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    I blogged last June about the Surf Hotel on Block Island changing hands, and suggested I might try to get back there in the fall. Well, here it is the fall, and here I am on Block Island again. This time the kids are with us, and our room is in the Surf Side annex to the Surf Hotel. It is a separate building just a few buildings down from the main hotel, and you still have easy access to all the amenities of the main hotel.

    We really lucked out this weekend, as New England weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, and down right chilly. Add to that being by the ocean, with breezes and generally lower temps than our inland abode. But not this weekend, which is just about the best weather you could ask for on a fall New England day. It's nice and warm, maybe a pinch muggy, and partly cloudy to sunny. Perfect for outdoor activities, which the kids seem bent on avoiding. Grrr, I could just stay out doors all day, on the beach, walking some trails, reading and writing in a nice quiet spot. OK, with the kids along, nice quiet spots are non-existent. :-)

    The boys were thrilled to see the large chess set in the lobby area of the Surf Hotel. Mischka has been playing chess with Sandy and Alexei lately, and knows the moves well, although he prefers to play in an equitable way, trading equivalent pieces, and he can get whinny or uniterested if he feels the capture balance is weighted to his opponent. Alexei can play with some planning, and will go along with Mischka sometimes, but he also wants the chance to win sometimes too, which can lead to 'loud discussions'. Mischka lead the way to the beach this morning, and played in the water, then wondered the beach with Alexei looking at the dead crabs, starfish, etc and collecting stones, wood, shells, sand dollars, etc. Seems he was thinking of selling some of the stuff.

    Right across the street from the Surf Hotel is the Island Free Library, a nice little library which always has books and videos for sale. I tried to resist, but finally succumbed to buying 'How to do everything with your PocketPC, Second Edition', and 'Bone, Out from Boneville'. We've read the complete Bone graphic novel collection and enjoyed it, so I was only minorly annoyed when I had to pay $1 instead of 50 cents, since it was rated as a trade paperback. Anyway, I may be cheap, but I'm a sucker for supporting good causes like libraries. Alexei worked on a school project that's due on Monday, as libraries usually have quiet work spaces where you can focus, as long as your little brother isn't around.

    What about eating, you might say. Good point. I still need more practice and less stress when packing for a trip, and this one was no exception. I spent way too much time on upgrading the OS on our 3 Palm M500 PDAs, oh and some work stuff even though I took the day as a vacation day, thinking I still had plenty of time before we had to leave. Wrong, oh well, we'll get food on island. Err, although snacks for the ferry trip would have been good, and kept the kids calmer while waiting at the restaurant for food when they were 'starving'. we left a bit later than I would have liked, but once on the road I was able to relax and accept whatever ferry we arrived in time to catch. Well, we missed the 5pm car ferry, so spent 50%+ more to take the 5:30pm high speed ferry. Arrived at the same time though.

    Oh yeah, food. So, I was tweeting from Finn's, a classic seafood restaurant, where Alexei had a bacon cheeseburger, doh. The prices are reasonable and the food was good. Some places here are closed for the season, including at least an ice cream store and a fast food shack. We managed breakfast at the Surf Hotel, despite my concerns over the kids balking at the limited selection. More to come...maybe :-)

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