Wednesday Jul 08, 2015

Hardware summer news from Oracle

Dear partner

With all the new hardware products and tools that Oracle has recently announced I have spent a few good hours today and made a summary of partner specific resources.

Let’s take them one by one:

1. The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance got a software update and new 8TB drives that will replace the now EOL 4TB ones.

2. The partner ZFS Raid calculator tool got an update and now it has the new 8 TB drives added and also a few more competitors in the ZFS vs competition technical comparison. You can download it from Oracle HW TRC.

3. We have launched the new Oracle X5-8 server, and is an amazing piece of technology. You would expect this to be a standard X86 server - well the new server support Oracle Database In-Memory Option and our Oracle Multitenant architecture making it the perfect machines for small databases consolidation.

4. Last but certainly not least please enjoy the new Oracle Private Cloud Appliance resource page dedicated to partners.

PS: if you cannot access the links than you will need to complete this one-time registration


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Thursday Feb 26, 2015

Oracle FS1-2 Performance Sizing Calculator

An updated FS1-2 Performance Sizing Calculator is now available on the FS1 Flash Storage System page at the OPN HW Resource Center (available only to OPN Partners, registration is required).

A very tiny snapshot of the FS1-2 Performance Sizing Calculator

The related training is essential, as it covers the required information/inputs, using the calculator, and understanding how to optimize the configuration based on the customer's need for performance, capacity, and/or costs.

PS: this is a re-post from our sister US STEP blog to make sure we are reaching all our partners with this new version launch.

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Tuesday Feb 24, 2015

ZFS capacity calculator - version 8 highlights

Version 8 of our ZFS capacity calculator is fresh out of development and ready for download.

NEW add-ons & features:
  • NEW ZS4-4 added
  • Fixed to support NSPF with raidz1
  • NEW NAS Competitors added
  • Solved some minor bugs

Your feedback is highly appreciated!
Feel free to post in the comments section below.

You can download it from Oracle HW TRC (available only to OPN Partners, one-time registration is required).

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Thursday Oct 02, 2014

ZFS capacity calculator

As a presales, one of the most challenging and yet interesting activity was to size customers storage requirements.

I saw the first smart array card when I was in my first year of college and at that time I only knew that RAID 0 can greatly speed up the performance of an operating system by writing the bits on 2 disk drive simultaneously. Only when I started my first job as a configuration expert I learned that actually this is an industry standard that was around since1988.

When I started my presales job with Oracle I had to face for the first time the software RAID-Z that our storage was using. I realized then how important it is to calculate the usable capacity the customer will have based on the various RAID-Z levels, especially when there was no tool that allowed us to achieve this in an easy way.

Luckily some of the creative mind within my team (Marius Ghergut and Adrian Topa) found a solution to cover the tool gap by developing an excel based simple solution that allows us to calculate the ZFS Storage Appliance storage space based on different configuration options.

They called it ZFS raid calculator and you can download it from Oracle HW TRC.

(If you are not registered on Oracle HW TRC, click here ... and follow the instructions.)

Looking towards the datacenter move to cloud strategy, the software RAID is the technology of the future, as the storage cloud provider will have a big enough array to move the parity from the conventional bit parity to the new data/block parity.


As this is my first blog post I will also take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Adrian Pruna and I lead one of presales team in Oracle. Apart from various tools and new technology announcement I will also share with you my personal learning journey from an on premise expert to an infrastructure cloud expert.

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Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

Release 51 of Sun Rack II capacity calculator available

A new release of the Sun Rack II capacity calculator is available on eSTEP portal.

Just uploaded release 51 of the calculator.

The following changes have been integrated:

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