Thursday Aug 07, 2008

Ubuntu on Virtualbox

I have now virtualized Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro using Virtual box.  After installing Vista (really to see if it worked and as a practical matter to help me communicate w/ my BlackBerry) I installed Ubuntu.  I downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 and installed from the iso on my hard drive. That went well. I had to tweak a few things to get the mouse, WiFi and other drivers to work but other than that the installation was a snap. I assigned it 1G of RAM and 10 Gigs of hard disk space and with those it seems to run well. Since Ubuntu  includes Firefox and other apps right out of the box its easy to be productive out of the box.  The only issue is that I cannot print - for some reason it doesnot recognize my printers on the USB ports.  I'll have to look into this more in the future.  Since I don't print too often (and can share documents w/ OS X) its not a big problem.

Now I think I should reconfigure my mom's computer w/ Ubuntu. Vista is just awful (all those security questions everytime one accesses the internet are a real pain).  Maybe next time I am up there I'll do a dual install and see if it works.  Since none of her friends seem to understand Windows, moving her to Ubuntu would not cause any more confusion.  She only uses Firefox and the awful windows photo program - I can move her to FF on Linux and then migrate her to Picasa (which is much easier to use).

Tuesday May 15, 2007

Microsoft sees a clear and present danger

Lets review - The State of Massachusetts adopts the .ODF format. Michael Dell installs Ubuntu Linux on his laptop and Dell computer offers Ubuntu Linux as an OS option. Ubuntu distributes open source Java. Microsoft seeing a clear and present danger then claims Open Office and Linux violates its patents. As Warren Zevon said "Send lawyers, guns and money" we are all going to need them!

Thursday Apr 19, 2007

Ubuntu and GlassFish

Ubuntu, the wildly popular Linux distro has announced their latest release (v7.04 "Feisty Fawn") and it now includes Java SE, GlassFish (Java EE), Java DB and NetBeans. For the first time developers do not have to go navigate to 5 different Web sites, find an implementation that kind of works, download it, fix it and then use it. Now, these distros are all available as optimized images for install with Ubuntu in one place. This, of course, makes it much easier for Ubuntu users to get what they want easily and in one place. Why did this take so long? Well, my only answer to this is that, these things take time and removing software licensing encumberances and developing entirely new packageing takes A LOT more time. I've been close to this project for 4 months and, what seems from the world out side Sun as a simple task, became a full time job for a number of dedicated engineers. On the Sun Ubuntu Page there are links to Ubuntu, the projects, how they are supported and other useful links. The latest version of Ubuntu is here.

And,now that Michael Dell uses Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, even he can get access to Java and tools easily!

Monday Nov 13, 2006

GlassFish and Ubuntu

UBUNTU is the most wildly popular GNU/Linux distribution (according to and last week we announced that GlassFish would be distributed with Ubuntu. One of the benefits of dual licensing GlassFish is that it makes it easier to distribute w/ Ubuntu as they prefer the GPL license to the CDDL. Both are OSI approved licenses and both allow distribution and redistribution of code, but the Ubuntu, and ultimately the Debian community, prefers the GPL license. So now that GlassFish and all of Java (ME, SE and EE) are available under GPL look for several benefits: It will be easier to download and use GlassFish with Linux as they are under the exact same license and look for us to get much wider distribution of Java . Look for the distribution to be available in the 1st quarter of 2007.

I'll comment on the differences between GPL and CDDL and Ubuntu's objections to the CDDL license in an upcoming blog.




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