Monday Jul 20, 2015

Oracle Picklist templates - version 4.5 available

Summer is my favorite time of the year as it gives us the time necessary to enhance the partner tools and release new versions. This is why my colleagues had work hard in the past 2 weeks to update our picklist templates with the latest hardware products. These templates are a gold mine when you need a starting point in building a offer to the customer and you are not sure how to put together an optimal configuration.

If you are a first time user of our picklist templates below is everything you need to know about them:

The Picklist provides Oracle partners an easy and fast overview across the Server, Storage, Tape and Engineered Systems portfolio with some well balanced configurations. With the included Building block template name, you can use these blocks in an OPS (Oracle Partner Store) cart or reference these configs when requesting a quote from your VAD. This speeds up the quoting process and reduces errors when communicating configurations between teams and functions. Also the reduced number of variants that are offered and purchased by our customers.

Here some facts about the picklist configurations:

· Use the configs to standardize the purchased products of your customer. Or use them as a starting point for recommendations for shopping baskets.

· Most configs are available in 3 variations.(Small, medium, large)

· The picklist will be updated on a regulary basis. Please use always the highest version number of the picklist.

· The configs are prepared by our architects and are reviewed by the technical specialists

· All configurations have a unique SHORTNAME and can be imported in OPS via their configuration-ID.

· There be NO changes to configurations, changes will always create a new SHORTNAME

· Use these configs especially to communicate. Try to standardize your customer offerings. Use them when working with Oracle and when working with the Quoting Teams of your VAD. As all teams are using the same content there is little room for confusion and errors.

Reasons to use Picklists:

· Speed-Up the Quoting process

· Reduce errors when communicating configurations between teams and functions

· Reduce number of variants that are offered and purchased by our customers.

· Be more precise when communicating about machines, as the complete machine is described with only very few and precise information

· Reduce # of wrong configurations

· Can be used as building blocks in reference Architectures whenever possible

All configs are regional dependent. Don't forget to add the country specific information to the SHORTNAME, because there are country-specific parts like power-cords.
Feel free to request enhancements to the configurations if you miss something.

The Master-Picklist can be found here and also a guide on how to use them can he downloaded from here.

PS: if you cannot access the links than you will need to complete this one-time registration

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Wednesday Jul 08, 2015

Hardware summer news from Oracle

Dear partner

With all the new hardware products and tools that Oracle has recently announced I have spent a few good hours today and made a summary of partner specific resources.

Let’s take them one by one:

1. The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance got a software update and new 8TB drives that will replace the now EOL 4TB ones.

2. The partner ZFS Raid calculator tool got an update and now it has the new 8 TB drives added and also a few more competitors in the ZFS vs competition technical comparison. You can download it from Oracle HW TRC.

3. We have launched the new Oracle X5-8 server, and is an amazing piece of technology. You would expect this to be a standard X86 server - well the new server support Oracle Database In-Memory Option and our Oracle Multitenant architecture making it the perfect machines for small databases consolidation.

4. Last but certainly not least please enjoy the new Oracle Private Cloud Appliance resource page dedicated to partners.

PS: if you cannot access the links than you will need to complete this one-time registration


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Wednesday Jun 10, 2015

Oracle Server X5-4

Oracle announced the new Oracle Server X5-4, based on the new Intel® Xeon® E7-8895 v3 processor. It is already available in OPS for quoting and ordering and is the direct replacement of our X4-4 server who is going EOL.

You can read the full announcement and see the new server specification on our OPN Hardware Resource Center (available only to OPN Partners, one-time registration is required).

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Wednesday Apr 01, 2015

My favorites partner resources

First of all I would like to introduce my colleagues’ blog: OracleCloud4Developers. Their goal is to help the developers understand how to use the Oracle PaaS & IaaS for their work. You will be able to read here some of the most technical posts on cloud in this blogosphere.

For today I would like to make a recap of my 3 favorite partner resources from Oracle.

I will start with Hardware Technical Resource Center for OPN Partners, which is a beehive workspace that provides Sales Engineers and Sales Consultants access to critical technical product information for Oracle servers and storage. This is the place where all the EOL announcement of our hardware will be posted together with all the information you will ever need to know about our hardware products.

Second on my list is Oracle System Handbook, an actually gold mine for any presale that puts together hardware proposal for his customer. The handbook is old as Sun Microsystem itself and is still the place to go if you wish to see how the products look like if you strip them down to manufacturing part numbers level. It’s downloadable and can even be access by your customer if they have an oracle support account.

When I joined Oracle I came with solid industry knowledge, yet with no tangible knowledge of Oracle products. After 3 weeks I was able to answer most of the customer questions and my secret was (and still is) the Partner Competency Center online training. Here you will find product trainings that are group together in specific products global learning path. What I love about this GLP’s is that they take a product (T5 severs or Oracle Linux for example) and present it from each of the opportunities stages perspectives. The best part of it is that is free and new training are released almost in the same time with new product announcement.

What is your favorites Oracle resource?

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Friday Mar 06, 2015

ZS4-4 and the cloud

One of the biggest challenges that traditional hardware vendors face is shifting their mindset to new market expectations and preparing for today’s customer needs. Everyone in the industry is investing massively in cloud, in a desperate attempt to contradict one of Geoffrey Moore theory that states that old industry companies will not be able to adapt to today’s needs without a total reinvention of itself. I am a strong believer that Oracle is one of those companies that are always adapting to the new demands with as little disruption as possible.

When I started my apprenticeship in the IT business storage customers asked their suppliers for predictability more than anything else. They wanted to make sure that the solution they will buy can guarantee them to accommodate company growth for the next decade without the need to change the technology.

In today’s market the customer needs flexibility above everything else. The best example is the growing demand for storage cloud, demand that in 2015 is still not meet. You can contradict me by showing all the storage cloud offers that all the big hardware players are offering.

Putting traditional storage hardware behind a datacenter and selling it as a cloud solution will not give our customers the flexibility they need. Flexibility, for the customer, means being able to put the right storage behind the database layer, storage which will be different than the one behind their mobile application layer and yes, it will be from a different supplier sometimes.

Oracle did something wonderful with the latest ZS4-4 product launch last year in fall – it has engineered it around the storage needs of our cloud software. Furthermore we made it open stack friendly so our customers can buy our storage solutions in order to better optimize their Oracle applications and still have the freedom to scale on any other storage product, from either Oracle or another vendor.

Do not take my word for it, please take a few minutes to watch these introductory videos in how Oracle engineered our storage around our software.

· John Fowler ZS4 Launch Video

· Five Minutes to Insight: The Brilliance of In-Memory Storage

· 5-minute insight - Database-level Storage Analytics for Oracle Database 12c

· 5-minute insight - Thin Cloning for Oracle Database 12c

· 5-minute insight - Data Encryption and the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

· 5-minute insight -ZFS Storage - Ideal for OpenStack

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Friday Feb 27, 2015

Cluj IT Oracle Cloud Forum

I was searching on Oracle cloud events planned in March and I stumble upon an interesting one day event.

If you are passionate about the cloud technology and you are located in Romania, than you are in luck.Oracle will be hosting a one day Cloud Forum event dedicated to the #OracleCloud next week, on 3rd of March in Cluj Napoca.

My colleague Bogdan Păun will be presenting the Storage and Developer services sections which might interest you.
Check out the agenda and registration info here:

PS: You can already get a free trial for Storage or Database, Java and Developer cloud.   [Read More]

Thursday Feb 26, 2015

Oracle FS1-2 Performance Sizing Calculator

An updated FS1-2 Performance Sizing Calculator is now available on the FS1 Flash Storage System page at the OPN HW Resource Center (available only to OPN Partners, registration is required).

A very tiny snapshot of the FS1-2 Performance Sizing Calculator

The related training is essential, as it covers the required information/inputs, using the calculator, and understanding how to optimize the configuration based on the customer's need for performance, capacity, and/or costs.

PS: this is a re-post from our sister US STEP blog to make sure we are reaching all our partners with this new version launch.

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Wednesday Feb 25, 2015

Invitation: Oracle EMEA Exadata, Manageability, Servers & Storage Partner Community Forum, 14th-16th April, 2015, Budapest, Hungary

Dear Partner,

In 2015 the Oracle EMEA Exadata, Manageability and the Servers and Storage Partner Communities will celebrate a single joint Community Forum. We are delighted to invite you to this event which will take place in Budapest, Hungary on April 14-16, 2015.

As in previous editions, the most important part of this Community Forum is sharing experiences, best-practices and customer cases. Presentations by partners and networking among participants are the enablers for building a valuable learning experience for you.

During the event, Oracle executives driving the different product areas will share their insight on new products and market trends, and will be available for one-on-one meetings to discuss go-to-market plans and sales opportunities.

Register for the Oracle Exadata, Manageability and Servers & Storage Partner Community Forum Now!

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this Community Forum. Check the agenda and reserve your place by registering before 15th March, 2014. (There is no registration fee for Oracle partners).

We look forward to welcoming you in Budapest.

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Tuesday Feb 24, 2015

ZFS capacity calculator - version 8 highlights

Version 8 of our ZFS capacity calculator is fresh out of development and ready for download.

NEW add-ons & features:
  • NEW ZS4-4 added
  • Fixed to support NSPF with raidz1
  • NEW NAS Competitors added
  • Solved some minor bugs

Your feedback is highly appreciated!
Feel free to post in the comments section below.

You can download it from Oracle HW TRC (available only to OPN Partners, one-time registration is required).

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Thursday Nov 13, 2014

Partner webcast: SPARC The Base 2.0

Dear partner,

We are pleased to announce Sparc the Base partner webcast on Thursday 13th of November and would be happy if you could join. Please see below the details:

Date and time: Thursday, 13. November 2014, 17:00 - 18:00 CET

Title: SPARC The Base 2.0

Abstract: Please join us to learn about Oracle's SPARC the BASE Refresh & Take Out Program. Learn all about Oracle's "SPARC The Base" 6-in-1 Offer. You'll hear how customers can upgrade their legacy servers to current generation SPARC servers with up to 30% less OPEX and up to 50% in total savings! Additionally, hear about the channel engagement process and supporting program assets and resources[Read More]

eSTEP LogoeSTEP is an integrated program for our partner, focusing at the technical community to provide them with relevant technical information for their day-to-day business with us


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