Wednesday Oct 06, 2010

Another Summer + First Semester Industry Project available

In collaboration with CorpTech, a couple of CEED compiler-oriented projects are offered, one for Java and one for JavaScript translation: 

Translation of Java/JavaScript into a Compiler Intermediate Representation

Interested students can apply via the CorpTech website.  Interviews for this project are due to start on the last week of October.

Friday Oct 01, 2010

Summer + First Semester Industry Projects starting in November

CristinaIn collaboration with CorpTech, the following CEED industry projects are available to Australian students from The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and University of Southern Queensland.

Available projects: Software Testing Model - Analysis and RecoverySoftware Architecture Recovery, Correlation and Statistical Analysis of Bug Data - Bug Tracking System, and Software Performance - Develop a Memory-Safe C Runtime

Interested students can apply via the CorpTech website.  Interviews will start being conducted in mid October.

Thursday Jun 24, 2010

Research Assistant positions available starting July 2010

Two Research Assistant positions with the Parfait team are available in Brisbane, Australia for graduates from a Bachelors degree in CS, CSE, SE or IT, who have experience with compiler and/or program analysis techniques. 

Details of the positions are available through the Oracle Employment page, job codes IRC1358524 and IRC1358623.  Interested applicants should apply directly via the employment page. 

Monday Mar 22, 2010

Internship Position available starting April 2010


An internship with the Parfait team in Brisbane, Australia is now available for an undergraduate or graduate student interested in software benchmarking, software complexity measurement or software testing.  

Details of the position are available through the Oracle Employment page.  Interested students should apply directly via that page. 

Friday Oct 16, 2009

Parfait presentation at the LLVM Developers Meeting 2009

CristinaParfait is built using the LLVM infrastructure.  Earlier in October I presented on Parfait at the LLVM Developer Meeting 2009, here are slides and a mobile (m4v) video of the talk.  The LLVM meeting was well attended by people from industry and academia, it's program shows the wide use of LLVM in the compiler community; check it out

Monday Sep 28, 2009


Established in 1986, ASWEC is a leading technical forum for the exchange of peer-reviewed research outcomes and industry best-practice in software engineering. The 21st Australian Software Engineering Conference - ASWEC 2010 - will be held in the Central Business District of Auckland, New Zealand from the 6th to the 9th of April 2010. It accepts both research papers and industry papers, discussing techniques and experiences in all areas of software engineering. I am honoured to serve in the PC of ASWEC2010. Please consider to submit a paper, the due data is 7 Dec 2009. For more information, please see the ASWEC 2010 website

Wednesday Sep 02, 2009

Software Freedom Day @ University of Technology Sydney

Guest Speakers Alan Hargreaves will talk about Solaris and Andrew Latham who will talk about Cloud Computing and Open Software.
This is an epic event, not to be missed. Lucky Door prize, Giveaways and a Free lunch.

Where: 15 Broadway, Ultimo - City Broadway Campus, University of Technology Sydney

When:  Thursday, 17th September 2009

Cost:    Free

Monday Aug 24, 2009

Engineering Expo at the University of Melbourne

Where: Gryphon Gallery, Graduate Center, University of Melbourne

When:  Friday, 25th September 2009

Cost:    Free

Thursday Aug 20, 2009

Software Freedom Day

Keep tuned for Software Freedom Day TechTalks during September 2009 in Universities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Tuesday Aug 04, 2009

Video of Parfait talk at KCA

CristinaThe Kernel Conference Australia videos are now online on Ustream.  Here's a link to the Parfait talk:

Monday Jul 20, 2009

BegBunch talk at the Defects workshop

Cristina presented our work on benchmarking for C/C++ static analysis bug-checking tools, BegBunch, at the Defects Workshop in Chicago yesterday.  BegBunch allows users to measure accuracy and scalability of their bug-checker, as well as compare bug-checkers to help determine which one may be better suited to your task.  BegBunch consists of 2 harnesses and 3 suites: Synthetic, Accuracy and Scalability.  

Accuracy suite Scalability suite

Thursday Jul 16, 2009

Interns Daniel and Christian's presentation at KCA

Our interns Daniel Dawson and Christian Hoermann did an excellent job today at presenting a general overview on Parfait, current results, and giving a demo of the command-line interface and the graphical user interface. 

Intern Nathan Hawes, developer of the UI, would have joined the fun but unfortunately came down with tonsolitis this week.  

Daniel presenting results Christian demoing the Parfait command-lineChristian demoing the Parfait UI

Tuesday Jul 14, 2009

Parfait TechTalk at Kernel Conference Australia

Join us this Thursday at the Kernel Conference Australia in Brisbane, where we discuss about Parfait and finding buffer overflows in 3 open source kernels: OpenSolaris, Linux and OpenBSD. 

Parfait results



Monday Jun 01, 2009

CommunityOne this Tuesday June 2nd: Secure programming in C

CommunityOne logo 

If you are in San Francisco this week, hear Principal Engineer Scott Rotondo, from the Solaris Security Technologies, this Tuesday June 2nd at the FREE CommunityOne event talking about Secure Programming in C.  If you miss it, here's a link to a paper and slides on the topic, as well as a reference to Parfait ;-)

Building a Better Bug-Checker

Parfait logo 

Cristina explains how the Parfait bug-checking project is addressing issues such as speed, scale and false positives of bug-checking tools

Read the full story at 


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