bold heading, colors, pictures, logos
  • performing calculations directly on the report's output
  • presenting the report in a well-organized manner, using Excel worksheets
  • creating graphical representations of the results presented in the report output 

Are your users familiar with Excel? Do you need to pick between Report Manager and BI Publisher? 

Best Practices for Excel-based Financial Reporting with E-Business Suite Release 12 (Doc ID 1936523.1

Check this first!

Advanced Global Intercompany System Setup Diagnostic Available!

E-Business Suite Diagnostics are free tools intended to help troubleshoot problems reported by the users or proactively detect setup issues, maintaining a healthy environment. As a result, they provide an easy-to-read document revealing existing setup definition and, where possible, setup changes suggestions or problems spotted during the diagnostic run.

Most probably you are already using our existing diagnostics presented in this Catalogue?

Oracle General Ledger (GL) Diagnostics Catalog and Scripts Collection (Doc ID 1416402.1

Diagnostics for GL

Did you notice we do not have an Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS) Diagnostic available? 

We knew it!

An AGIS diagnostic was prepared on your request - share it with your users now!  

Agis diagnostics sample

Oracle Financials Common Modules (FUN): Advanced Global Intercompany System(AGIS) Setup Diagnostic (Doc ID 1939150.1

Just Check it Now! 

Wednesday Oct 01, 2014

Interested in Financial Control - New Features on 12.2.4 Release?

The Release Content Documents provide detailed information about new or changed functionalities available with the mentioned Applications release. For 12.2.4 such documentation is already available.

New or changed functionalities include: 

  • Sharing Allocation Formulas across Ledger Currencies
  • Control Accounts usage restriction for WebAdi
  • Intercompany Ledger level balancing 
  • Brazil: SISCOSERV
  • Oracle Menu displayed differently for Report Manager -WebAdi spreadsheets 

Do you have an Upgrade Plan already?

We have presented the information separately for each product, to make it easier for you:  

Oracle General Ledger Release Notes for Release 12.2.4 (Doc ID 1911147.1)

Oracle Advanced Global Intercompany System Release Notes for Release 12.2.4 (Doc ID 1913688.1)

Oracle Public Sector Financials (International) Release Notes for Release 12.2.4 (Doc ID 1915011.1)

Oracle Public Sector Financials Release Notes for Release 12.2.4 (Doc ID 1915356.1)

Oracle Financials for the Americas Release Notes for Release 12.2.4 (Doc ID 1914069.1)

Oracle Report Manager Release Notes for Release 12.2.4 (Doc ID 1911898.1)

Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator Release Notes for Release 12.2.4 (Doc ID 1911899.1)

Be curious! Find out more about Release 12.2.4!

Using WebAdi to Upload GL Journals? Excel 2013 is Now Certified with Webadi!

Web Applications Desktop Integration (WebAdi) is a powerful tool leveraging desktop applications to perform some of the Oracle EBS Tasks. Familiar desktop tools such as Excel can be used to create spreadsheets, enter or change existing data, then upload or propagate the changes to EBS.

For General Ledger, WebAdi can help through usage of specific integrators to:

  •  Upload Journals to Gl 
  •  Upload Budget Journals or change existing Budget balances directly 
  •  Upload Intercompany Journals

Did you just upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013? 

Good news! Excel 2013 is now certified with WebAdi! 

Either using previous versions of Microsoft Excel or the 2013 version, they are certified with WebAdi; you may now plan your desktop applications upgrades as needed and continue to Enjoy the Webadi Experience! 

Need more details?

Is Microsoft Office 2013 Certified With Webadi and E-Business Suite? (Doc ID 1907418.1)

Tuesday Sep 30, 2014

New GL Recommended Patch Collection Released by Development

Since E-Business Suite 12.1 was released, very important fixes were delivered by Development to improve your experience with General Ledger or introduce solutions for reported issues that might affect critical business processes.

Many patches are available. How to select those being relevant for your business? 

RPC's (Recommended Patch Collections) make this choice easy!

What are they? Collections of compact, reliable patches addressing issues that occur often and interfere with normal completion of crucial business processes

Why RPC's? They are tested, quality-assured compared to one-off patches and smaller in footprint compared to RUP's (Release Uptake Patches) 

When? As soon as possible! Maximize your experience with GL Release 12.1, minimize the patch adoption effort!

Find out more about this last RPC released by Development in

General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection (GL RPC) August 2014 (Doc ID 1919532.1)

Check the list of included fixes and Patch Now!

Mexico Electronic Accounting - Need This Functionality in EBS?

On July 2014 was published The Second Resolution of Modifications to the Mexican Fiscal Code establishing, among other regulations, that taxpayers required to keep accounting books and records must use electronic systems and accounting programs that would be able to generate the files in XML format.

The mentioned provisions refer to: 

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Trial Balance
  • Accounting Policies

Need to meet these requirements regarding compliance and delivery of accounting information through electronic media? 

To understand better the implications of this legislative update and follow-up the formal Enhancement Request raised with Oracle, please visit these documents today!

E-Business Suite Release 12: Mexico Electronic Accounting, 2014 (Doc ID 1918417.1)

R12: Mexico Electronic Accounting : Does New Functionality Exist? (Doc ID 1921779.1)

Be the first one to know when the functionality becomes available! Bookmark this Enhancement Request now! 

Tuesday Jul 01, 2014

Posting Performance Issues Reported After Database Upgrade

Posting is the main General Ledger process that updates the account balances for detail and summary accounts. As the program is submitted multiple times almost every day and the volume of data processed by this concurrent request is sometimes huge, getting a good performance for each run is crucial for having up-to-date balances available for reporting purposes at any moment. 

After upgrading RDBMS to, Posting performance issues were reported due to a new optimizer feature introduced for Database. Posting uses a bad execution plan and might get severe performance issues or simply hang at glpubr.concurrency procedure: 

Posting Logfile

Did you upgrade to RDBMS recently? Do you plan to upgrade?

Ensure proper application usage for your users through a proactive patching plan!

This recently updated document provides all the needed details to help avoid a known issue: 

GLPPOS Poor Performance after DB Upgrade to Program Stuck on Glpubr.Concurrency (Doc ID 1602141.1)

Tuesday Jun 24, 2014

Journal Lines Reconciliation - What's Different in Release12?

General Ledger Reconciliation feature allows accounting users to reconcile transactions for accounts that should balance to zero, cross-referencing such transactions with each-other through reconciliation references. Either Manual or Automatic, using references from GL or Subledgers, including complete accounting code combinations or just the natural account segment value, when the balance for a group of transactions is zero the transactions are marked as reconciled. 

What's different in Release12?  

Part of European Localizations in 11i, Reconciliation feature was incorporated in the Standard Applications Release 12 due to its importance for the business.

What features are included?

  • Populate reconciliation references for journal lines or headers
  • Create references from Subledgers directly
  • Replicate references to Reporting Ledgers
  • Perform Manual or Automatic reconciliation
  • Multi-currency reconciliation
  • Report on reconciled-unreconciled transactions
Reconciliation form

Need to know more?  

Find out all the details related to available features, setup requirements, reporting, technical information - all delivered in clear steps with screenshots and quick tips through this New Whitepaper Document:

Journal Line Reconciliation in R12: A Whitepaper (Doc ID 1673357.1)

Share this with your financial users today!


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