Thursday Jan 10, 2008

Gobi7: End of the trail

Today I ship the Gobi7 back. I has been a great trial run but I don't think in it's current state it would be a long term option for me. Here is a link to my trial posts. Some bullet points I shared with the team that let me demo the unit:

  • the slow booting did not bother me like I had heard other complain about
  • the lack of the ability to change resolution settings locally or on an external monitor was a big one for me
  • the form factor is great, it could even go up to 15" and it would be better
  • next rev for the hardware/firmware needs to be able to present to the user the battery status, something like percent or estimated time remaining
  • external keyboard and mouse work great for addons, this even includes a bluetooth dongle for a bt keyboard
  • the power adapter is very kludgy to lug around

Thanks for the trial folks, it was a great time playing on the unit.

For what it's worth

Friday Nov 09, 2007

Gobi7: Day 29: Highlight / Paste

So one of the features that I love and can't live without in X is the ability to highlight some text and then with the click of the center (third) mouse button paste it. That is all well and good until one only has two mouse buttons. On the Gobi I can \*not\* get it figured out if there is an extra key combo that will emulate the third mouse button or something. So I have resorted to using an external three button mouse so I don't lack the love to highlight/paste.

For what it's worth.

Friday Nov 02, 2007

Gobi7: Day 22: Desktop Manager Battle

22 days on th Gobi7 and still going. Not much new to report. The main issue that I have run into is around which window manager is running. I lost my session due to a scheduled power outage at the campus I am connected to and had to log into a new session. When I logged in I was not paying attention and JDS pulled up instead of what I generally use. I found that the antialiasing of fonts where driving me nuts on the 12" screen so logged back out and then back in with my FVWM session. Ah, back to my comfort zone windows manager. So I don't know if I was just seeing things or if I just needed to spend some time tweaking up the JDS settings. I found that way back in the day when I was beta testing SR@H (sun ray at home) that FVWM worked tons better than gnome, there were some screen refresh issues in the gnome code base back then that have since been resolved. FVWM is nice and lightweight, highly customizable and quick to configure as needed. I keep thinking that I should really out enlightenment but just have not found the time.

For what it's worth.

Friday Oct 12, 2007

Gobi7: Day 1

Well day 1 started out where day 0 left off with not being connected. After a couple of emails to some experts there are some successes. With a test configuration from Intelicis I was able to get connected to their SRSS. So that turns us back to Sun's vpn servers. I switched up the config to a wired connection to ensure the wireless was not the issue. That did not solve it. After then switching to a different vpn server I was able to get connected. I logged out of my SR session and then attempted to reconnect with my smartcard in so that I would get my existing session... now the vpn connection out of my house appears to be hosed. On my mac I can not get a vpn connection now so who knows what is going on now, the interesting part is that my SR@H (SR2) is still working like a dream. So, end of day 1, appears that the config issues are worked out, need to try it on wireless once the vpn issue clears up.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Oct 11, 2007

Gobi7: Day 0

I decided not to take unboxing pictures but it was fun to cut into the box and see what was inside. So initial impressions that it is really light, keyboard is tight but does not seem unreasonable. After plugging in the batter the configuration screen was easy to walk through, the hardest part was typing the wifi key in while only looking at \* and hoping I had them all right.

All right, I had all the config data in based on the details I was given... no joy. Okay, so I figure keyboard driver error. Double check everything, no joy. Okay, try wired connection instead of wireless, no joy. Time to ask the experts, after a couple of emails I find that I do have everything set correctly so more investigation is needed.

So the Gobi does take longer to boot than a SR2 but I did not think it was to long. The machine does appear to slow down and take a long time when saving config files and starting to use them. I can't speak on performance yet since I am not connected.

End of day 0, no joy, sad Gobi7.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Oct 04, 2007

SR@H goes wireless

After talking to enough people or maybe the right people I am going to be testing out a Gobi7 here at home and where I roam as my thin client remote connectivity solution. Since the Gobi7 can be configured to work with Sun's Sun Ray @ Home program I will be all set up. The unit should get here in the next few days and then I have 90 days to put it though it's paces. I mentioned to the folks sending my out the loaner that I would blog about my experiences in using it so stay tuned for updates. Who knows, I might start being as "thin" as someone else we all know.

For what it's worth.




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