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A Glimpse on Space Assignments Functionality

Knowing how you currently utilize
your space and where you have vacancies is a key element in making informed
decisions when managing your real estate. Oracle Property Manager streamlines
space assignments, tracks occupancy and vacancies, and monitors capacities in
each defined space. Facilities managers and space planners have access to this
information online (rather than having to visit each space), dramatically
reducing the cost of space administration. For landlords, tenants are
automatically assigned to space as leases are finalized, providing real time
vacancy information.

 Using Oracle property Manager you
can track the following information

  • Availability
    of space in a building
  • Usable space
    in a building
  • Space that
    has been assigned
  • Amount of
    vacant space
  • If the space
    is a common area

The difference between reading a report and seeing the same
data laid out graphically can have a significant impact on decision making
process. Visualization in real-time of space attributes, utilization, and
occupancy greatly enhances the ability to manage your real estate holdings.
Oracle Property Manager provides Public Views that enable you to layer space
attributes, utilization, and occupancy information into CAD drawings through
the Web. Using the open interfaces like PN_LOCATIONS_ITF and PN_EMP_SPACE_ASSIGN_ITF
the property information can be imported / exported.

Using the Space Assignments window, we can

1. Assigning
Space to Employees and Cost Centers and Customers
– Via space assignment window
one can
assign space to employees or directly
to cost centers. Whether it is an individual office, a group of offices, a
floor, or an entire building to an employee or to a cost center. We can also
assign a single office to a single employee or to several employees if
employees are to share the same space.

A location / building is
automatically assigned to a customer when you create a revenue lease with
Location and customer details.

2. Modifying Space Assignments –In
Oracle property manager space assignment details can be modified / updated
when you change the location area, or, when you change
tenancy assigned area in lease form or by manually updating in space
assignments form.

In space assignment form, you can
make corrections or update information. If you choose to correct information,
the old information is not saved. If you choose to update information, such as
moving an employee from one office to another or changing a cost center number,
the old information is preserved including the dates it was effective, when the
new information is saved.

If the Use SYSDATE to Record Space
Assignment system option is set to Yes, you can modify employee or cost center
space assignments only if they are currently active. Also, all modifications
must be as of the current date. If you specify an As of Date other than the
current date in the Find Space Assignments window, the information in the Space
Assignments window is read-only.

3. Synchronizing Employee Cost Centers  with Oracle Human Resource

When you create an employee space
assignment, the Cost Center field is automatically populated with the cost center
assigned to the employee in Oracle Human Resources.
Thereafter, space assignments are not
updated automatically to reflect changes to employee cost center assignments in
Oracle Human Resources. You must use the Cost Center Synchronization with HR
concurrent program to update cost center information in employee space assignments.

more details on other benefits of space assignment functionality refer Property
user's guide.

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