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So as I mentioned yesterday I had a chance to use my new poles out on this trek. So here goes on my first public review of backpacking equipment.

The LEKI Super Makalu Cor-Tec Positive Angle trekking poles offer all of the features that I was looking for in a trekking pole plus some of the added bonuses that I did not know that I would like. First of I would highly recommend the use of pole that has an anti-shock system, this saves on the added wear of your arms. This set of poles offers three settings in the anti-shock system, locked (virtually no play), and then a soft and hard settings. With the setting on soft you will feel added travel in the poles when you press on them but this does offer the most shock absorbtion. I find this setting to be a little uncomfortable to use. The hard setting still gives you the anti-shock setting to reduce the strain but it does not allow for the added travel that you would see on the soft setting. I spent most of my time on this setting and was most comfortable using this. I did try out all three settings just to see what they all felt like.

So the extra added features that I fell in love with where the COR-TEC grip and the positive angle on the grips. Since Dave happen to have a different pair of Leki poles with I switched up one of mine with one of his to get side by side difference in the grips. First on the COR-TEC, this really did not come into play until the day started to warm up and the hands would get a little sweaty. With the COR-TEC grip my hands felt dry the entire time and the grip was a consistent feel all day. On the soft rubber grip my hand would start to feel sweaty and the grip would get a little slippery. So go w/ the COR-TEC. Now on the positive angle setting of grips, this you really needed to do the side by side comparison to get the real feel. Both Dave and I found that with non-positive angle grips ones wrist had to flex and move through the standard stride motion where as on the positive angle grip the wrist had very little to no movement thus keeping down on strain.

No onto the downfalls of the poles, I only have one at this time. I found that while hiking the pole would move from hard spring to the lock spring position. This was rather anoying and I could feel on the next planting of the pole when the change had taken place. From what I have been able to figure out is that when I am planting the pole and the spring is in the compressed state, I must be turning my wrist and thus the portion of the pole that handles the spring setting. Now I really started to see this on the second day, and I don't know if that was because I just did not notice it the first day or if it only started happening the second day. Anyways, with the quick twist of the pole it would snap back into hard spring. More time on the trail w/ the poles will determine if it is the way I was hiking of if there is something wrong with the set of poles that I have.

Overall, the LEKI Super Makalu Cor-Tec Positive Angle is a great set of trekking poles and I would recommend them to anyone that is going to be trekking on flat land or in the nations back country.

One last item, after reading 'Common Lacing Techniques' on the Backpacker's website I put a couple of the techniques into practice on this trip and was very happy with the results. Give them a try for a more comfortable trek.

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the link to is broken :-(

Posted by Dunc on November 16, 2004 at 08:18 PM EST #

Dunc, I have fixed the links to the backpacker website.

Posted by Dan Lacher on November 16, 2004 at 10:10 PM EST #

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