Tuesday Sep 29, 2009

The case for Oracle being the next big virtualization player

I found this piece an interesting take on Oracle's potential to be the next big player in the virtualization space.  The piece both points out Oracle's huge potential (after the Sun acquisition completes) and some current obstacles Oracle would have to overcome.

I agree with the article, that if Oracle wishes, it can become the dominant player in the space, even more so than VMware.  I suppose it depends on whether this is an important market for Oracle to win or not.

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Wednesday Aug 12, 2009

Some interesting reading about VMWare's acquisition of SpringSource

This week's announcement that VMWare is acquiring SpringSource sure caught me by surprise.  I'm not surprised that VMWare is making an acquisition; it clearly needs to get away from the "one trick pony" problem of being known only as a hypervisor vendor, because there are many entrants in that field now, and it will become commoditized soon.

What surprised me was that VMWare picked a company known for its support of software development frameworks, namely, the Spring framework.  Also what surprised me was that VMWare pretty much explicitly commits to Java as the programming language of choice for their cloud offering.

Don't get me wrong: I love Java as a choice of programming language.  But I have two basic questions about this choice:
  1. Really?  Java is the language you're choosing for rapid-beyond-belief development and deployment of applications on the web?
  2. Why is VMWare locking themselves into a single language?  That's essentially what I get out of the announcement and press.
Maybe there weren't any other credible candidate frameworks in PHP, for example.

Here is a nicely-written opinion piece by an IBM guy about what the deal means to VMWare and the industry.  I like his take that this purchase is less help to VMWare's cloud vision than what you might think, but it does help VMWare get into the addressable market for application servers

But what do you think is going on?  Why did VMWare choose to buy SpringSource?  Does this really make VMWare more credible as a cloud vendor, or do you think VMWare is off track with this decision?

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Wednesday Apr 29, 2009

Coolest use I've seen yet for VirtualBox

Palm's new WebOS running the new Pre phone emulator inside VirtualBox, running on Mac OS X, courtesy of Engadget.


Monday Apr 27, 2009

How to push a simple Drupal web site from test to production

As I'm learning how to use Drupal for creating and deploying web sites, I'm keeping track of it in blog entries.

The way I work: I do my development on a virtualized environment: I run OpenSolaris as a guest OS under VirtualBox; that way, I can easily blow away my development/test environment or send it to other machines running VirtualBox.  Then, I install the WebStack (PHP, Apache web server, MySQL), then I install Drupal using the instructions on the drupal.org web site.

Once I get my test Drupal site working, I follow these instructions to deploy to an actual production server.  It makes the develop-test-deploy cycle pretty easy, and I can develop and test pretty much anywhere.

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Sunday Mar 15, 2009

VirtualBox bug fixed: clonehd works in version 2.1.4

Not too long ago, I blogged about a workaround to a bug in VirtualBox.  The problem is fixed in VirtualBox version 2.1.4, available for download here.

Here's where the bug fix comes in handy: suppose you use VirtualBox to create a virtual machine that you want to use again and again; maybe it's a test environment of Windows, Linux, OpenSolaris...whatever you like.  An easy way to make copies of that test environment is to type "VBoxManage clonevdi WindowsXP.vdi copyOfWinXP.vdi" (or whatever you call your VirtualBox hard disk images).  But the "clonevdi" command wasn't making copies correctly, so there was a workaround.  It's not a big deal, but having the bug fixed makes it just that much easier to make perfect copies of the environment you worked so hard to create.

I discovered at DrupalCon that a lot of people are using VirtualBox.  I have been a faithful VMware user for well over five years and have liked it, but I've also been using VirtualBox for about six months now and I find it good enough for my personal needs that I've switched from VMware to VirtualBox.  One nice little benefit: it can be a host on all the operating systems I use (Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X, OpenSolaris; I tend not to use Windows as a host OS, only as a guest, because I'm too concerned about viruses infecting my Windows environment and I'd like to be able to just blow it away and start from scratch easily; VirtualBox lets me do just that).


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