Sunday Jul 20, 2008

OSCON State Of Lightning Talks (SLOT) GlassFish

On Thursday July 24th from about 10:45 am to 12:20 pm will be the State of Lightning Talks in Portland 252 in the Portland Convention center.  Basically, this is where all communities have 5 whole minutes to provide an update on what the community is doing (that's roughly 3 to 5 slides if you talk like the guy in the old FedEx commercials). I"ll be talking, fast, about GlassFish at 12:05 - don't be late. Details HERE.

Friday Jun 27, 2008

GlassFish + MySQL Unlimited Offer

Sun announced a GlassFish + MySQL unlimited offer. No more counting servers or noses - just a simple annual subscription gives you the right to use the worlds most popular open source database and application server.  These are the fully supported enterprise versions - highly scalable and fast.  Its a great price and certainly beats having to pay for another price increase from Oracle!

 Also, listen to Mark Herring's podcast on this offer here.

Wednesday Jun 11, 2008

Virtual Box and Vista on a Mac Pro

While at the Gartner show in Orlando I took an hour out one evening and installed Virtual Box 1.6.2 along w/ Vista (Business) on my MacBook PRO.  Virtual box was simple to download and it installed without any problem at all.  I received a copy of Vista from a M$FT developer friend of mine who has copies to spare.  I started VB, created a new virtual machine, assigned it 1.227 Gigs of memory (I knew that Vista is a memory hog so I gave it more than the 1 Gig minimum), gave it 16 Gig of my hard drive (although it is using much, much less than that) and started the installation.  It took probably 30 minutes or so to install Vista including several auto- restarts of the VM.  Then it was up and ... the network did not work. I could not get a connection so I checked the Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop NAT under the networking options (it was setup for something else, but after RTFM I learned this is no longer supported in Vista)  and the networking lit up.  I was online in under an hour from start. I lit up IE and downloaded Crossloop so I can connnect to my mom's Vista box and that installed and seems to work great.

 The only issue is that I cannot resize the Vista window and get the Vista image to expand to full screen. The window will resize - but the Vista image that I work in remains the same - there is just more "grey" space around it.  Any ideas how to fix this are appreciated.

 Next, I'll update my mom's copy of crossloop and see if I can get them to connect again. 

Friday May 23, 2008

What IS GlassFish?

Here's a link to a 1 minute video that I did at Java One that answers the question "Why did you name it GlassFish" and "What is the name of the fish"


Tuesday Apr 15, 2008

On my way to FISL

Heading to Brazil (actually I am in Sao Paulo) on my way to FISL - one of wildest open source events of the year in Porto Alegre.  I'll be giving a talk on GlassFish and Java EE 6 along with a whole contingent from Sun who'll be talking about all things Java and OpenSolaris.  So far they have 6100 folks signed up for the conference which runs from Thursday thru Saturday.

Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

The "A" in LAMP gets Acquired

Today Covalent Technologies (the guys who provide commercial support for all things Apache) was acquired by SpringSource.  So after Sun acquires the "M" in LAMP Spring buys the "A".  Since the "L" is distributed among many companies and the "P" is not really something you can buy, it looks like the LAMP stack is now all locked up.  This is a maturing step for Open Source.  As more and more people use open source, the inevitable questions are "how can I get support" and "where do I go to download a fully integrated stack from a trusted source".  As the components of LAMP move into commercial companies that can provide the level of support that enterprises are looking for, open source becomes a more viable alternative to closed source.  Sun already provides support for the SAMP stack and with the acquisition of MySQL look for those support offerings to be even more robust.

Thursday Dec 13, 2007

GlassFish is in Debian

If you search thru Linux Debian packages you will find that GlassFish has now been included!  This was not something done by Sun engineers to "push" GlassFish into Debian (although we were working on that), but rather a "pull" from some engineers to package GlassFish for Debian.  I am certain that the work done to package GlassFish for Ubuntu had something to do with the packaging work for Debian,  however, I don't discount the amount of work that was done to make it happen.  They (I don't know who did it) removed the Maven build dependency and substituted Ant.  This just continues to show the momentum that GlassFish is getting.    Add to this our monthly average download numbers, which are higher than any other open source app server and the positive feedback we get from the software analysts on GlassFish and I think we are starting to turn the corner on awareness.  Thanks to the folks working on the Debian project!

Wednesday Oct 17, 2007

Jonathan's Simple Explanation of Volume.

I was at the Sun internal open source conference for the past 2 days. Our keynote speaker was Jonathan Schwartz and it was interesting to hear him talk about his strategy and, this is the key bit to me, his frustration with the inability of employees, customers and partners of understanding our open source message. He, like me, constantly gets a question that goes like this: “Now that our sw is free why do we need a sales force and how do we expect to make money?”  Jonathan answered this in a very simple way by pointing to a download map that shows all the ISPs from which our sw was downloaded.  He points out that our software (in this case lets use GlassFish)  is being downloaded in more regions than we sales people (Sun has no sales people, for instance, in Madagascar).   By reaching these people we now have much broader distribution than we could have ever gotten by having to ship out sw CDs upon request or by having expensive sales people call on these developers.

Next he points out that Sun's main customers, those large enterprises that see sw as a competitive advantage, they embrace  the idea of free sw, but will always buy a subscription or service contract because they cannot afford to ever have down time. The cost of downtime to a bank, a financial exchange or a shipping company is so large that the cost of a subscription to Sun's commercial sw packages is a very minor expense.  

To summarize, the free people will never pay for support, but eventually they might get a job with the enterprises that do and Sun will benefit because these developers are familiar with Sun's products and that's good for us. Enterprises will always buy support and it is them that we target with our commercial distributions of open source.   I think the ultimate answer is in the revenue and profitability of our sw division and at some point our financial people might disclose that information separately and we will have data on which to judge this revenue model.

Friday Oct 12, 2007

Oracle Buys BEA


Oracle Burys Buys BEA for the diabolical sum of $6.66 Billion!  What deal is the Darth Vadar of sw companies getting into now?  Certainly alot of people will make money on this, not the least of which is Carl Icahn who's 13.2 % stake in BEA just jumped 20% making him a $200 Million profit!  But what does this mean to the App server community?  If this merger goes like many of the other Oracle assimilation projects, I would expect the BEA app server to slowly disappear like the cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.  BEA will stay around in name but their competing app server will slowly starve to death. This is a shame because BEA has a pretty good product.  They have specialized in targeting vertical markets, namely telco, while Oracle has focussed their app server on whatever advantages their database.  I feel for BEA's employees who are about to undergo the assimilation process and who see their years of work on the app server in jeopardy.

However, we have an alternative for you.  Where Oracle focuses on data base and tools the GlassFish community focuses on Open Source and community.  If you want to have input as to what features you need in an app server, come to GlassFish - as an open source community you get not only a voice in the direction of the product, you can make any changes / improvements you want AND get one of the fastest app servers around - and definitely FASTER than BEA.  As for those of you who fear that your investment in BEA is now devalued, we have a FREE tool to migrate you from BEA to GlassFish that you can download here.  To my BEA friends, come join us @ GlassFish, the water's just fine!


Wednesday Oct 03, 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 is coming!

Monday Sep 17, 2007

GlassFish Set Free with Record Performance

GlassFish V2 is released today!  It includes a whole list of features that are useful to enterprise deployments like clustering, administration, failover protection, Web Services interoperability AND record breaking performance to boot! You can read about the details here.  What is really interesting, is that this underscores the ability of the free and open software community to create great software.  Not just good, but great.  Many people think of open source sw as poor cousins of "real" or commercial sw and that is just not the case here.  GlassFish beat BEA's app server by 10% in the latest SpecjAppServer 2004 tests to show that the open source community can not only deliver sw on schedule but do so with high performance.  Browse here to download the latest bits.

Monday Aug 06, 2007

Peer to Peer Media Trading

In this day of internet sharing, there remains quite a bit of "offline" content in the form of books and DVDs that we can't really share.  However, two promising internet sites have developed online marketplaces that allow individuals to share / trade these old media bits using the internet.  We have use 2 in my household and they seem to work quite well.

DVD Trading

The first one is which has developed a trading site for people to swap DVDs.  They have created a marketplace that assigns a value to DVDs and then tracks who has them to trade and who wants them.  Because they assign a value to each DVD you can also create a money account and buy the ones you want if you don't have any to trade. The nice thing about this is anyone can join and get a DVD at a good price.  For example, my favorite movie "The 5th Element" is available used for $6!  What a great deal. One of the many clever things they did is figure how to develop an envelope that you print from your computer that contains the receiver's address AND electronic postage.  You just print out the two pages, fold them around your DVD ( you don't send the artwork), tape it and put it in the mail. It works like a charm.  Oh, and I did I mention they are powered by GlassFish?


Book Trading

First there was which enabled the used book market to flourish - but that site quickly got overwhelmed by used book sellers ( who sell some nearly new books at quite steep discounts).  We love but recently we found  BookMooch is a similar peer to peer trading site that matches those who have books with those that want them. The big difference is that BookMooch does not establish a market or price for books - they are simply a matching service that assigns you points for each book you trade.  There is no neat "print your own mailer feature" and you have to pay for postage and you get the same number of points for a 1st edition book as you would for the latest Spiderman comic book.  Bookmooch doesn't charge anything for the trades so they must be supported by advertising.  I"ll have to look more closely at their biz model.  Hey, its a neat idea and when we posted 10 books, 9 were in immediate demand so now we can go get more books (at least the total mass of books in our book obsessed household might stay somewhat constant now!).


Monday Jul 30, 2007

Waiting for the new iMacs

The rumor mill is running hot that the new iMacs are nearly here.  The current rumor date is next Tu Aug 7 with the first photos of the purported new keyboard available online.  The rumor is that the new iMacs ditch the white look in favor of a brushed metal (plastic) steel look.  The timing seems right as the back to school sales are starting now and Apple doesn't want to miss out on this very lucrative time of year.  Also Leopard is getting close as they have issued an updated build to developers.  My old G4 iMac seems to be getting slower everyday now and I've already got the new version of Photoshop so I need fast hardware now!  

Monday Jul 23, 2007

The Sun / Ubuntu Social 6 pm Monday - Tonight

Update - the social tonight is at the Red Robin @ 6 pm just a block north of the convention center.   1139 NE Grand Ave - walk out the convention center, head north over the tracks 2 blocks and its on your right.

Friday Jul 20, 2007

GlassFish, Java and Parites at Ubuntu Live and OSCON in Portland next week

Starting this Sunday is Ubuntu Live at the Portland convention center followed immediately by OSCON and yours truely will be present at the show along with members of the Open Source, Linux, Solaris, PostGres and GlassFish teams.  We have a POD at the Sun booth for both shows that feature our open source Java stack on Ubuntu Linux.  But wait, there's more.

We are hosting several social events (read beer and sometimes free food!) during the week.

Sunday evening there will be a PostGres party at the convention center.
On Monday evening we'll have a Linux social near the convention center from 6 - 9 or so.
On Wednesday we'll have a Solaris social at the Double Tree hotel from 9 pm onwards.

Stop by the Sun booth for more details and directions.





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