Tuesday Sep 22, 2009

Software Freedom Week Celebrations'09 - SASTRA University

Installing Open Source Operating Systems :- Relishing the Tasted Freedom

While I was getting milk(mixed with horlicks),I was relishing the evolution of FOSS group in my university and thought of writing it here,again.When I conducted Software Freedom Week last year,I installed various operating Systems and other FOSS software for faculties of my university.In patricular I need to mention about Prof.Sairam,I installed ubuntu in his system and Netbeans 6.0 last software freedom week.When I met him some time again in January,he told me that he ordered latest version of Ubuntu from cannonical and he informed that with a deep sense of proud.I met him again some few weeks before in a meeting and asked about his laptop.He replied me saying that,he has ubuntu 9.04 as a native installation and is using Netbeans 6.7,Matlab and said that he also writing his python scripts.I was able to see some exquisite happiness in his gestures.It may look simple now,but it meant a lot to me.He further surprised me by asking me about writing PHP scripts in Netbeans.

             Well,the past is over.I am gonna speak about recent past.We had install fest today as a second day of our Software Freedom week celebrations presented by Harish(Mr.Tall) and he explained about importance of open source operating systems,then about the various filesystems like ext 4,ZFS and then about partitioning(as there were a lot of freshers) and demonstrated installing Ubuntu and then told them repositories(Including one at SASTRA) and then he also answered some queries like Whats fascinating about non-window operating systems.

             After this,I thought of showing some cool demos like compiz effects,customizing Desktop so that it will poke their interest to use open source operating systems.It was great session overall,but again I was frsutated with Mr.powersupply because he disturbed us a lot.

             It was also from the organisers,that they have started doing installtions for their friends and faculties.Overall Software freedom Week celebrations gaining its momentum!


Next session:

Topic : Netbeans 6.7 - Devlopment Simplified

Date : 23.08.09

Time : 5.00PM

Venue:Tifac seminar hall II

Stay Tuned!

Monday Sep 21, 2009

Software Freedom Week Celebrations'09 - SASTRA University

Introduction to FOSS and Open Source Technologies :- Enjoying the true spirit of Freedom

                 Welcome back!Long since I blogged here and here is right time for doing it.We are celebrating the Software Freedom Week at SASTRA University from September 21 -September 26.So that means it started off today,and the first session was an introduction to Open source technologies and  kind of orientation in the software freedom week,and also some of the othere folks who missed it last time.This time the event poster was made by me,which people said it looked like NOTICE.(but I suppose both convey information).So we have formed a team of 22 organisers to organise the entire event,who have started doing installation points all through the campus.

                I spoke about Open Source,Open source Ecosystem,Students role in the same.I started speaking about D's(Dwarak :P),then about Devlopment,Distribution,Documentation(Distribution).I also shared some examples,tech jokes,and also some interesting statistics about open source technology.I saw a new set of first year folks who were very enthusiatic.I gave OSUM badges and my contact number as giveaways : P

                It was a total fun out there,and I personally enjoyed every moment of it.But I was not able to forgive two people who disturbed me a lot.One was Mr.Rain and the other was  Powersupply.

Overall,it gave a good start to the Software Freedom Week Celebrations'09.

Thanks to all the organizers.

Next session:-

Topic:Linux Install Fest

Venue:Tifac Seminar II

Date: 22.09.09


Stay Tuned!

Friday Aug 28, 2009

Open Source for Students

                   Welcome back!This is one of the very interesting blogs were I am going to share about the experience we had in a session by Kumar Abhishek,Open Solaris Marketing Executive,who gave a lightning talk on the "Open Source for Students".

He started to tell need of information,and then usage of platforms,production and how to take people's need and in corporate world and then introduced the concept of open source and its need.He also told how the student community can make use of FOSS and enhace their employability.He also shared his experiences he had in devloping applications.He was asked about the recession for which he explained with

1.Circle of Interest

2.Circle of Concern

3.Circle of Indifference

                   He also explained the students how to participate and after session was over I annouced a blogging contest of the "Best blog about the event" in order to encourage the students for their first step of particiaption.Here are some entries,I received for the contest,



     Thanks to Prof K.S Ravichandran,and SCANIT team for making this event big.



Sunday Aug 23, 2009

Fedora Technology Camp at SASTRA University

                  It is long since I wrote a blog here,and here is a high time that I need to periodic and I got a best opportunity to start off this process.

                  Fedora community has sponsored GLOSS and I was asked to give a lecture on this event.I was asked to give a talk on Open Source Foss and their effects in Corporate World.

                  We started off the session at 11.00am and I started off with what is open source and how open source can help students and to give a glimpse of communities and then spoke about Open Business Model,importance of students and the business revolving around the Open Source Software Foundation.

                I also demonstrated on how individuals form a part of the big communities.With these features I encouraged them to start using Linux and other open source technologies.

               I was followed by fedora ambassadors taking on installation and application development and also how to contribute to Fedora project.Overall,it was nice to see the young juniors trying out new things and new events  in my campus.

Monday Mar 23, 2009

GLOSS Expanding its HORIZON

GLOSS has become a very active club at SASTRA,but on the other hand I felt that my university's branch at Kumbakonam,had a very few exposure to the world of Open Source Technologies and Sun's Technologies.Our Dean has requested me to do a small application project in that campus,so I thought I will introduce them with Web Technologies-PHP and MySQL which could help them doing the application project.

                                          I planned for the event on  March 5(Thursday) at 11.30am.(Because i have some free hours on Thursday : P).The session was aimed at Pre-Final years as they will be mature enough to do the projects using these Technologies.

                                          I started the session with the basics of Open Source,Open Source for Students and cited some real time examples(Inspired by Joe Hartley).

                                        I started with basic components of Internet,and then moved on to basics of PHP and MySQL and then showed them a basic login page and then made a small page,attached it to a CSS(Cascading Style sheet using Netbeans 6.5) and then created a page which could take up their name,email-ids,Contact no.

                                     The session went on really cool,where I was asked to show the differences between .NET and Netbeans and other perfomance statistics between PHP/MySQL and ASP.NET/MS SQL.

                                     I have also made intiatives to start the small application project in SASTRA SRC(Srinivasa Ramanujam Centre) campus.I am immensely happy that GLOSS and SASTRA OSUM is expanding its horizon.


Thanks To:

       Prof.Vaidhyasubramaniam(Dean Planning and development)

       Prof.Hariprakash (H.O.D CSE,SRC campus).

Friday Mar 20, 2009

Student Technology Camp at SASTRA

Java EE Lecture at SASTRA:

We conducted a Student Technology Camp at SASTRA University on 7th of March.

We had Amol Desai,from IEC bangalore who made his visit to SASTRA University,situated in Thanjavur(Tamil Nadu).We planned to make a good publicity for this and hence we made some intresting stuff like,

1)We posted the event in our College official Website

2)We took registrations for the event,via SMS also

3)Making of Posters.

                             It was busy saturday morning we were waiting for Amol's visit.He came at 10:30am and then we took him to the server room and helped him arranging stuff,then registered people came to the hall by 11.30 and we started the event by 11.45.

                         Amol started with need for JAVA,Trends in IT Industry,then he moved on to Servlets and JSP.

                  Here he gave a cool demo of running servelets from the HTML and Performing the same using a JSP page and then he asked some questions for which we gave  T-shirts and Caps.Then he continued with need of JSF and then the writing business process in JSP and he developed a small prototype where he showeed the Flow analyser.This was the coolest of all demos.

               He used GlassfishV2 for running all the applications and also gave a small talk on how Glassfish works.

           We had a small feliciation after this,where Amol gave away certificates for the Winners of Open Source quiz and also its organisers.Many were inspired by this seesion and have asked for these kind of sessions.The session got over at 1.35pm Amol had to make a 4hrs travel by road(Literally long) for taking his flight tonight.

     Thanks to Amol,Sirish(Sun Learning services),Prof.Vaidhyasubramaniam(Dean P&D) and Prof.K.S Ravichandran and ofcourse Abhishek for helping me to do this event.



Dwarakanath J


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