Monday Dec 05, 2011

Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms) recognized as "hard partition" for licensing

Beginning with 2nd of December 2011 Oracle VM Server for SPARC
(a.k.a LDoms) is now recognized as a valid "hard partitioning" 
technology for Oracle software license.

Check this out:

This is applicable to SPARC servers with LDoms. With this change 
it might be worse to review some of your T4 servers and 
SPARC SuperCluster opportunities.

An example:
With 1/2 rack SPARC SuperCluster, if you configure 2 * T4-4 nodes with 50% 
cpu for S10 General Purpose domain (2 sockets, 16 cores), if you 
configure a capped container to have 4 cores * 2 nodes (8 cores in all) 
to run Weblogic, and use the rest of the S10 General Purpose domain for 
non-Oracle apps, then the customer pays for 8 cores for Weblogic (8 
cores * .5 core multiplier * Weblogic $/core).

Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

Summary: Changes to the ZFS Storage Appliance 7000 family

Oracle has announced a series of changes to the ZFS Storage Appliance 7000 family.
Please see below a summary of the most important changes.

1. A general price reduction
1a. All major parts have been reduced, controllers, disk shelves, components.
1b. List price has been reduced with up to 60%.
1c. New discount categories, all parts have been set to category V.
1d. See point 2e for important information.

2. New licensing rules
2a. Due to the price reduction, two features will be licensed separately.
2b. Clones will be a separate license, per controller/node.
(7102338    Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Cloning)
2c. Replication will be a separate license, per controller/node.
      (7102337    Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Replication)
2d. Snapshots are still included in the base hardware.
2e. Even with the licensed software included, the price has been reduced.

3. Availability of 300/600GB 15k rpm disks
3a. With 15k rpm disks performance increases significantly.
3b. Continue to use SSD/Flash and 2TB 7k2 disks for most cases.
3c. Use 15k rpm disks for IO intensive databases, large email
      and large virtualized environments.
3d. We will shortly release a world record benchmark result in SPC-1.

4. EOL of current 1TB 7k2 disks
4a. We have announced EOL of the 1TB 7k2 disks.
4b This affects the 1TB version of 7120 and any 7x20 config with 1TB.
4c. Disks will be available until LOD of November 30 2011.
4d. Use the 2TB 7k2 rpm disks which has been reduced in price.


When do I need the software options?

  • Replication is only needed when you want to replicate between two systems

    • Example: Need to mirror from one 7000 system to another 7000 system. Receiver and sender need a license.

  • Cloning is necessary when you want to have writeable access to a snapshot (clone = writeable snapshot)

    • Example: Need to create writeable data for development- and test-environment

  • Snapshots (data copies) are accessible in read-only mode, they are still included in the base-price.

    • Example: Snapshots will “only” be created and used for backup purposes.

Are there license-keys?

  • No. If the customer doesn't buy the option, usage is not allowed.

What is with an existing customer?

  • No changes for already bought (according the former price-model) 7000 systems.

More information regarding the ZFS Appliance can be found


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