Wednesday Oct 17, 2007

Gobi7: Day 6 (part duex)

Oh success finally, I was able to connect to our east vpn server... I have no idea what I change, I did retype in all the values so I can only venture that I had some value fat fingered. Thanks also to the three guys on the inside that are letting me bounce my questions off.

For what it's worth.

Tuesday Oct 16, 2007

Gobi7: Day 5

Not much change today on the Gobi front. I have been cranking away on it today and have only tested out one of the items that I wanted to work on. Today was testing out an external mouse, the Sun three button laser mouse specifically. Just works, plug it in and keep on moving just like always. Also, I have two profiles for the two wireless networks that I frequent, so multi wireless network configs is done as well. Ttwo down and more to come. The list has grown a little so let me recap.

  • external display
  • external wired keyboard
  • external bluetooth keyboard (works on the SR2)
  • how to connect on a wireless network that requires web page authentication first
  • testing vpn east again to see if there is a config issue between east and sfaby or if it was just being nasty the first time I was trying
  • how to get third button (center click) when the external mouse is not connected... I use highlight and click more than I thought, work around is the copy/paste keys

It would be great if there was a method of getting battery level status even if from a cli so that would have an idea of how much time I have.

Thanks to Peter for checking in on my progress. I am digging the device so far... it could be a hard item to give up after the 90 days.

For what it's worth.

Sunday Oct 14, 2007

Gobi7: Day 4

The week starts out right when I can blog from the Gobi7 and on wireless as well. I fired up the unit this morning, selected the wireless config and waited. The dialog came up asking for my vpn password / token, after entering the value and pressing ok... boom... it shows that it is connected to the SRSS and then the login dialog popped up. Now I have the vpn set to connect to a vpn server on west coast so I was hoping that all the infrastructure was going to work out to connect me to an east coast server. After entering my login it did just that, kicked over to an east coast server for the login. Well there we have it, success on wireless and the blog entry from it. Now to take the next 86 days to work from the laptop to see how it works out. I am use to working with a larger screen when on a laptop and a much larger screen when using my current SR@H based on a SR2 and a 24" LCD. So things to try moving foward:

  • external display
  • external keyboard / mouse
  • different wireless setttings

For what it's worth.

Friday Oct 12, 2007

Gobi7: Day 1

Well day 1 started out where day 0 left off with not being connected. After a couple of emails to some experts there are some successes. With a test configuration from Intelicis I was able to get connected to their SRSS. So that turns us back to Sun's vpn servers. I switched up the config to a wired connection to ensure the wireless was not the issue. That did not solve it. After then switching to a different vpn server I was able to get connected. I logged out of my SR session and then attempted to reconnect with my smartcard in so that I would get my existing session... now the vpn connection out of my house appears to be hosed. On my mac I can not get a vpn connection now so who knows what is going on now, the interesting part is that my SR@H (SR2) is still working like a dream. So, end of day 1, appears that the config issues are worked out, need to try it on wireless once the vpn issue clears up.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Oct 11, 2007

Gobi7: Day 0

I decided not to take unboxing pictures but it was fun to cut into the box and see what was inside. So initial impressions that it is really light, keyboard is tight but does not seem unreasonable. After plugging in the batter the configuration screen was easy to walk through, the hardest part was typing the wifi key in while only looking at \* and hoping I had them all right.

All right, I had all the config data in based on the details I was given... no joy. Okay, so I figure keyboard driver error. Double check everything, no joy. Okay, try wired connection instead of wireless, no joy. Time to ask the experts, after a couple of emails I find that I do have everything set correctly so more investigation is needed.

So the Gobi does take longer to boot than a SR2 but I did not think it was to long. The machine does appear to slow down and take a long time when saving config files and starting to use them. I can't speak on performance yet since I am not connected.

End of day 0, no joy, sad Gobi7.

For what it's worth.

Tuesday Aug 07, 2007


384000: okay who has figured out what that number represents? Anyone? Okay, so 384000 is the number of pixels that my display has lost in moving from a Sun Ray 1g to a Sun Ray 2. So if you don't know, I have been using a SR@H (Sun Ray @ Home) for a while now. When I was first setup I was given a Sun Ray 1, then a 24.1" LCD, then a Sun Ray 1g and how I have moved up to a Sun Ray 2. While on the 1g I was cranking out a resolution of 1920x1200. In hooking up the SR2 I have found (should could have read ahead of time) that the maximum resolution is 1600x1200. Thus we get to the number 384000, the number of pixels that I have reduced my desktop resolution. I have only been up one day on this new resolution so I can't pass judgment on it yet... I shall let you know. I do know that if I would be using a Sun Ray 2FS that I would be able to drive the 1920x1200... but the 2FS was not presented to me as an option.

On a positive note, it is great having cleared up one less device that needs power in the office. The Sun Ray 2 do the VPN connection inside the unit without having to have an extra vpn router in the connection string. Great work Sun Ray team.

For what it's worth.




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