Announcement new releases of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and more ....

Recently several, announcements regarding Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions have been made.

Oracle VDI 3.5 -, Sun Ray 5.4 -  and Oracle Virtual Desktop Client 3.2 are now released.
Lot of work has been done to enhance the different products, not only new features, also the combination of Oracle hardware (VDI in a Box) should be interesting for our customers.

Oracle VDI 3.5 Overview

  • New Platforms: Solaris 11.1 and Oracle Linux 6.3
  • Oracle VDI in a Box for Enterprise Computing.
    It was improved the availability for a server with internal
    local storage. Customer starts very easy with a small Oracle
    x86 X3-2L M3 server and scaled by adding more servers without
    external storage.
    New White Paper: Oracle Single Server VDI Solution (now available)
    Certified by the VDI development for the Oracle hardware.
    Very economical and low risk for the customer.
Oracle Sun Ray Server Overview
  • New Platforms: Solaris 11.1 and Oracle Linux 6.3
  • Remote Desktops
    Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 desktop mode
  • New Security Feature - IPsec Support
    Why? All Sun Ray ALP data (TCP and UDP) can now transmitted encrypted
    without to open all needed ports in a firwall system. Also applies to the
    USB redirection ports. Firewall only has to pass through the IPsec (IP/ESP)
    data stream. 
    Is only possible with new Sun Ray firmware 11.1.1
  • Multimedia Extensions for Windows 7/2008
    No longer using the multimedia support from the Remote Display Protocol 7
    (RDP 7.x) from Windows 7, but Oracle has developed his own expansion. HD
    videos for MPEG-2, H.264 and VC-1 formats. Relieves the desktop virtual
    machine and will be decoded in the Sun Ray client or OVDC.
  • PC SmartCard Framework Service under Linux
    You know it from from Solaris, has been ported to Linux. Good
    for a two-factor auth., PIN login and identity/signature services.
  • Dynamic Session Resizing on Tablets
    Was developed for iPad and Android, the screen automatically
    can be used vertically. More under OVDC 3.2.
  • Oracle VDI Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Integration
    now a Sun Ray environment can be monitored and managed.
    Here you have the possibility via My Oracle Support to perform

    a Sun Ray Software
    self update with the Enterprise Manager.
  • HID Single TouchScreen Display Support
    example: Planar PT1710MX -, PT2285PW - and 3M  M2167PW
    touchscreens . You need the Sun Ray firmware 11.1.1

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client 3.2 Overview
We see the market expansion of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
concepts in companies. They need a high security, which our solution
can offer.  Most new features are developed for a easier desktop usabilty
on tablets.
  • New platforms: Windows 8, Ubuntu 12.04, OL 6.3 ....
    Windows 8 desktop mode only
  • USB Redirection on Windows OS
    you know it from the Sun Ray thin clients. Now it is possible to
    use USB devices on PCs and laptops with OVDC 3.2
  • Dynamic Session Resize
    prerequisite SRS 5.4 or VDI 3.5
  • Android Tablets
    • Android OS 4.x
    • external keyboard and mouse support
      different to iPad, which doesn't know a mouse
    • extended keyboard function keys
      good for Windows usabiliy
    • copy and paste of text
    • clipboard up to 10MB
    • new gesture controls
    • display rotation
  • iPad Tablets
    • iOS 5.1 and iOS 6.x
    • iPad 1 - 4 and iPad Mini
    • copy and Paste of text
    • clipboard up to 10MB
    • display rotation
    • higher resolutions
      usability: change the iPad resolution settings and immediately
      you have larger desktop icons on the tablet by the Dynamic
      Session Resize feature.
    • external bluetooth keyboard
    • extended keykoard
      split keyboard
    • new gesture controls
      Windows connector toolbar
      disconnect side bar
      on-screeen keyboard
    • easy tap and go connectivity

Source for more information:

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Oracle Introduces Comprehensive Management for Desktop Virtualization 

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Oracle's Single Server Solution for VDI



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