Thursday Apr 03, 2014

Announcing StorageTek Tape Analytics 2.0

Announcing the next generation of Oracle's StorageTek Monitoring Software!

Oracle is pleased to announce the availability of the second generation of StorageTek Tape Analytics.  With StorageTek Tape Analytics 2.0 software, Oracle is creating solutions to proactively manage and monitor digital tape library environments.  Now, administrators to executives have access to the data they need when they need it to make informed decisions to improve the performance of their StorageTek hardware.

Key Features in StorageTek Tape Analytics 2.0

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Sunday Feb 23, 2014

StorageTek Tape Drive Remanufacturing Changes

StorageTek tape drives will be taken off of the remanufactured offerings list as of 28 February, 2014.  Although Oracle will no longer offer used and remanufactured StorageTek tape drives, there will be no impact to  trade-in policies of the Upgrade Advantage Program (UAP),

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Monday Jan 13, 2014

Announcing: StorageTek Linear Tape File System, Library Edition for SL150

On 7th of January 2014 Oracle announced the expansion of our LTFS library support to include the StorageTek SL150 modular tape library.  This announcement also introduces a new price point that is better suited for the small business and mid-range archive markets.

Customer Benefits of StorageTek LTFS-LE:

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Announcing: Reduced StorageTek SL150 Premier Service Pricing

From January 7, 2014 on, Oracle will begin offering Premier Support for Systems pricing for the StorageTek SL150 modular tape library and the LTO drives at 4% (reduced from 12%) of the net hardware price for direct, indirect and OEM customers.


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Friday Dec 06, 2013

Announcing Lower StorageTek SL150 LTO Pricing

Announcing New Pricing for StorageTek LTO 5 and LTO 6 Drives on the StorageTek SL150!

We’re pleased to announce lower pricing for StorageTek LTO 5 and StorageTek LTO 6 tape drives for the StorageTek SL150 modular tape library. The change will sharply increase the competitiveness of the SL150 in the entry tape market.

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Tuesday Dec 03, 2013

Announcing StorageTek T10000D FICON

Announcing FICON Connectivity for Oracle’s StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive!

Oracle is pleased to announce the FICON version of its StorageTek T10000D tape drive, which combines world-record capacity and performance with three generations of proven enterprise-class reliability. This powerful combination enables mass consolidation of tape storage environments into fewer cartridges, tape drives, and libraries for significantly less total cost of ownership (TCO) than IBM TS1140 and LTO6.

Customer Benefits:

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Thursday Oct 31, 2013

Announcing StorageTek VSM 6 and VLE Capacity Increase

Announcing Increased Capacity on StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager System 6 (VSM6) and StorageTek Virtual Library Extension (VLE)!

StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager System 6 (VSM 6) and the StorageTek Virtual Library Extension (VLE) makes data management simple for the mainframe data center - Simple to deploy, simple to manage, and simple to scale.

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StorageTek SL8500 Release 8.3 available

Boosting Performance and Enhancing Reliability with StorageTek SL8500 Release 8.3!

We’re pleased to announce the availability of SL8500 8.3 firmware, which supports partitioning for library complexes, library media validation, drive tray serial number reporting, and StorageTek T10000D tape drives!

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Friday Sep 13, 2013

Announcing: Oracle's StorageTek T10000D and StorageTek LTFS-LE

On 12th of September, Oracle announced Oracle's StorageTek T10000D tape drive and Oracle's StorageTek Linear Tape File System, Library Edition software !

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Monday Jul 29, 2013

End of Life for StorageTek T9840D Tape Drive

Announcing the the end of life (EOL) for the StorageTek T9840D tape drive:

Oracle is announcing the EOL of the StorageTek T9840D tape drive. Prior to providing any final quotes, we must let customers know that there is a limited supply of new StorageTek T9840 tape cartridges.

Key Dates:
  • Last Order Date: 11/30/2013
  • Last Ship Date: 2/28/2014
Transition plan:

Another StorageTek T9840 tape drive generation is not planned. The following are the operating environment transition plans:
  • Mainframe Environments:
    • Migrate to Oracle’s StorageTek T10000C tape drive (5 TB or 1 TB cartridges available for fast access)
    • Upgrade to StorageTek VSM 6
    • Add Oracle’s StorageTek VLE to the customer's environment with VSM 6 or VSM 5
    • Add disk capacity to the customer's existing StorageTek VSM 5
  • Open Systems Environments:
    • Migrate to StorageTek T10000C tape drive (5 TB or 1 TB cartridges available for fast access)

Please read the Sales Bulletin for more details on these announcements.

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