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About 10 days ago I did a post on expirations and trying to find out what was going on. I have to apologize that I didn't update since then while I contacted and we negotiated what was to happen. Yesterday we blogged about the future of our MySQL User Groups. Yes, if you hadn't heard, we're suggesting that those that wish to continue to have free MySQL User Group management, they should migrate to Facebook. My colleague Colin Charles has produced a guide.

Let me tell you frankly that this is not what we wanted to do. Ideally we would have remained with, however, sadly their new business model is not something we can currently support and frankly we were caught by surprise. This I cannot blame on anyone, just a mix up in communication by everyone involved, these things sadly do happen so we just have to move on.

Now, is honouring the last remaining month of our contract with them and will be sending out an email which will allow current groups on to have a month free (until June 10, 2009 or thereabouts) so that you can prepare your group to migrate if they so desire. Meetup has informed us that this email will go out today or tomorrow, if you are an organizer, please watch for it.

Thank you for four years or more of Meetup support. Now we must look to the future.

In all this we must look at the essence for which was sponsored: Facilitating MySQL users to meet each other in their local areas and a way for us to find you to send you stuff (or people and speakers). and Facebook are tools to help you accomplish that task, but ultimately the tool you use is immaterial.

We have a tutorial on how to create your user group on the Forge Wiki, please peruse and get to know your local MySQL'ers. Once you get your group organized, make sure you list it with us so we can find you!

I've heard different comments about how we handled this situation and I am always interested in hearing people's comments. When we are beholden to third-party support for anything and are trying to negotiate in the best interests of both our company, our team and you, our community, things are bound to get more complicated than any one of us would appreciate. What has not changed is our belief in the incredible power of what a user group can do for you professionally and for us as a community.

Now let's get a move on, use Facebook, or another tool and show everyone the power of MySQL user groups!

So what is it, exactly, about the new business model that you can't support? This is needlessly vague.

Posted by Jeremy Cole on May 12, 2009 at 06:36 AM EDT #

Jeremy, as noted yesterday in the blog I pointed to (but didn't copy the content of):

"'s business model differs considerably from before.

This is the summary description of how the sponsorship works, as received from

"All organizers will need to pay their Meetup subscription fees and through sponsorship can receive financial support from participating in a sponsorship."

Without sponsoring, each MySQL User Group would end up spending 12 US dollars a month, or 144 dollars a year, for the ability to use's services."

In one aspect we would no longer have a single fee and the cost would be much much higher and would change depending on the number of groups, so we would then need to decide which groups to support and which \*not\* to support, or perhaps only \*partially\* support. Either way, this was also not a cost we could budget for at this time.

Posted by Duleepa Wijayawardhana on May 12, 2009 at 08:01 AM EDT #

Dear DW:

I have a question about the "business model" of I'm not a programmer or in any way affiliated with Meetup other than as a plebian member.

I looked in vain here on your blog for a "contact us" link but found only this. I'll assume that you personally can see my e-mail address and could respond directly? The question I have is not of direct interest to MySQL (as a matter of fact, I don't even know what MySQL is) -- I just found your note by Googling " business model."

Thank you for your time!

Posted by Avery on December 19, 2010 at 05:45 PM EST #

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