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JavaOne 2008 - cool gadgets possible?

    Well, it's that time of year again. Winter is in full force, plenty of time to code, and thoughts turn to .... JavaOne. OK, for some folks. I've never actually been, but being an employee of Sun, I pay attention to the notices. I also like to do my best to stay on top of what I think are important technologies, and even some technologies that other's think are important, even if I don't. I think Java is important, but it hasn't been a significant part of my job to get me a ticket to JavaOne.

    A close friend and fellow co-worker goes pretty regularly, and I have been jealous of him at times. Why, since it's not directly related to my job and I prefer to minimize travel, at least without my family? Because they usually have cool give-aways, and sometimes really cool ones. For example, several years back they had a super special price for a Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA. OK sure, now I've bought 1 or 2 on eBay for far less, but it was new and interesting then. If I recall correctly some years before that they gave away Palm Pilots. I have no idea what may be in store for this year, but I've got to remember to tell my friend to pick one up for me if he can. :-) For those who are interested, here are the details :

\*Registration Is Now Open for the 2008 JavaOne(SM) Conference!\*

Join us for the 13th annual JavaOne(SM) conference May 6 – 9, 2008, at The Moscone Center in San Francisco. You won’t want to miss this year’s expanded program. Register today and save $200. Use priority code J8ROIC

Visit for more information.

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