Tuesday Apr 22, 2014

On OTN: Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - April 2014

Updated on April 15th, you will find over a hundred patches for Oracle products and technologies...including Oracle Database 12c.

Check out the Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - April 2014 on OTN.

Thursday Jan 23, 2014

How Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables the patching of RHEL on OVCA guest OS

In this following short note, Simon Hayler describes how Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables the patching of RHEL running as a guest on OVCA. The methodology is to utilize the Custom Channel features of Enterprise Manager 12c Linux Patching. The high level steps are as follows:


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Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

Oracle Database Appliance 2.8 is now available on MOS

On November 19th Oracle released ODA 2.8 Patch on MOS.

This update includes:
  • Shared Repository support for Oracle Database Appliance Virtualized Platform
  • Virtual Local Area Network support for Oracle Database Appliance Virtualized Platform
  • Hardware Monitoring Tool reports data from sensors in subsystems with X3-2
  • Initial deployment does not require configuration of initial Oracle Database or Oracle Enterprise Database Control

The Documentation has been uploaded to OTN.

Find a more detailed explanation about the new features of 2.8 update, in the presentation and replay of "Friday's With Sohan" here:

Note: OPN Member account required to access PDF and replay

Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Announcement: Oracle Database Appliance 2.5 patch update now available

The long awaited Oracle Database Appliance Manager 2.5 release is now available in MOS -- this includes the Virtualized platform option as well.

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Monday Nov 05, 2012

Announcement: Oracle Database Appliance 2.4 patch update now available

The Oracle Database Appliance 2.4 patch is now available from My Oracle Support (MOS). 

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Thursday Apr 19, 2012

ODA: Software update now on MOS

The software update patch for ODA is now available via MOS.  This Patch can be applied on ODA nodes running any previous versions,,, or

Also available in the flavor are the ISO bare metal restore image and end user bundle.

The three biggest changes are:

1- Upgrade GI/DB to (optional)
2- Upgrade the OS to 5.8 UEK1 (Mandatory)
3- New firmwares for existing components and new to Support new Disk Models (both SAS and SATA)

Latest releases:

  • ODA Patch Patch :13858874
    • Upgrades OS from OEL 5.5 to UEK 5.8
    • Upgrades GI/RDBMS from[4,5] to
  • End User GI/RDBMS clone Patch: 12978712
    • Used for all new deployments.
    • Latest End User GI/RDBMS clone includes GI + RDBMS for Oracle Database Appliance
  • OS ISO Image Patch:12999313
    • Used for Bare Metal Restore.

For more details see MOS note 888888.1

Monday Mar 19, 2012

ODA: Mandatory Patch available

Today announcing the availability of an important mandatory patch for the Oracle Database Appliance. Please check MOS note 888888.1 for more details and installation instructions.

Friday Mar 02, 2012

ODA: Available on MOS now

OAK is available on MOS now.

Oracle Database Appliance patches consists of two components

  • OAK aka Oracle Appliance Manager
    Contains OS, Component Firmware and Oracle Appliance Manager Modules 
  • End-User Bundle
    Contains the Grid Infrastructure and RDBMS components

Latest Releases

For more details please review MOS note  888888.1.

Wednesday Dec 07, 2011

ODA: How important is the patch module of the Appliance Manager regarding patching

Currently the only supported way to patch components in the Oracle Database Appliance is to use the Appliance Manager patching module. The patching module will also patch the RDBMS and GI software.

There are plans for the future to integrate the Appliance Manager with Oracle EM, no time frame available yet.

ODA: Are there any circumstances where only one server node is rebooted after applying a patch?

It depends on the patch. One or both nodes could be rebooted.

A reboot (either one or both node) will not accor every time a patch is applied.
A reboot will accor when the OS, the ILOM or storage firmware need to be patsched, patching other components doesn't require a reboot.

It's possible to reboot one node when we patch shared storage components (SSDs and Shared HDDs).

The readme file of the patch will provide the infromation if the patch requires a reboot. In future there will be a message printed on the screen to inform the customer and ask for confirmation.


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