Monday Jul 14, 2008

Upgraded Leopard to 10.5.4

I downloaded the latest Leopard (all 450 Mb of it) and upgraded my OS during a relatively quiet time.  It took a few minutes to download the package (don't try this at home, I did it at the office which has huge pipes) and another 10 to execute, configure and restart my MacBook Pro.  The upgrade seems to have worked perfectly. I don't notice much different behavior, but it seems to recover more consistently from sleep than it did before. I am somewhat wary of these gargantuan upgrades so I tend to wait until I have backed up everything (time machine works great) and perform a search to make sure that these upgrades go ok.  Next step is to upgrade the firmware.

Update - I upgraded my firmware (this is always scary) and it worked well. 

 What I've noticed:  1) Laptop wakes up from sleep always (thanks Apple). No more annoying opening and closing the lid to get it to wake up.  2) it connects and properly formats display for external screen. I use a rectangular Sun 20" LCD external screen so the laptop has to recognize an external screen, change the format (from elongated to square) and change the resolution.  It now does this easily.  I can also get it to recognize the external screen whether the laptop is open OR closed. When closed (and sleeping) I plug in the ethernet, monitor cable, power THEN a USB mouse and the laptop awakens and formats for the screen.  The power is key to get this to work.

Wednesday Feb 13, 2008

Upgraded to Leopard without a hitch!

I bought the family pack for Leopard to upgrade all my machines back in November.  I was waiting, however, for the first big patch to be released before I did the upgrade (I am an earlyish adopter of tech, not a bleeding-edge adopter) because I just didn't want to deal w/ glitches on my work laptop. Well Apple just released 10.5 update  BEAST (all 347 MB of it !!)

The standard upgrade went well (I did back up my data to and external drive) and took about 1 1/2 hours. Then I went into work to download the BEAST and with Sun's big pipes that took just a few minutes (less than 5, I think).  I ran the installer (another 5 minutes or so) and it worked great.

 Now, After 24 hours, everything is stable and I've noticed no problems.  Nor have I noticed my Mac running any slower or faster - its just about the same.  All programs work, all data is there, none of my documents or pictures were lost.  I had 2 very minor issues 1) I had to reinstall my printers and 2) I had to reinstall PocketMac to sync my BlackBerry. 

Wednesday Aug 08, 2007

What no Leopard in new iMacs?

Ok, the new iMacs are here and represent an incremental improvement in performance and include ilife 08 which has some very nice features but where is Leopard. Steve (and fake-Steve) we all know this is due in Ocotoberish, we've seen the Beta releases so why not include it as a free upgrade in the new iMacs?  Either I buy a new iMac now and pay $129 for a sw upgrade in a month or wait and get it for free!  Apple has no comment so far and I can't figure out what they are waiting for other than trying to milk the last $$ out of every consumer.

 I was in SF yesterday for Linux World and took an hour and looked at the new iMacs - they were in the process of connecting them in the store so no touchy yet!  They looked nice, the striking feature of course is the glossy screen. The entire plane of the screen is high gloss which is good for looking at photos as the finish makes the photos "pop", but I am a bit concerned about glare from light sources behind me.

 I bought my last iMac (a G4) in December 2002 and paid just about the same price that the new ones are going for except now I can get a 2.4 GHz dual core processor and 4 G RAM rather than a 800 MHz processor and 756 M RAM!  Moore's law continues to plug away at costs.  Anyway, the old G4 is dog slow - so slow that it has a very hard time chomping on my 10 Meg photos so the new iMac is needed, the only question is how much longer do I wait?

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

Apple New Products Announcement Set for Tuesday Aug 7

The new iMacs are near!  Apple has set next Tu as a product announcement date. What they will announce is anyone's guess, but it's time to talk about the next generation of iMacs and a date for releasing Leopard.  

Monday Jul 30, 2007

Waiting for the new iMacs

The rumor mill is running hot that the new iMacs are nearly here.  The current rumor date is next Tu Aug 7 with the first photos of the purported new keyboard available online.  The rumor is that the new iMacs ditch the white look in favor of a brushed metal (plastic) steel look.  The timing seems right as the back to school sales are starting now and Apple doesn't want to miss out on this very lucrative time of year.  Also Leopard is getting close as they have issued an updated build to developers.  My old G4 iMac seems to be getting slower everyday now and I've already got the new version of Photoshop so I need fast hardware now!  




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