Monday Sep 21, 2009

Software Freedom Week Celebrations'09 - SASTRA University

Introduction to FOSS and Open Source Technologies :- Enjoying the true spirit of Freedom

                 Welcome back!Long since I blogged here and here is right time for doing it.We are celebrating the Software Freedom Week at SASTRA University from September 21 -September 26.So that means it started off today,and the first session was an introduction to Open source technologies and  kind of orientation in the software freedom week,and also some of the othere folks who missed it last time.This time the event poster was made by me,which people said it looked like NOTICE.(but I suppose both convey information).So we have formed a team of 22 organisers to organise the entire event,who have started doing installation points all through the campus.

                I spoke about Open Source,Open source Ecosystem,Students role in the same.I started speaking about D's(Dwarak :P),then about Devlopment,Distribution,Documentation(Distribution).I also shared some examples,tech jokes,and also some interesting statistics about open source technology.I saw a new set of first year folks who were very enthusiatic.I gave OSUM badges and my contact number as giveaways : P

                It was a total fun out there,and I personally enjoyed every moment of it.But I was not able to forgive two people who disturbed me a lot.One was Mr.Rain and the other was  Powersupply.

Overall,it gave a good start to the Software Freedom Week Celebrations'09.

Thanks to all the organizers.

Next session:-

Topic:Linux Install Fest

Venue:Tifac Seminar II

Date: 22.09.09


Stay Tuned!

Friday Jul 24, 2009

Sun Student Seminars at Chennai-In collobaration with Aptech

       Long time back I wrote a blog,which is some two weeks before,and now I am here to share some of my experiences with Aptech seminars at Aptech has become Authorised Sun education center and they want to kick start sun certifications at Chennai and other branches,they have arranged for a orientation session with many of the colleges in chennai and they decided to do it in colloboration with Sun learning services.

            With this big intro,I will start relishing my trip along with you,they have planned for three student seminars in two days at three places,

1.Valliammai Womens College

2.AMS college of Engineering

3.MGR janaki womens college

                First day was bit early,the student seminar was organized at 9am in the morning and I was asked to address some 550 candidates.I met the principal after the assembly and she was shocked to see me as a very small boy.(Rather she was also bit puzzled).When I started the seminar I got a different reaction from the crowd,but I slowly persuaded them to the listen to me and then we discussed on open source,Java,and then there was a demo on JavaFX,Netbeans and its cool features.There was also lots of questions from them regarding java,J2me and also in javaFx.

            Second Seminar was organized at AMS college of Engineering,Avadi.It was college with lots of boys and they intially behaved very eratically,but slowly they were back in track and plunged me with their questions.

           The second day seminar was a totally delayed one.It was not just my seminar,they had an industry expert face to face interaction before my session,where some companies top HR managers,engineers from IBM and many other people were giving about the recession and how to start your career.So I was bit puzzled,how to start my presentation.Before my seminar,I had two surprises there,one was in the seminar banner,there were also topics like Glassfish,Virtualisation which I was not aware of before.So I created some slides for all these topics,and installed Glassfish with my Netbeans,and installed virtualbox for the demo.

       I started off my presentation with albert einstein quotes and then showed them javaFx demo,Glassfish demo and Virtual box demo.Many of them became so interested that they registered for SCJP directly.

Gallery: To be updated soon

Thanks to Sirish for giving me this oppurtunity,and Ganesh for helping me in this regard

Saturday Jul 04, 2009

Netbeans and Drupal Session Reboots Gloss and SASTRA OSUM

Welcome Back,

           Long since I wrote a blog on my events and the reason behind this is just simple I was enjoying my holls.It is almost a week since my college started and I also thought,we can make some interesting stuff this time.So I asked my fellow mates about what they need is Drupal and Developement.So I decided to use Netbeans Plugin for Drupal and give a deep dive on Content Management system.So I also included for the session.

         I started off with a simple quote from Albert einstein and then gave them importance of Ready-made Open source software,and explained them the need for using CMS and Installed Drupal and joomla and gave them some tips on how to use Drupal and Joomla.Then we had a look at the Netbeans and Drupal Combination and then we had a brainstroming questions session on the Web.

       It was nice to meet all the SASTRA OSUM members after a long time and also the discussion on the session was also healthy.

Overall a Good Start!

Friday Mar 20, 2009

Student Technology Camp at SASTRA

Java EE Lecture at SASTRA:

We conducted a Student Technology Camp at SASTRA University on 7th of March.

We had Amol Desai,from IEC bangalore who made his visit to SASTRA University,situated in Thanjavur(Tamil Nadu).We planned to make a good publicity for this and hence we made some intresting stuff like,

1)We posted the event in our College official Website

2)We took registrations for the event,via SMS also

3)Making of Posters.

                             It was busy saturday morning we were waiting for Amol's visit.He came at 10:30am and then we took him to the server room and helped him arranging stuff,then registered people came to the hall by 11.30 and we started the event by 11.45.

                         Amol started with need for JAVA,Trends in IT Industry,then he moved on to Servlets and JSP.

                  Here he gave a cool demo of running servelets from the HTML and Performing the same using a JSP page and then he asked some questions for which we gave  T-shirts and Caps.Then he continued with need of JSF and then the writing business process in JSP and he developed a small prototype where he showeed the Flow analyser.This was the coolest of all demos.

               He used GlassfishV2 for running all the applications and also gave a small talk on how Glassfish works.

           We had a small feliciation after this,where Amol gave away certificates for the Winners of Open Source quiz and also its organisers.Many were inspired by this seesion and have asked for these kind of sessions.The session got over at 1.35pm Amol had to make a 4hrs travel by road(Literally long) for taking his flight tonight.

     Thanks to Amol,Sirish(Sun Learning services),Prof.Vaidhyasubramaniam(Dean P&D) and Prof.K.S Ravichandran and ofcourse Abhishek for helping me to do this event.


Monday Mar 09, 2009

Valentine's Day Special

Rich Internet Applications Workshop at SASTRA University:

                                                                                         Techfest has become a part of College life in INDIA in the recent decades.One such big Techfest is Daksh'09 of SASTRA University.Daksh is one of the very largest tech fest in India.Sun has supported Daksh from its origin.This time also Daksh was also supported by Sun MIcrosystems Inc.But this time it was bit different we had various features that were organised by Students at Daksh on behalf of Sun.

                                                            Daksh was scheduled from Feb13-15 2009.We have decided to conduct a workshop on behalf of Sun on Feb-14.So a workshop on Java FX was planned on the second day of Daksh.During the last time workshop the audience were of all levels,so it was difficult for the speakers to make it up.Hence this time I decided to filter the audience and this will help the speakers.I did it by asking a Statement of Purpose(SOP) and I did it because I had a lab of very minimum capacity.

                                           It was a busy morning that we started the workshop,but this time with Sun Engineers-Praveen Mohan,Srinivasan,Cheran.They started the workshop at 9.45am with introduction to Javafx and then moved to graphics,media and Animation and then mentioned about Java FX contest and its importance.

                                      We had a lab session during the afternoon hours.Abhishek started it with a small talk on IT Market and Open Source to refresh the guys,then we helped them to do the Sample excersises.During the last hour we conducted a competition and we selected three Best Applications and gave them prizes,everybody were provided by with Netbeans 6.5 with javafx SDK.


                              I also developed the Daksh Website and had some advantages because of it.I was asked to put up a stall at Daksh on Behalf of Sun Microsystems.I created an OSUM pamphlet and put up a stall with all I had.I went to every single event at Daksh and explained about OSUM there and circulated the SASTRA OSUM.I had also made the registrations on the Help Desk.So I was able to reach 400+ members as the effect of Daksh.

                               I thank all the Sun Engineers for their visit to my college,Amit Arora(Co-ordinator),Ganesh,and ofcourse Abhishek.

All put together it was a beautiful Tech Fest where I had loads of Fun with Technology.


Dwarakanath J


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