ODA: MOS notes related to ODA

The following list give you an overview of MOS notes that are related to ODA (data as of February 2012).

Oracle Database Appliance - 2.1 Supported Versions [ID 888888.1]
This document currently lists the Patches, Known issues and Workarounds for Oracle Database Appliance.
Latest Releases

Oracle Database Appliance ( ODA )End User Deployment [ID 1373617.1]
When an Oracle database appliance (ODA) is shipped from the factory it comes with the Linux OS and Oracle Appliance Kit pre-installed. However, the Grid and Database software does not come installed on ODA.
This note describes the  End user deployment steps on how to install the Grid and Database software for a fully functional Database Appliance including
  • Pre-Deployment Steps: Up to 14 steps using the Database Appliance Offline Configurator 
  • End User Deployment: Twelve steps to complete your Database Appliance deployment
Oracle Database Appliance Bare Metal Restore Procedure. [ID 1373599.1]
Oracle Database Appliance ships from the factory with OS and Appliance Manager Pre-Installed. The document outlines the steps to be performed if there is a need to Re-image the Appliance also commonly referred to as "Bare Metal Restore".

ODA (Oracle Database Appliance): Patching [ID 1397680.1]
This document describe the patching phase on ODA (Oracle Database Appliance)

Oracle Database Appliance ( ODA ) patch reference [ID 1378147.1]
This doc is intended as a reference point to check the standard revisions installed when one runs image or right after re-imaging.

How To Install And Configure EM 12c For Oracle Database Appliance [ID 1409193.1]
This note provides a methodology for setting up and configuring the monitoring of an Oracle Database Appliance using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.  The note assumes a working knowledge of both Enterprise Manager and the Oracle Database Appliance.

How to Convert Single-Instance database to RAC on Oracle Database Appliance Using Rconfig Utility [ID 1362116.1]
This article is intended for Oracle Support Analysts and DBAs who support or administrate Oracle Database Appliance. It provides a method to convert a Single Instance database to a RAC database on Oracle Database Appliance.

ILOM configuration via Serial port on ODA (Oracle Database Appliance) [ID 1395445.1]
The document contains the steps to connect Oracle Database Appliance(ODA) via serial port.

How to replace FAILED SYSTEM BOOT DISK on Oracle Database Appliance [ID 1382300.1]
This article provides steps to replace failed / faulty system boot disk on Oracle Database Appliance Servers.

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA): Simulated Failure tests [ID 1391655.1]
The aim of this bulletin is provide some Failure Tests to check ODA HW & SW configuratio.
The below are just a few simple suggested tests. You may perform additional tests as you see appropriate.

Gathering data for the Oracle Database Appliance server [ID 1358795.1]
Collecting data for the Oracle Database Appliance server.

Inside the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) [ID 1385831.1]
The aim of this bulletin is provide the main ODA HW & SW configuration. It is intended for information purposes only

To read the complete note, you need to loggin to MOS and search for the provided document ID.


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