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About Me - David Lindt

I've been with Sun for over eight years now. I started as a technical writer working on the Sun Performance Library User's Guide, Interval Arithmetic Programming Reference, first for Fortran, and then for C++, and the Numerical Computation Guide. Working on these books gave me the opportunity to work with some very talented and fascinating engineers. I learned about Interval Arithmetic, our optimized LAPACK routines (based on the LAPACK routines at netlib.org) and FFT routines included with Sun Performance Library, and our optimized math libraries. Working on these books and with the engineering teams has been a very satisfying experience.

Over time as a person evolves in their career, you realize there is a technical career path and a management career path. Several years ago, I chose to follow the management career path. I thought the management path would give me more options for promoting the value of the writers working on the Sun Studio compilers and tools and to tie our efforts to the High Performance and Technical Computing groups in Sun. Sun is very fortunate to have people that are very dedicated to supporting High Performance Computing.

Not only have I had the opportunity to work with the writing group that supports our C, C++, and Fortran compilers and tools, but I also manage the NetBeans writing group in Prague, Czech Republic, and the Solaris Developer writers based in Menlo Park, the east coast, and Bangalore. Managing groups with people based in California, Pennsylvania, and the Czech Republic is one of the more rewarding aspects of being a manager. Sun has a work environment that is well-suited to working with dispersed groups around the world. Phone meetings with Europe in the mornings, face to face meetings with people in California in the afternoon. Lot of flexibility on how you schedule your time and interactions with people.

As the organization grows, I now work with the groups doing the JDK 6 documentation, including the Java Tutorial. I also work with the tech pubs group supporting the Visual Web Pack/Java Studio Creator documentation.

There have been a lot of challenges over the last few years, but we keep looking for ways to add value with documentation. For example, we've been putting more product documentation on developers.sun.com and doing more web-based docs. Part of the motivation for creating this blog is to share ideas with you and to get your comments on what you need and expect from your docs. Information comes in many forms, not just manuals, man pages, or online help. We develop and distribute information with the goal of making you a more productive developer, so please let me know how to improve our docs. I look forward to further communications with you.

David Lindt (david.lindt at sun.com)

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