Thursday Apr 03, 2014

New Log Analyzer for Depreciation Error Logs

We have a new depreciation error log analyzer for Fixed Assets.  This new tool can be found in the document:  Log Inspector: Assets Depreciation (FADEPR) Terminated in Error (Doc ID 1626908.1).  When your depreciation process has terminated in error, you can use this tool to explore possible causes and find solutions. The Log Inspector will step you through the process. 

When you first view the Log Inspector document, you can select the link to view a short presentation about the use of the tool.  When you are ready to access the tool, you first select your release 12.0.x, 12.1.x, or 12.2.x.  Then select "Next."

The Log Inspector presents the second screen to you.  You will paste the contents of your depreciation error log file into the blank entry field.  When you select "Next," the Inspector will process the information provided to obtain a possible solution.

Error log

In this example, the depreciation error log was pasted into the Log Inspector's window, "Next" was selected, and the Inspector returned a solution:


The next time you encounter an error when running the depreciation process, consider utilizing the Log Inspector for analysis of the issue.  

Monday Mar 17, 2014

Need Assistance With A POST Mass Additions Issue?

In the last entry to the EBS Fixed Assets Support Blog, the Troubleshooting Assistant for the Create Mass Additions process was highlighted.  We also have a Troubleshooting Assistant for the POST Mass Additions process (also known by its short name of FAMAPT).  The Post Mass Additions process is the process used to post mass additions lines, making assets from those addition lines.  Alternatively, you might be making cost adjustments to assets or adding CIP assets using the Post Mass Additions process.  1610669.2

To assist with issues that you might encounter in the Post Mass Additions process, we have a new Troubleshooting Assistant (or Search Helper) to help you identify typical problems and obtain the solutions for those problems. 

  • You might have an error in the process
  • Perhaps you have encountered a performance issue
  • Maybe you are trying to merge addition lines
  • Is the list of values (LOV) for the book empty? 

Select the appropriate issue(s) in the selection window of the Troubleshooting Assistant and possible solutions will appear on the right side once you make your selection(s).

You can access this Troubleshooting Assistant by reviewing Troubleshooting Assistant: FAMAPT - Post Mass Additions (Search Helper) (Doc ID 1610669.2).

Thursday Feb 27, 2014

Need Assistance With A Create Mass Additions Issue?

We have created a new Troublehshooting Assistant for Oracle Fixed Assets for the Create Mass Additions process.  This process (also known by its short name in Assets as FAMACR and in Payables as APMACR) is used to bring addition and adjustment lines from Accounts Payable into Fixed Assets via the mass additions interface.  There have been a number of changes to the process and enhancements made in recent releases.

TroubResolveleshooting Assistants are resources created to help you find a resolution to an issue by guiding you from the problem, through the possible scenarios, and to the proposed solution.  These troubleshooting assistant types of resources were formerly called Search Helpers.  Called by either name, they are designed to provide a path through various topics related to a process and, based on the selections you make, provide suggested solutions. 

The troubleshooting assistant for create mass additions includes solutions for these issues, and more: 

  • Addition lines that were not transferred from Payables to Assets
  • Addition lines that were transferred into Assets but should not have been 
  • Merging of addition lines 
  • Transferring freight, tax or miscellaneous lines
  • ORA-30926 errors
  • Performance issues

You can access this troubleshooting assistant in Troubleshooting Assistant: Create Mass Additions From Payables (AP) to Fixed Assets (FA) (Doc ID 1609542.2)

Monday Sep 10, 2012

Oracle E-Business Financials Recommended Patch Collections (RPCs) for R12.1.3 Have Been Released for August 2012

What is a Recommended Patch Collection (RPC)? An RPC is a collection of recommended patches consolidated into a single, downloadable patch, ready to be applied. The RPCs are created with the following goals in mind:

  • Stability: Address issues that occur often and interfere with the normal completion of crucial business processes, such as period close--as observed by Oracle Development and Global Customer Support.
  • Root Cause Fixes: Deliver a root cause fix for data corruption issues that delay period close, normal transaction flow actions, performance, and other issues.
  • Compact: While bundling a large number of important corrections, we have kept the file footprint as small as possible to facilitate uptake and minimize testing.
  • Reliable: Reliable code with multiple customer downloads and comprehensive testing by QA, Support and Proactive Support.

RPCs are available for the following products:

  • Cash Management
  • Collections
  • E-Business Tax
  • Financials for India
  • Fixed Assets
  • General Ledger
  • Internet Expenses
  • iReceivables
  • Loans
  • Payables
  • Payments
  • Receivables
  • Subledger Accounting

For the latest Financials Recommended Patch Collections (RPCs), please view: EBS: R12.1 Oracle Financials Recommended Patches [Doc ID 954704.1].

Friday Aug 17, 2012

Received An Error In Fixed Assets? One Of These New Error Message Documents Might Have Your Solution.

Have you encountered an error in your Fixed Assets application? We know that you would like to have the resolution to the error as quickly as possible. We have created four new documents that consolidate the most commonly-encountered FA errors and provide the solutions.

Sometimes there is more than one solution for an error. These documents outline each possible solution. If the resolution of the error message varies by release, the document also outlines the solution appropriate for each release. These four error message documents consolidate FRM, ORA, APP-OFA and APP-FND errors and solutions. Take a look at these notes to find known causes and fixes for your FA errors.

· R11i to R12 Assets Error Listings for: APP-FND-01436, APP-FND-01564, APP-FND-01388, APP-FND-00668, APP-FND-00806 and APP-FND-1079 (Doc ID 1439918.1)

· R11i to R12 Assets Error Listings for: APP-OFA-48392, APP-OFA-48393, APP-OFA-48397 and APP-OFA-48676 (Doc ID 1460268.1)

· R11i to R12 Assets Error Listings for: FRM-41050, FRM-40501, FRM-41316, FRM-92100, FRM-40723, FRM-40105 and FRM-40815 (Doc ID 1465860.1)

· R11i to R12 Assets Error Listings for: ORA-01438, ORA-01406, ORA-01403, ORA-00054, ORA-02289, ORA-01652, ORA-06550, ORA-01476, ORA-0000, ORA-04063 and other ORA-xxxxx (Doc ID 1474752.1)


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