Monday Dec 10, 2007

Hacking my T3

    I mentioned in a previous post that I had ordered a new higher capacity battery for My Palm T3 off eBay, but found I didn't immediately need it. Well, this weekend I finally succumbed to the thinking that I might as well benefit from the longer battery life now, rather than wait until my current original battery shows significant signs of decay. I had been gathering the battery and it's directions, which had wandered to different parts of the house, during the week, and took time to get started. Naturally, a full backup was in order. One of the reasons I had hesitated in the past is that for some reason, after a hard reset and restore, Diddlebug looses sync with the sound database, so anytime an alarm goes of, it crashes the T3. To resolve this, you have to go through the process of reselecting each alarm sound you have specified, and since I use Diddlebug for a variety of repeating alarms, mostly for chores, it takes a little extra effort. But the urge for a better T3 overcame that obstacle.

    The printed directions that came with the battery were really for Tungsten T, so once I was under way, I got a bit nervous and Googled T3 specific steps, finding a very nice writeup with pictures. A few deep breaths, and some careful prying later, I was in. Tada, here it is, in it's dissasembled glory:

    More careful prying, so I could re-use the double sided tape that holds the battery in place, and I had the new battery in place. Re-assembly was pretty straight forward, and the new battery had plenty of charge for me to verify everything was working OK. Start a restore, drop it in the charger cradle, and I'm back to where I was before I started, except with more power. Then, before Didlebug starts alarming me with crashes, I took the time to reset the sound pointers. 2 days later, and I'm pleased with the results. Next up in T3 work - rebuild from hard reset to figure out why Bluetooth to my RAZR has problems. Prior to the theft of my backup T3, I'm pretty sure I tested BT to RAZR with out any of my stuff on it, and it worked fine. So, something somewhere is amiss. While I have managed to do a lot more on my RAZR than I expected, I still miss some of the things my T3 could do accessing the Internet. :-(

Tuesday Oct 30, 2007

Lotsa Loss Lately

    I seem to be going through a phase of loosing stuff lately. Not to say that I couldn't use a little loss of stuff, as I have way too much. But I've been loosing stuff I use somewhat regularly and really didn't want to loose. Maybe I'm getting old and not paying as much attention, but that doesn't explain all of it.

    A little over a month ago I went to Charlotte, NC for a 2 day business trip, which went fine. But somewhere on the way back, I lost a farbic glasses case. It had 3 slots for pens, and I had at least 2 of my favorite pens in there, as well as a pair of reading glasses with clip-on sun glasses on them. I carried it hanging off my fanny back by a small carabiner, and I know I lost it after leaving Charlotte, as it fell off when I got out of the rental car and I put it back on. I'm pretty sure I remember it being in the way while driving home from the airport, but the most likely place for me to loose it was in the crowded airplane. Bummer.

    Next up, the major loss, and not really my fault, although the lesson is hopefully learned. Although I am getting better, partly due to the fact that I have been doing more travel the past year, I still bring too much stuff with me when I travel. I get this idea that I'll have free time while in transit or after hours to play with my 'toys', etc. and it never turns out that way. But with the CEC 2007 being more of a geek fest than most of my travels, I loaded a few more toys in my checked bag. Sadly, this list of 'toys', see below, was no longer in my checked bag when I opened it at the hotel in Lost Vegas,.. er Las Vegas. Most, if not all, of this can be replaced from eBay, but that requires the 'justification' exercise all over again. \^_\^ I have had the TSA inspect my checked bags before, but they usually don't take anything, and usually leave a nice note saying they took a peak. I immediately called Delta and reported, but don't expect much of a result. Yup, I'm already trolling eBay for some replacements. >Rant Alert< And I blame the GOP Administration for the fear mongering TSA restrictions, that remove the ability of ordinary citizens to fight back like they did on the 911 flight over Pennsylvania against the terrorists who will get weapons on board anyway, >End Rant Alert< for the loss of my Swiss Army Knife, which I have had for 25+ years. Interestingly enough, the Swiss Army Knife was in a separate compartment from the rest, so whomever took the stuff went through several compartments.

  • Power-to-Go battery in green fleece glasses case
  • T3 w/aluminum case
  • Sharp Zaurus SL-5000 w/power cord
  • Nikon binoculars in case
  • T3 charger w/AA batteries
  • Victorinox Swiss Army knife - Red Swiss Champ model
  • Dlink WAP
  • USB mini hub
    And most recently, I lent a Fisher Bullet pen with PDA Stylus tip to my youngest at a restaurant, so he could amuse himself with drawing on the paper placemat. This is a lesson I should have learned before, but taking hungry, energetic boys to a restaurant can be distracting. Needless to say, I no longer have the pen, and don't remember getting it back at the restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant is an hours drive away, and probably wouldn't have it anyway, which is what happened 2 months ago with a different pen I lent my son at a different restaurant. Well, it was still a Fisher bullet pen, but with out the stylus tip, and this one was a purple one I got for my birthday. I called that restaurant, but they hadn't seen it. :-(

    I'm trying to stem the flow at this level, by paying more attention, and not bringing so much stuff with me. And then there is that one time when I needed the such and such from my fanny pack...... :-)


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