Thursday Aug 29, 2013

Announcing: Oracle Solaris Cluster Product Bulletin, August 2013

Software Qualifications

  • New versions of Oracle Database Real Application Cluster in Oracle Solaris 10 Zone cluster on Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1
  • SAP MaxDB 7.8 on Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 ......
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ESG report: Introducing Oracle Database 12c: Manage Many Databases as One

A new report from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) regarding Oracle Database 12c was published August 2013.

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Wednesday Aug 28, 2013

Announcing: End of New Software Features for Sun ZFS 7x10 Appliance Platform

Starting in August 2013 New Software Features will only be supported on 7x20 and new platforms.

Oracle will no longer provide new software features for Sun ZFS 7x10 platform. The next major ZFS Storage Appliance software release, OS8, will only be supported on currently-shipping ZFS Storage Appliance models, the 7x20 family, and new models. Customers with 7x10 models will continue to receive bug fixes through the End of Service Life (EOSL). 

Tuesday Aug 27, 2013

Announcing Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 Release

On August 20th the new Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1 release was announced. The new release delivers significant virtual networking performance improvements, .....

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WP: SPARC M5 Domaining Best Practices Whitepaper

To learn more about "Domaining" take a look at the recent (August 20th) announced whitepaper: SPARC M5-32 Domaining Best Practices.

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Friday Aug 16, 2013

READ_ME_FIRST: What Do I Do with All of Those SPARC Threads?

A technical white paper, that explains how the heavily threaded Oracle T5 and M5 servers can be deployed to efficiently consolidate and manage workloads using virtualization through Oracle Solaris Zones, Oracle VM Server for SPARC , and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center , as well as how to improve the performance of a single application through multi - threading.

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Thursday Aug 15, 2013

eSTEP TechCast - September 2013

Dear partner,

we are pleased to announce our next eSTEP TechCast on Thursday 5th of September and would be happy if you could join. Please see below the details for the next TechCast.

Date and time:
Thursday, 05. September 2013, 11:00 - 12:00 BST (12:00 - 13:00 CEST; 14:00 - 15:00 GST)

Title: Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

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Oracle Solaris and Oracle Systems On-Line Forum: The Best Platform for Oracle Software

Now available for you at our ONLINE FORUM:

Oracle Solaris and Oracle Systems, the Best Platform for Oracle Software.

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Wednesday Aug 14, 2013

Announcement: WebLogic Server on Oracle Database Appliance 2.6

On August 14th, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Database Appliance 2.6.

Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Database Appliance 2.6 provides:

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Tuesday Aug 13, 2013

Announcing: Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

On August 13th, Oracle announced its latest engineered system—the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance. Delivering a converged infrastructure solution for general purpose computing, Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance enables enterprises to rapidly deploy and easily manage virtual resources in production data centers and development environments.

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