Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Annoncement: ZFS Storage Appliance

ZFS Storage Appliance: new Drive Enclosures and Additional Disk Options for Sun ZFS Storage Appliance [Read More]

Thursday Dec 06, 2012

Announcement: ZFS Backup Appliance

Announcing Product Software Changes for Sun ZFS Backup Appliance

  • Effective December 4th, 2012, Replication and Cloning software licenses are no longer mandatory purchases with Sun ZFS Backup Appliance.  

  • Replication and Cloning are still available as optional additions on new Sun ZFS Backup Appliance quotes, or as additions to existing systems.

For More Product Information Go To

External: ZFS Storage Appliance page

External: ZFS Storage Appliance Oracle Technical page

External: Software download page

Friday Oct 26, 2012

Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliances and Oracle VM

Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Is the Optimal Platform for Deploying Consolidated Applications in an Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) Environment.

[Read More]

Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

Announcement: Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

Announcing the addition of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliances to the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Hardware Compatibility List. 

  • Sun ZFS Storage Appliances achieve Cisco's UCS certification and are now part of Cisco's UCS Hardware Compatibility List.
  • Qualifying with UCS allows new and existing UCS customers to take advantage of the tremendous price/performance, efficiencies, and ease-of-use of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliances, the only NAS Unified Storage products engineered to optimally run Oracle software.
  • The Cisco UCS certification is one of several initiatives expected to broaden sales opportunities for the Sun ZFS Storage Appliances.

Please read the ZFS Storage Appliance Product Bulletin on the HW Technical Resource Center (registration required) for more details on this announcement.

For More Product Information Go To

External: ZFS Storage Appliance page

External: ZFS Storage Appliance Oracle Technical page

External: Software download page

Monday Jun 18, 2012

Why Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance for Oracle Databases?

In the just published white paper "Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and the Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance" the authors give you both business and technical evidence of the Oracle ZSF Storage Appliance as primary storage for Oracle Database 11gR2.

How to get to the white paper:

Email Address: <provide your email address>
Access URL/Page Token: eSTEP_2011

To get access push Agree button on the left side of the page.

Click on
eSTEP Download (tab band on the top)
Click on Systems - Hardware (menu on left hand side)

You will find the entry (right hand side) called:
Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and the Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

Tuesday Feb 14, 2012

eSTEP TechCast - March 2012 ZFS Storage Appliance - Today and Tomorrow (history obsoleted)

Dear partner,

we are pleased to announce our next eSTEP TechCast on Thursday 1st March and would be happy if you could join. Please see below the details for the next TechCast.

Date and time:
Thursday, 01. March 2012, 11:00 - 12:00 GMT (12:00 - 13:00 CET; 15:00 - 16:00 GST)

Title: ZFS Storage Appliance  - Today and Tomorrow (history obsoleted)

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance is Oracle┬┤s preferred NAS storage system.The 3rd generation of the ZFS Storage Appliance is in the market for a while. In this talk we want to give you an overview of the current ZFS Storage portfolio and a technical view of Dynamic Storage Tiering. You will also learn about

  • Availability features like Cluster Take Over, Resilvering, Firmware Upgrades

  • Performance World Records and the NAS Quality Awards

  • ZFS Storage Sweet Spots, where to use/sell

  • Successes and Wins and Oracle *IT usage

  • Future Improvements and roadmap

Target audience: Tech Presales

Speaker: Jens Ejvinsson

Call Info:

Call-in-toll-free number: 08006948154 (United Kingdom)
Call-in-toll-free number: +44-2081181001 (United Kingdom)

Show global numbers

Conference Code: 803 594 3
Security Passcode: 9876

Webex Info (
Oracle Web Conference)
Meeting Number: 594 780 849
Meeting Password: tech2011

Playback / Recording / Archive:
The webcasts will be recorded and will be available shortly after the event in the eSTEP portal under the Events tab, where you could find also material from already delivered eSTEP TechCasts. Use your email-adress and PIN: eSTEP_2011 to get access. Feel free to have a look.
We are happy to get your comments and feedback.

Thanks and best regards,

Partner HW Enablement EMEA

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

Sun ZFS Storage Appliances Rank #1 in Quality

Today, Oracle's Storage Group is pleased to announce the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance is a record breaking winner of the Storage Magazine Quality Awards for network-attached storage (NAS) 

"Oracle storage users are apparently the most satisfied among the legions of NAS users":    

  • Oracle's commitment to quality sweeps 12 of 14 categories, setting several records for the highest scores in the history of the award survey.   Oracles highest scores were achieved for it's sales efforts, product feature sets, and relatively quick and painless deployments. 
  • Oracle beat out EMC, Dell, NetApp, HP, and achieved the highest score in six years for the overall Enterprise ratings; NetApp fell to #4.  Oracle also beat out those competitors in the overall Midrange quality ratings.
  • Achieving the Storage Magazine Quality Award further bolsters Oracle's competitive position with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliances; with a proven track-record of being #1 in performance, #1 in efficiency, and engineered to run Oracle software faster and most efficiently.   
More Storage Magazine Quality Award  Information
  • Share the Storage Magazine Quality Award (pages 37-43) survey results with your Prospects and Customers. 
  • Read the Oracle issued Press Release regarding the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Beats NetApp and EMC in Storage Magazine Quality Award for NAS.
  • Utilize the Quality Award Logo - Attached is the Quality Award Logo .jpeg to incorporate into your customer facing materials. 

For More Product Information Go To

External: Sun ZFS Storage Appliance page

External: Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Oracle Technical page

External: Sun Software download page

Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

Summary: Changes to the ZFS Storage Appliance 7000 family

Oracle has announced a series of changes to the ZFS Storage Appliance 7000 family.
Please see below a summary of the most important changes.

1. A general price reduction
1a. All major parts have been reduced, controllers, disk shelves, components.
1b. List price has been reduced with up to 60%.
1c. New discount categories, all parts have been set to category V.
1d. See point 2e for important information.

2. New licensing rules
2a. Due to the price reduction, two features will be licensed separately.
2b. Clones will be a separate license, per controller/node.
(7102338    Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Cloning)
2c. Replication will be a separate license, per controller/node.
      (7102337    Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Replication)
2d. Snapshots are still included in the base hardware.
2e. Even with the licensed software included, the price has been reduced.

3. Availability of 300/600GB 15k rpm disks
3a. With 15k rpm disks performance increases significantly.
3b. Continue to use SSD/Flash and 2TB 7k2 disks for most cases.
3c. Use 15k rpm disks for IO intensive databases, large email
      and large virtualized environments.
3d. We will shortly release a world record benchmark result in SPC-1.

4. EOL of current 1TB 7k2 disks
4a. We have announced EOL of the 1TB 7k2 disks.
4b This affects the 1TB version of 7120 and any 7x20 config with 1TB.
4c. Disks will be available until LOD of November 30 2011.
4d. Use the 2TB 7k2 rpm disks which has been reduced in price.


When do I need the software options?

  • Replication is only needed when you want to replicate between two systems

    • Example: Need to mirror from one 7000 system to another 7000 system. Receiver and sender need a license.

  • Cloning is necessary when you want to have writeable access to a snapshot (clone = writeable snapshot)

    • Example: Need to create writeable data for development- and test-environment

  • Snapshots (data copies) are accessible in read-only mode, they are still included in the base-price.

    • Example: Snapshots will “only” be created and used for backup purposes.

Are there license-keys?

  • No. If the customer doesn't buy the option, usage is not allowed.

What is with an existing customer?

  • No changes for already bought (according the former price-model) 7000 systems.

More information regarding the ZFS Appliance can be found


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