Sunday Oct 14, 2007

Gobi7: Day 4

The week starts out right when I can blog from the Gobi7 and on wireless as well. I fired up the unit this morning, selected the wireless config and waited. The dialog came up asking for my vpn password / token, after entering the value and pressing ok... boom... it shows that it is connected to the SRSS and then the login dialog popped up. Now I have the vpn set to connect to a vpn server on west coast so I was hoping that all the infrastructure was going to work out to connect me to an east coast server. After entering my login it did just that, kicked over to an east coast server for the login. Well there we have it, success on wireless and the blog entry from it. Now to take the next 86 days to work from the laptop to see how it works out. I am use to working with a larger screen when on a laptop and a much larger screen when using my current SR@H based on a SR2 and a 24" LCD. So things to try moving foward:

  • external display
  • external keyboard / mouse
  • different wireless setttings

For what it's worth.

Friday Oct 12, 2007

Gobi7: Day 1

Well day 1 started out where day 0 left off with not being connected. After a couple of emails to some experts there are some successes. With a test configuration from Intelicis I was able to get connected to their SRSS. So that turns us back to Sun's vpn servers. I switched up the config to a wired connection to ensure the wireless was not the issue. That did not solve it. After then switching to a different vpn server I was able to get connected. I logged out of my SR session and then attempted to reconnect with my smartcard in so that I would get my existing session... now the vpn connection out of my house appears to be hosed. On my mac I can not get a vpn connection now so who knows what is going on now, the interesting part is that my SR@H (SR2) is still working like a dream. So, end of day 1, appears that the config issues are worked out, need to try it on wireless once the vpn issue clears up.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Oct 11, 2007

Gobi7: Day 0

I decided not to take unboxing pictures but it was fun to cut into the box and see what was inside. So initial impressions that it is really light, keyboard is tight but does not seem unreasonable. After plugging in the batter the configuration screen was easy to walk through, the hardest part was typing the wifi key in while only looking at \* and hoping I had them all right.

All right, I had all the config data in based on the details I was given... no joy. Okay, so I figure keyboard driver error. Double check everything, no joy. Okay, try wired connection instead of wireless, no joy. Time to ask the experts, after a couple of emails I find that I do have everything set correctly so more investigation is needed.

So the Gobi does take longer to boot than a SR2 but I did not think it was to long. The machine does appear to slow down and take a long time when saving config files and starting to use them. I can't speak on performance yet since I am not connected.

End of day 0, no joy, sad Gobi7.

For what it's worth.

The wait is killing me

I am totally waiting for the FedEx truck to get there and the wait is killing me. I mentioned that I will be testing out a Gobi7 for the next 90 days. It is on the FedEx trunk for delivery... don't they know they should have came here first today? If interested keep subscribed for my reactions, usage, likes, dislikes... honest feelings about the Gobi7 over the next 90 days.

For what it's worth.

Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

Falling off the list

So I generally find myself on the list on the main page... but I guess not being at CEC and telling you my tales has dropped me for the time. :( Just being silly, it is not about the rank, it is about the content :)

For what it's worth.

Saturday Oct 06, 2007

Happy Birthday ThinGuy

Happy Birthday ThinGuy!!! Don't worry, I won't let on how old/young you are.

Friday Oct 05, 2007

Java Chopper

If you have not seen the new blog that popped up, head over and follow along with the Java Chopper. Now that is what I call drinking the kool-aid.


Maybe we can talk him into bringing it to Reno for SC'07 For what it's worth.

Thursday Oct 04, 2007

SR@H goes wireless

After talking to enough people or maybe the right people I am going to be testing out a Gobi7 here at home and where I roam as my thin client remote connectivity solution. Since the Gobi7 can be configured to work with Sun's Sun Ray @ Home program I will be all set up. The unit should get here in the next few days and then I have 90 days to put it though it's paces. I mentioned to the folks sending my out the loaner that I would blog about my experiences in using it so stay tuned for updates. Who knows, I might start being as "thin" as someone else we all know.

For what it's worth.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2007

Sun In SL

If you have not been in SL for a while then you need to go back in an check out ... SLURL. You can even pick up free Sun and Java SWAG.

For what it's worth.

Wednesday Sep 12, 2007

Shiny Filesystem

Just saw the announcement that was posted for Sun to expands HPC portfolio with definitive agreement to acquire Lustre file system. Add this with ClusterTools.

For what it's worth.

Friday Sep 07, 2007

ClusterTools ROCKS

Back in '03 I was present as the team from SDSC ROCK together a fully working cluster in two hours. There was a great time lapse video of the event made. Well that was then, so what is happening now. ROCKS continues to move forward and is a great method for cluster distribution that enables end users to easily build computational clusters, grid endpoints and visualization tiled-display walls. But for now it is on Linux. That is all well and good unless you want a HUGE Solaris cluster and want to use ROCKS. ClusterTools has a nice installer that will allow for an admin to take an existing node and install CT on it and get it working in a cluster. A savy admin can even get all the installation of CT setup in JumpStart. Well now there is an effort underway to get ROCKS up and working with Solaris. So I am sure that means there will be some changes coming to the CT install to help support this. This is all very exciting so stay tuned as more data becomes available that I can share.

For what it's worth.

kill-a-watt study

Along with a couple dozen other folks I am taking part in a small energy usage study right now. Each day I am tracking the time and energy used for appliances that are being used for my work tasks for the day. This includes items like the laptop, Sun Ray, monitor, broadband modem and router. Items that are not being me.asured by the usage meter include (but are not limited to) the room lights, hvac, telephone/cell phone, room clock. Based on roughly three days of data, I have used roughly 3 kWh. I shall keep you all updated.

For what it's worth.

ClusterTools and DTrace

For those that are interested, Terry just posted a little snip of some upcoming DTrace support that will be coming in ClusterTools.

For what it's worth.

Tuesday Sep 04, 2007

UI from Green Team

If you have not seen the vid yet on James' then you have to head over and check it out. It is a vid from 1992 with James showing of \*7. Great work back in the day Green Team and wonderful UI.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Aug 30, 2007

Sun Ray 2N

Oh I wish I could tell you where to pick one up in the states...


Monday Aug 27, 2007


For what it's worth.

Thursday Aug 23, 2007


Well I was surpised to read Jonathan's lastest entry. I have to say my initial impression is "what?" but I come at it from the computer geek side of the house, I never claimed to be a marketing person. I just don't see the point/value in changing the stock ticker symbol... I guess JS summed it up in his last paragraph... I will just have to soak on that for a while

To be very clear, this isn't about changing the company name or focus - we are Sun, we are a systems company, and we will always be a derivative of the students that created us, Stanford University Network is here to stay. But we are no longer simply a workstation company, nor a company whose products can be limited by one category - and Java does a better job of capturing exactly that sentiment than any other four letter symbol. Java means limitless opportunity - for our software, systems, storage, service and microelectronics businesses. And for the open source communities we shepherd. What a perfect ticker.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Aug 16, 2007

It's Coming...

It's coming...

Tuesday Aug 07, 2007


So as I mentioned I have the new SR2 up and running but was having some resolution issues. I was noticing that the SR2 was set to the correct setting but my desktop env was still showing up as 1920x1200 so I ended up with scrolling. Well after a little bit of looking and a chance keystroke using "utxconfig -r 1600x1200" to set the X-resolution instead of auto it all worked out. Logged out of my window manager, logged back in and we are all in sync at 1600x1200... still 384000 pixel short... for now until I get use to the new resolution.

For what it's worth.


384000: okay who has figured out what that number represents? Anyone? Okay, so 384000 is the number of pixels that my display has lost in moving from a Sun Ray 1g to a Sun Ray 2. So if you don't know, I have been using a SR@H (Sun Ray @ Home) for a while now. When I was first setup I was given a Sun Ray 1, then a 24.1" LCD, then a Sun Ray 1g and how I have moved up to a Sun Ray 2. While on the 1g I was cranking out a resolution of 1920x1200. In hooking up the SR2 I have found (should could have read ahead of time) that the maximum resolution is 1600x1200. Thus we get to the number 384000, the number of pixels that I have reduced my desktop resolution. I have only been up one day on this new resolution so I can't pass judgment on it yet... I shall let you know. I do know that if I would be using a Sun Ray 2FS that I would be able to drive the 1920x1200... but the 2FS was not presented to me as an option.

On a positive note, it is great having cleared up one less device that needs power in the office. The Sun Ray 2 do the VPN connection inside the unit without having to have an extra vpn router in the connection string. Great work Sun Ray team.

For what it's worth.

Wednesday Aug 01, 2007

Another blogger joins the ranks

There has been speculation, there have been rumors... and now it is true.  ROLFV has entered the blogging world.  Rolf is one of the team members that is working on Sun ClusterTools and has worked on several version of CT.

For what it's worth.

Friday Jul 27, 2007

IMAP oh get your butt in shape

Mail (e-mail) is great until your mail server decided to kick back... I have hope that the IT folks will get this all fixed up soon, I am not so found of seeing this message.. over the last few weeks.

For what it's worth. 

Thursday Jul 26, 2007

SunRay@Home back up... and soon upgraded

The SunRay@Home has been down for a while for me on my own account.  My old home router kicked the bucket and I finally got around to replacing it last night.  Not that I have been without home internet service, just wireless only since the Airport Express that I also have does not have any wired port connections on it for the SR@H setup.  Now the SR@H is back up and soon to be upgraded from a SR 1g to a SR 2.

For what it's worth 

Thursday Jul 05, 2007

Sun Cool

Check out this post on rchrd's blog... that is some cool use of Sun in design.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Jun 28, 2007

Add this to my wish list

Totally add this to my wish list: An Innovative Notebook Sun Ray(TM) is Born!. Anyone ready to send one my way?

For what it's worth.




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