Monday Aug 10, 2009

Leaving Sun: Moving to the other side of the fence

It is always hard to write these type of posts. It has been a busy ten months for me in the MySQL Community Team and sadly, all too soon it seems, the world changes and I find myself moving to the other side of the fence. As of August 14th, I will no longer be with Sun Microsystems.

Okay, before you get any conspiracy theories, the reasons are simple and personal. I am moving on to see what I can do to found my own startup completely unrelated to developing databases though I fully intend to use MySQL in the near future and if possible, all my life. Sometimes in life you get opportunities given to you which are rare and if you don't jump then regret is all you have, and that is something I refuse to live with.

As for MySQL, I am extremely sad to leave some of the coolest, brightest and most fun people in the world (and by this I mean all of the MySQL and Drizzle folks at Sun). I never thought an extrovert like myself would enjoy working in a distributed environment and make good friends, but darn it, I feel like I'm leaving a family, a very talented, dedicated, passionate family whose collective child happens to be a piece of software that has changed the world. In particular I am very sad to say goodbye to the two teams within MySQL  (Web/Marketing and Community) with whom I have worked closely: I will miss you. I will forever cherish the time at MySQL and Sun.

To those in the greater MySQL Community, thank you for your help. I hope I will see you at conferences, meetings and naturally online. There are many open source projects that I hope to get involved with as part of my new/past ideas and work. Some of it will be MySQL related albeit loosely (Gearman) and some in different directions (monitoring, web frameworks) as well as exploring more of what it means to be a "Community" on the web. So yes, I will be around.

If you want to follow me, you can follow my personal blog at (which at this point is hopelessly outdated but that will change in time) and I will be available through Facebook and LinkedIn. If you want my personal email address leave a message here and I will e-mail you :)

This blog at Sun Microsystems will no longer be updated.

Monday Jul 20, 2009

OSCON Tutorial - Scaling a web application (mostly PHP/MySQL)

A quick blog post from the OSCON floor where I just finished a 3.5 hour tutorial on "Scaling a Web Application (mostly PHP/MySQL)". To be honest I submitted this talk as a 45 min talk and clicked the wrong button and ended up being handed a tutorial which I think turned out to be a good thing. After all, we could spend days and years talking about scaling.

One of my goals in this presentation wasn't just to talk about tips and examples, but also talk about the general business of scaling and creating scaling plans, scenario planning or capacity planning. This I believe is almost always more important than coming up with the small tips that fix a site when you have a problem!

Thanks to Ronald Bradford for showing up for the last hour of the presentation and helping out, it's good to have help and from a knowledgeable expert as well :)

Slides are now on Slideshare.

Thursday May 14, 2009

From Russia with Blogs: PlanetMySQL in Russian

My colleague Lenz might have forgotten to post before he disappeared on a well-deserved vacation but we've enabled Russian as a choice in PlanetMySQL. Feel free to start submitting your Russian language blogs.

Russian Language PlanetMySQL:
New feed submissions:

We haven't completely translated all the strings yet (that's my fault, I need to stringify the vote stuff) but we're getting there!

(EDIT: LenZ is not on vacation... in fact he is at PHPDay2009 in Verona, Italy... sorry LenZ)

Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

MySQL Community in Ecuador?

Hey all, a quick and short note that I will be spending much of December near and around Quito, Ecuador. If there are any MySQL or MySQL-related community, Open Source community, developers or partners that would like to get together, please let me know. My spanish collation is problematic ;) (currently non-existent) but would still love to meet you.

Drop me a note via this blog!


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