Tuesday May 20, 2014

MOS: Welcome to the Solaris 11 Information Center!

One place you should know when you are working with Solaris 11 or you are trying to learn more about Solaris 11.

The Solaris 11 Information Center

on MOS is an excellent source to explore when you are on you way to enhance your knowledge on Solaris 11.

Welcome to the Solaris 11 Information Center! (Doc ID 1559480.2)

MOS Solaris 11 Information Center

This information Center replaces the Solaris 11 Resource Centers.

Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

Oracle Database Appliance 2.8 is now available on MOS

On November 19th Oracle released ODA 2.8 Patch on MOS.

This update includes:
  • Shared Repository support for Oracle Database Appliance Virtualized Platform
  • Virtual Local Area Network support for Oracle Database Appliance Virtualized Platform
  • Hardware Monitoring Tool reports data from sensors in subsystems with X3-2
  • Initial deployment does not require configuration of initial Oracle Database or Oracle Enterprise Database Control

The Documentation has been uploaded to OTN.

Find a more detailed explanation about the new features of 2.8 update, in the presentation and replay of "Friday's With Sohan" here:

Note: OPN Member account required to access PDF and replay

Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

Where to download Oracle Solaris ISO images and Update Releases

Have a look into  MOS Document 1277964.1. It provides you with quick links to the current and previous Oracle Solaris Update Releases for Oracle Solaris 11 and 10, Oracle Solaris 9 and Oracle Solaris 8.

It also holds instructions on how to order physical media.

This information can also be found on eSTEP portal.

URL: http://launch.oracle.com/

Link can be found under tab eSTEP Links

Located under: Recent Updates and Software

Friday Aug 09, 2013

Announcement: ODA Patch is released

Today, 9th of August 2013 ODA Patch has been released and can be downloaded from MOS. ships with

  • Oracle Linux OS updated from UEK1 to UEK2 Kernel
  • Oracle VM updated from version 3.1.1 to version 3.2.
  • for GI and RDBMS
  • ASR 4.4

Have a look at Note 888888.1 in MOS, it will hold more details.

Sunday Jul 07, 2013

Find Hardware list of Last Support Date (LSD)

To get the Oracle hardware system last ship dates and Premier Support status, go to My Oracle Support (MOS) at http://support.oracle.com, then go to the Knowledge Tab->Sun System Handbook->EOL Systems tab and click on "List of Supported Hardware (With Last Ship Dates Announced)".

This will get you to the following MOS Doc:

List of Supported Oracle Hardware (With Last Ship Dates Announced) [ID 1450710.1]

Oracle hardware systems listed in the "List of Supported Oracle Hardware (With
Last Ship Dates Announced)" document are being supported for an indefinite period under Premier Support based on availability and sourcing of parts. You will see a lot of systems are still supported.

Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Announcement: Oracle Database Appliance 2.5 patch update now available

The long awaited Oracle Database Appliance Manager 2.5 release is now available in MOS -- this includes the Virtualized platform option as well.

[Read More]

Wednesday Jun 06, 2012

ODA: FAQs now in MOS

Please note that the Oracle Database Appliance team have added the ODA FAQs in MOS under note ID: 1463638.1 for your convenience.

Access MOS

ODA: Information Center on MOS

Under the Information Center for the Oracle Database Appliance (ID 1417713.2) in MOS you will find a collection of news, documents, alerst, how-to docs and other ODA related information. It is woth to mark it as one of your favorits.

Access MOS

Friday Mar 02, 2012

ODA: Available on MOS now

OAK is available on MOS now.

Oracle Database Appliance patches consists of two components

  • OAK aka Oracle Appliance Manager
    Contains OS, Component Firmware and Oracle Appliance Manager Modules 
  • End-User Bundle
    Contains the Grid Infrastructure and RDBMS components

Latest Releases

For more details please review MOS note  888888.1.

Saturday Feb 18, 2012

ODA: MOS notes related to ODA

The following list give you an overview of MOS notes that are related to ODA (data as of February 2012).

Oracle Database Appliance - 2.1 Supported Versions [ID 888888.1]
This document currently lists the Patches, Known issues and Workarounds for Oracle Database Appliance.
Latest Releases

Oracle Database Appliance ( ODA )End User Deployment [ID 1373617.1]
When an Oracle database appliance (ODA) is shipped from the factory it comes with the Linux OS and Oracle Appliance Kit pre-installed. However, the Grid and Database software does not come installed on ODA.
This note describes the  End user deployment steps on how to install the Grid and Database software for a fully functional Database Appliance including
  • Pre-Deployment Steps: Up to 14 steps using the Database Appliance Offline Configurator 
  • End User Deployment: Twelve steps to complete your Database Appliance deployment
Oracle Database Appliance Bare Metal Restore Procedure. [ID 1373599.1]
Oracle Database Appliance ships from the factory with OS and Appliance Manager Pre-Installed. The document outlines the steps to be performed if there is a need to Re-image the Appliance also commonly referred to as "Bare Metal Restore".

ODA (Oracle Database Appliance): Patching [ID 1397680.1]
This document describe the patching phase on ODA (Oracle Database Appliance)

Oracle Database Appliance ( ODA ) patch reference [ID 1378147.1]
This doc is intended as a reference point to check the standard revisions installed when one runs image or right after re-imaging.

How To Install And Configure EM 12c For Oracle Database Appliance [ID 1409193.1]
This note provides a methodology for setting up and configuring the monitoring of an Oracle Database Appliance using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.  The note assumes a working knowledge of both Enterprise Manager and the Oracle Database Appliance.

How to Convert Single-Instance database to RAC on Oracle Database Appliance Using Rconfig Utility [ID 1362116.1]
This article is intended for Oracle Support Analysts and DBAs who support or administrate Oracle Database Appliance. It provides a method to convert a Single Instance database to a RAC database on Oracle Database Appliance.

ILOM configuration via Serial port on ODA (Oracle Database Appliance) [ID 1395445.1]
The document contains the steps to connect Oracle Database Appliance(ODA) via serial port.

How to replace FAILED SYSTEM BOOT DISK on Oracle Database Appliance [ID 1382300.1]
This article provides steps to replace failed / faulty system boot disk on Oracle Database Appliance Servers.

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA): Simulated Failure tests [ID 1391655.1]
The aim of this bulletin is provide some Failure Tests to check ODA HW & SW configuratio.
The below are just a few simple suggested tests. You may perform additional tests as you see appropriate.

Gathering data for the Oracle Database Appliance server [ID 1358795.1]
Collecting data for the Oracle Database Appliance server.

Inside the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) [ID 1385831.1]
The aim of this bulletin is provide the main ODA HW & SW configuration. It is intended for information purposes only

To read the complete note, you need to loggin to MOS and search for the provided document ID.


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