Tuesday Sep 04, 2007

Beta Bloglines

So if you are like me and use an aggregator for your RSS feeds then this might be for you. Specifically if you are using Bloglines and using the Mac notification widget. I started to view Βloglines Βeta but the widget is set to the main site... simple fix if you don't mind a one line fix to some javascript. Find the home of your Bloglines widget either in your home directory under /Users/{shortname}/Library/Widget or /Library/Widgets . Either way, find the widget, control click or right click on it and select show package content. The file bloglines.js is the file to be edited. Simple update the variable bloglinesURL to be http://beta.bloglines.com instead of http://bloglines.com/myblogs . Now go into your dashboard, close and reopen the Bloglines widget and you are all set.

For what it's worth.

Wednesday Jul 11, 2007

Another blog hit

82%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

I don't how I should interpret that number to be happy or sad.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Sep 28, 2006

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Welcome all normal readers and those just joining in from the Platform Software group. This entry is one my regular posts as well as an article for the current edition of the Platform Software group's internal newsletter. This is just a brief write up on why I blog on blogs.sun.com and why you should consider the same. In Sun's effort to be transparent I am posting this on my external blog. All feel free to join in on the discussion here or in the others that are posting on the topic: Josh, Bruce, Sean.

So why do I blog on blogs.sun.com?


In the continued grow for remote working there needs to be a method to keep the lines of formal and informal communication open. The use of blogging also moves the water cooler conversations beyond that of the physical water cooler and to everyone who cares to read or google upon it. Back when I started to blog I would just speak about what was going on in my job role and interesting tools and techniques I was using to make my job more efficient. It was amazing to see how just posing a question or technique would start generation conversations with people that I would have never imagined knowing. Through those conversations, solutions to problems and honing techniques were solved and enhanced.


What better way to show of Sun's transparency then to tell the world about the latest project you are working. Now one has to watch some of what they say and keep in mind the rules of engagement that go with blogging on b.s.c. The first project that was evangelizing was the SunRay@Home. I was able to get on the beta testing of this and was sharing the good, the bad and the uncertain issues around it. To the present, I am now excited to be talking about what Sun is doing in the Open MPI community and the opportunities that I am being faced with there.


I started to touch on this above but blogging has really created social networking within and outside of Sun that I could have never imagined. I have had the opportunity to meet (mostly via phone or email) dozens of new colleagues here at Sun that I would have never met if it were not for blogging. Some might look at this as just a small thing but creating the network of colleagues helps to turn problems into solutions a lot faster if you know how you can contact and where the experts are. Aside from work there is just the pure social side to networking, from getting to know peoples families, hobbies, ambitions... friendships form. I can't believe the just from blogging I know who Mary is and chat with her on a regular basis or the real side to the Thin Guy and watching his family grow or finally meeting a fellow Sun employee and Michigan backpacker who is just a couple hours away. I can't wait for the day that I can meet up with these and many more folks to continue our friendships.

Self Promotion:

There is the simple truth that a portion of blogging is simple self promotion and getting ones name out there. Sure there are ways to hide who is doing the blogging and if that is what you want go for it. But, there is no harm in self promotion. If you are a subject matter expert or just know what the heck you are taking about then by all means talk about it and let the world know. One portion that can be a down fall and is one of my is it can also show off faults... I generally don't proof read my posts... so I find myself going back if errors are pointed out and fixing them.

Well there it is, why a simple software engineer blogs.

For what it's worth.




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