Wednesday Jul 08, 2015

Hardware summer news from Oracle

Dear partner

With all the new hardware products and tools that Oracle has recently announced I have spent a few good hours today and made a summary of partner specific resources.

Let’s take them one by one:

1. The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance got a software update and new 8TB drives that will replace the now EOL 4TB ones.

2. The partner ZFS Raid calculator tool got an update and now it has the new 8 TB drives added and also a few more competitors in the ZFS vs competition technical comparison. You can download it from Oracle HW TRC.

3. We have launched the new Oracle X5-8 server, and is an amazing piece of technology. You would expect this to be a standard X86 server - well the new server support Oracle Database In-Memory Option and our Oracle Multitenant architecture making it the perfect machines for small databases consolidation.

4. Last but certainly not least please enjoy the new Oracle Private Cloud Appliance resource page dedicated to partners.

PS: if you cannot access the links than you will need to complete this one-time registration


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Tuesday Dec 17, 2013

Feature Overview of ODA Appliance Manager Releases (2.2 - 2.8)

We recently announced Appliance Manager release 2.8 to support new server hardware (X4-2) and some minor enhancements. As promised we added new features with every new release of the Appliance Manager. The following table give a quick overview of the main enhancements which every release brings to the table.

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Saturday May 04, 2013

Oracle Database Appliance Manager 2.6 now available!

Appliance Manager 2.6 is available (since May 3rd 2013) in MOS and the updated documentation is externalized.  The release can be run on both ODA V1 and ODA X3-2.  The new functionality added is:

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Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Annoncement: ZFS Storage Appliance

ZFS Storage Appliance: new Drive Enclosures and Additional Disk Options for Sun ZFS Storage Appliance [Read More]

Friday Oct 26, 2012

Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliances and Oracle VM

Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Is the Optimal Platform for Deploying Consolidated Applications in an Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) Environment.

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Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

Announcement: Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

Announcing the addition of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliances to the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Hardware Compatibility List. 

  • Sun ZFS Storage Appliances achieve Cisco's UCS certification and are now part of Cisco's UCS Hardware Compatibility List.
  • Qualifying with UCS allows new and existing UCS customers to take advantage of the tremendous price/performance, efficiencies, and ease-of-use of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliances, the only NAS Unified Storage products engineered to optimally run Oracle software.
  • The Cisco UCS certification is one of several initiatives expected to broaden sales opportunities for the Sun ZFS Storage Appliances.

Please read the ZFS Storage Appliance Product Bulletin on the HW Technical Resource Center (registration required) for more details on this announcement.

For More Product Information Go To

External: ZFS Storage Appliance page

External: ZFS Storage Appliance Oracle Technical page

External: Software download page

Monday Jun 18, 2012

Why Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance for Oracle Databases?

In the just published white paper "Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and the Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance" the authors give you both business and technical evidence of the Oracle ZSF Storage Appliance as primary storage for Oracle Database 11gR2.

How to get to the white paper:

Email Address: <provide your email address>
Access URL/Page Token: eSTEP_2011

To get access push Agree button on the left side of the page.

Click on
eSTEP Download (tab band on the top)
Click on Systems - Hardware (menu on left hand side)

You will find the entry (right hand side) called:
Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and the Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

Monday May 07, 2012

ODA: Deploying Oracle Data Guard with Oracle Database Appliance

Please see the just published "Deploying Oracle Data Guard with Oracle Database Appliance" technical white paper. 

This new white paper describes:

  • Why do I need a standby database environment?
  • Why Oracle Data Guard?

It shows also "Best Practices for Setup".

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

Sun ZFS Storage Appliances Rank #1 in Quality

Today, Oracle's Storage Group is pleased to announce the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance is a record breaking winner of the Storage Magazine Quality Awards for network-attached storage (NAS) 

"Oracle storage users are apparently the most satisfied among the legions of NAS users":    

  • Oracle's commitment to quality sweeps 12 of 14 categories, setting several records for the highest scores in the history of the award survey.   Oracles highest scores were achieved for it's sales efforts, product feature sets, and relatively quick and painless deployments. 
  • Oracle beat out EMC, Dell, NetApp, HP, and achieved the highest score in six years for the overall Enterprise ratings; NetApp fell to #4.  Oracle also beat out those competitors in the overall Midrange quality ratings.
  • Achieving the Storage Magazine Quality Award further bolsters Oracle's competitive position with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliances; with a proven track-record of being #1 in performance, #1 in efficiency, and engineered to run Oracle software faster and most efficiently.   
More Storage Magazine Quality Award  Information
  • Share the Storage Magazine Quality Award (pages 37-43) survey results with your Prospects and Customers. 
  • Read the Oracle issued Press Release regarding the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Beats NetApp and EMC in Storage Magazine Quality Award for NAS.
  • Utilize the Quality Award Logo - Attached is the Quality Award Logo .jpeg to incorporate into your customer facing materials. 

For More Product Information Go To

External: Sun ZFS Storage Appliance page

External: Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Oracle Technical page

External: Sun Software download page

Wednesday Dec 07, 2011

ODA: How important is the patch module of the Appliance Manager regarding patching

Currently the only supported way to patch components in the Oracle Database Appliance is to use the Appliance Manager patching module. The patching module will also patch the RDBMS and GI software.

There are plans for the future to integrate the Appliance Manager with Oracle EM, no time frame available yet.


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