ITIL and Career Resiliency

ITIL works, not because it's trendy. Results matter! Have you thought of ITIL-izing for Career Resilience? Many of the ITIL disciplines look at the best practices proven to deliver results for the companies that adopt them.

Career Resilience can be attained by attention to the same tactical and operational details of Service Support and Service Delivery.

ITIL Masters are built around the notion of continuous process, people, and tools (resource improvement). What's needed to be successful is moving beyond the belief of ITIL as a project that manages to IT"s uniqueness and thus, it's distinct limitations. The problem is not ITIL itself, at the foundation, ITIL has proven capability to identify, optimize, standardize and deliver service that meets requirements of cost controls and customer perceived value for investment.

IT and it's practioners accomplish more by using it's practical value to really listen, assess, and better identify and respond to customer needs.

Today's IT Professional can no longer hide behind complexity and limitations with an open budget. Supply and demand, in fact the very life cycle of IT Services is a product that can be managed, and IT Professionals are expected to deliver. Change being the constant it takes a maturing and optimizing practice for this to reach its peak potential.

The professional who maintains the attributes of a keen service agent, is also most often a career resilient person. Resilient does not mean that they can avoid business issues such as layoffs in response to financial results, but instead that they are recognized for their ability to solve problems as a part of who they are. This capability is embedded within them such that they can use the disciplines of how they deliver service and manage change as an opportunity for continuous professional development.

ITIL Service Management and Career Resiliency Attributes:

1. Gains wisdom and knowledge from experiences, realizing that performance, is really only data --positive or negative, merely transactional feedback that can be translated into future market possibilities.

2. Able to see the interplay between people, tools and processes, viewing more realistically, strengths and weaknesses - without embellishment, over dramatization, or glossy buzzwords that fail to inspire more effective solutions.

3. Identifies alternatives and opportunities-- they naturally find meaning and purpose in continuous process improvement.

4. Can think creatively and flexibly to meet demands under pressure, using a wealth of experience and best practices to attract the resources to solve a particular problem.

5. Creates a community of knowledge that makes the individuals, the company, and the industry they represent stronger as a result of each individuals dedication to excellence and community.



I need to feel a connection to challenging work and creative people, and that is why I like Sun Microsystems so much. However I also know that in business, there might be needs to reduce forces that perform my particular skill.

I believe that if you give the most you have to the task in front of you, it will be rewarded, either in this opportunity or down the road.

Feeling a connection to the job, the people and the income, for me career resiliency meant "disaster recovery" planning AND 'service management" to make sure I continued to deliver to the real needs of the business.

(1) read and network within the community with other iTIL practioners and masters who are thought experts-- this challenges my thinking . An article I really related to by Aidan Lawes in May 16, 2006 COMPUTER WEEKLY: "A new ITIL for the integration age"

(2) I volunteer for organizations that help me confront my weaknesses head on, but to positive results. My biggest fear was being friendless, penniless and a career failure, so layoff to me represented and end to something I valued. Today I have learned that jobs may come and go, but career inspiration is a choice! By helping people who lost their jobs to identify new job opportunities, I was living my values and beliefs that people and relationships matter-- well beyond the walls that make a corporation. That possibilities exist, well beyond today.. and that many great successes have come from change that seems quite scary at the time.

(3) Constructing the Helping Friends Career Network was a way of allowing people to discover where their natural talents CONTINUE to benefit a community long after their jobs have changed. A Process Expert in IT, now manages a substantial and growing Executive Network teaching IT Executives how to get out of the daily to do's long enough to build a functioning network BEFORE they need it.

There is enormous potential for Sun people, because Sun hires creative people who are like cats and able to demonstrate career resilience on the job and beyond. During my career at Sun, I have been able to work with over achievers who inspire me to do much.

An IT Project Manager who also worked as the Mayor of his city-- smart cookie on both accounts.

A Governance Guru who was so affective at Process Design that he also leads the COBIT industry best practices.

Several IT and Marketing Managers who Mentor the Careers of Others in addition to their full time jobs they also teach online classes!

Dawn Mular
Open Networker for IT and Career Opportunity!


I think we view this the same way. Superb ITSM responds to changing business requirements; it is adaptive. We too need to build the skills that allow us to respond successfully to the changing business landscape. When I was MUCH younger, I worked in a place where we used nameplates on our desks. I added a little card next to my name that simply read, "FLEXIBILITY". I wasn't trying to say that I was Mr. Flexibility, but I was trying to remind myself and others that we must not become rigid in our ways or our approach to work and life. We must be flexible and ready to adapt to our changing situation.

Posted by Bob Frelinger on July 26, 2006 at 06:33 AM EST #

Great blog Dawn, very inspirational and very right on target given the current economy.

I'm just starting on the long and wine-ding road you have already been down. I'm just starting to gather free resources, read articles, FAQ's etc - basically anything I can get my hands on.

I like your idea of volunteering, I'll have to e-mail you for more ideas. Does Sun have an ITIL user group alias??? I'd like to join and get more info on.

I think your blog is great, thank you for sharing.


Posted by Carl Cassani on September 22, 2008 at 01:09 PM EST #

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