Friday Nov 02, 2007

Gobi7: Day 22: Desktop Manager Battle

22 days on th Gobi7 and still going. Not much new to report. The main issue that I have run into is around which window manager is running. I lost my session due to a scheduled power outage at the campus I am connected to and had to log into a new session. When I logged in I was not paying attention and JDS pulled up instead of what I generally use. I found that the antialiasing of fonts where driving me nuts on the 12" screen so logged back out and then back in with my FVWM session. Ah, back to my comfort zone windows manager. So I don't know if I was just seeing things or if I just needed to spend some time tweaking up the JDS settings. I found that way back in the day when I was beta testing SR@H (sun ray at home) that FVWM worked tons better than gnome, there were some screen refresh issues in the gnome code base back then that have since been resolved. FVWM is nice and lightweight, highly customizable and quick to configure as needed. I keep thinking that I should really out enlightenment but just have not found the time.

For what it's worth.

Tuesday Oct 23, 2007

Gobi7: Day 12

Quickly, I have been loving the extra mobility of the Gobi. Tonight I turned wifi security back on at home and was able to get the right config changes made for the wifi to connect with a password.

In SR related news but not specific to the Gobi7 90 day trial, someone dropped me a note the other day and had me utswitch over to a different box that was on the Sun corporate network... what did I see before my eyes but a login prompt for a couple of windows sessions running under win4solaris (I am guessing). I was able to login to an XP instance and poke around for a bit, after that I headed back into my $SHELL and cleansed myself. The technology totally rocks.

I mentioned to Craig that I am just geeked on thin clients and their use. I drew out a scenario for him that just excited me to think about. Say there is an area hospital that is planning an EMR roll out and now they are going to have to place either laptops in all the docs hands or lots more terminals (currently fat clients) around the place. Now what if they could hand out smart cards, install sun rays all around the hospital, in the rooms in the docs offices... you get the point and let the doc, nurses... move their session from place to place. No fat client nodes to backup all over the campus, no laptops with data walking all over the state, less power being consumed, lower total cost of ownership and increased security. Makes my heart skip a beat. Now if I could just find some folks in Southfield to talk to.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Oct 18, 2007

Gobi7: Day 7

All right one week in and doing well. Last night / todays test was to pull the card out of the SR2 and slide into the Gobi7. First, note that the side of the smart card with the chip on it needs to face down. The card is snug in there so that is nice to see so it won't just slip out an get lost. My session that I was using on the SR2 popped right up to the password screen and I was in. This did bring up my session that has a resolution set to 1600x1200 and the native resolution of the Gobi7 is 1024x768. I have full access to the 1600x1200 via panning which is all right for maintaining a single session and switching devices, I don't think I would use the higher res if I switched to it for my primary SR device.

Now since I covered this when I switched from the SR1g to the SR2 I thought I would recap the resolution settings that I have been using:

  • SR1g: 1920x1200
  • SR2: 1600x1200
  • Gobi7: 1024x768

As I noted in the switch from the 1g to the 2, I dropped 384000 pixels. So if one would move from a SR2 to the Gobi7 without the use of panning that is a drop of 1133568 pixels and if the change was from a SR1g it would be a drop of 1517568 pixels. Just food for thought.

The only item that I currently have left to figure out is how to get my center click (highlight/paste) when I don't have an external three button mouse connected.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Oct 11, 2007

The wait is killing me

I am totally waiting for the FedEx truck to get there and the wait is killing me. I mentioned that I will be testing out a Gobi7 for the next 90 days. It is on the FedEx trunk for delivery... don't they know they should have came here first today? If interested keep subscribed for my reactions, usage, likes, dislikes... honest feelings about the Gobi7 over the next 90 days.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Jul 26, 2007

SunRay@Home back up... and soon upgraded

The SunRay@Home has been down for a while for me on my own account.  My old home router kicked the bucket and I finally got around to replacing it last night.  Not that I have been without home internet service, just wireless only since the Airport Express that I also have does not have any wired port connections on it for the SR@H setup.  Now the SR@H is back up and soon to be upgraded from a SR 1g to a SR 2.

For what it's worth 




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