Friday Jun 06, 2014

Announcing: Oracle Solaris Cluster Product Bulletin, May 2014

New qualifications announcements and general news for Oracle Solaris Cluster products can be found in the new Product Bulletin

Hardware Qualifications

  • New Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Kit versions with Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 geographic cluster

  • Pillar AXIOM 600 with Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 on x86

Software Qualifications

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Wednesday Jun 04, 2014

OpenStack: A starting point to learn more

Most of you have heard about OpenStack and the annouced integration into Oracle Solaris 11.2 and about OpenStack support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM.

These are two good reasons to start to learn more about OpenStack. Ronen Kofman starts a series of articles on his Blog (Ronen Kofman's Blog) to provide more knowledge regarding OpenStack.

First article of the series is called: "Diving into OpenStack Network Architecure - Part 1".

You are invited to follow Ronen through his articles where he shows how the different pieces come together and provides a bigger picture of the network architecture in OpenStack.

Monday Jun 02, 2014

WP: Oracle Multitenant on SuperCluster T5-8: Study of Database Consolidation Efficiency

Consolidation in the data center is the driving factor in reducing capital and operational expense in IT today. This is particularly relevant as customers invest more in cloud infrastructure and associated service delivery. Database consolidation is a strategic component in this effort.

Oracle Database 12 c introduces Oracle Multitenant , a new database consolidation model in which multiple Pluggable Databases (PDBs) are consolidated within a Container Database (CDB). While keeping many of the isolation aspects of single databases, it allows PDBs to share the system global area (SGA) and background processes of a common CDB .

The white paper recently published on OTN:

Oracle Multitenant on SuperCluster T5-8: Study of Database Consolidation Efficiency

analyzes and quantifies savings in compute resources, efficiencies in transaction processing, and consolidation density of Oracle Multitenant compared to consolidated single instance databases (SIDBs) running in a bare-metal environment.

Tuesday May 20, 2014

MOS: Welcome to the Solaris 11 Information Center!

One place you should know when you are working with Solaris 11 or you are trying to learn more about Solaris 11.

The Solaris 11 Information Center

on MOS is an excellent source to explore when you are on you way to enhance your knowledge on Solaris 11.

Welcome to the Solaris 11 Information Center! (Doc ID 1559480.2)

MOS Solaris 11 Information Center

This information Center replaces the Solaris 11 Resource Centers.

Monday May 19, 2014

eSTEP TechCast - June 2014 Solaris 11.2 Beta - What's New!

Dear partner,

we are pleased to announce our next eSTEP TechCast on Thursday 5th of June and would be happy if you could join. Please see below the details for the next TechCast.

Date and time:
Thursday, 05. June 2014, 11:00 - 12:00 BST (12:00 - 13:00 CEST; 14:00 - 15:00 GST)

Title: Solaris 11.2 Beta - What's New!

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Tuesday May 06, 2014

NEW Applications on Oracle Solaris 11 (March/April 2014)

The number of certified applications on Solaris 11 is growing consistently. Listed below are applications that have been certified and added to the catalog in March/April 2014.

March/April 2014:

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Wednesday Apr 30, 2014

Announcing: Oracle Solaris 11.2 Engineered for Cloud

On April 29th, Oracle is pleased to announce Oracle Solaris 11.2 - Engineered for Cloud.

Oracle Solaris 11.2 is a result of Oracle’s increased investment in systems.  With the release of Oracle Solaris 11.2 Beta, we’ve made it more than just an OS. Oracle Solaris is now a platform designed to take enterprise deployments from "zero to cloud" in minutes rather than days or weeks. It’s a complete platform for quickly and simply building secure and compliant enterprise clouds.

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Saturday Apr 26, 2014

Announcing: Oracle Solaris Cluster Product Bulletin April 2014

Hardware Qualifications

  • Oracle Solaris Cluster agent for SAP NetWeaver update

Storage Partner Update

  • EMC

Latest Support Information

  • Oracle Solaris 3.3 3/13 patch train #4

New Training

  • Oracle Solaris 3.3 3/13 Advanced Administration course


  • Configuration guides and documentation

  • Product Update Bulletin Archives

  • Contacts

Please read the Product Bulletin on Oracle HW TRC for more details.

(If you are not registered on Oracle HW TRC, click here ... and follow the instructions..)


For More Information Go To: Oracle Solaris Cluster page
Oracle Technology Network Oracle Solaris Cluster page
Oracle Solaris Cluster MOS community
Partner web Oracle Solaris Cluster page
Oracle Solaris Cluster Blog page

Saturday Apr 19, 2014

Oracle Solaris 11.2 Launch Event and Webcast!!

On April 29th, Oracle will launch Oracle Solaris 11.2 - Engineered for Cloud. This release adds significant new virtualization, networking, and provisioning capabilities, including SDN and OpenStack

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Wednesday Apr 02, 2014

Announcing: Oracle Solaris Cluster Product Bulletin March 2014

Hardware Qualifications

  • Oracle ZFS Storage Array ZS3 with Fibre Channel and iSCSI for Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1

Storage Partner Update

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