Thursday Aug 07, 2008

Ubuntu on Virtualbox

I have now virtualized Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro using Virtual box.  After installing Vista (really to see if it worked and as a practical matter to help me communicate w/ my BlackBerry) I installed Ubuntu.  I downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 and installed from the iso on my hard drive. That went well. I had to tweak a few things to get the mouse, WiFi and other drivers to work but other than that the installation was a snap. I assigned it 1G of RAM and 10 Gigs of hard disk space and with those it seems to run well. Since Ubuntu  includes Firefox and other apps right out of the box its easy to be productive out of the box.  The only issue is that I cannot print - for some reason it doesnot recognize my printers on the USB ports.  I'll have to look into this more in the future.  Since I don't print too often (and can share documents w/ OS X) its not a big problem.

Now I think I should reconfigure my mom's computer w/ Ubuntu. Vista is just awful (all those security questions everytime one accesses the internet are a real pain).  Maybe next time I am up there I'll do a dual install and see if it works.  Since none of her friends seem to understand Windows, moving her to Ubuntu would not cause any more confusion.  She only uses Firefox and the awful windows photo program - I can move her to FF on Linux and then migrate her to Picasa (which is much easier to use).

Wednesday Aug 06, 2008

IBM's Says Linux to be Around for the Next Ten Years

I attended Bob Suter's talk at Linux World in San Francisco today to hear how IBM positions Linux. Yesterday they announced they are shipping a M$FT free desktop system w/ Ubuntu, Lotus Symphony (based on OO.O) and other open source sw, so IBM must see quite a bit of value in Linux.  Bob is a fine speaker and started with a history of how IBM got into the Linux business - he even had some humorous slides on the old e-business campaign from 2001.  Here is the top 8 list from Bob's talk (my paraphrasing) and my commments.

1) Linux will drive green initiatives - lower costs / power  and virtualization

2) No other open source OS will replace Linux in the next 10 years - considering it takes 10 years for an OS to get widely accepted and we see nothing comparable today, I would venture this is accurate

3) Linux mindshare will be less focussed on x86 hardware - sure, phones, embedded into devices, servers

4)Linux on the desktop will be significantly different - I agree with him here. As collaboration sw becomes ubiquitous, what we call / see as a desktop today will certainly evolve.

5)SMB large scale adoption is too close to call.  He states that SMBs buy solutions (say Dentist office application) rather than piece together hardware. But I think most, if not all, new technology companies will startup w/ Linux

6)Open Source Licenses will stabilize.  - Yes, licenses are soo 2007. However, I think we'll a bit of activity around SaaS and open source licenses to coral in the Googles of the world

7) Open Standards will grab more attention.  He claims, and rightly so, that many of the exisiting standards bodies are just horrible and in need of an overhaul and I couldn't agree more.

8)It will be a do or die decade for open source industry applications.  I don't believe its do or die, but certainly we'll see a shift to more open source / commercial applications where all the good capabilities that enterprises will want will be in the for pay enterprise bits.  The open source sw business is the same as the old proprietary sw business - engineers still need to make a living (but now we get access to much more rapid innovation).

Tuesday May 15, 2007

Microsoft sees a clear and present danger

Lets review - The State of Massachusetts adopts the .ODF format. Michael Dell installs Ubuntu Linux on his laptop and Dell computer offers Ubuntu Linux as an OS option. Ubuntu distributes open source Java. Microsoft seeing a clear and present danger then claims Open Office and Linux violates its patents. As Warren Zevon said "Send lawyers, guns and money" we are all going to need them!




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