Tuesday Jun 26, 2007

Remember when...

Remember when one could walk into a store and purchase a Peanut Butter Snickers? I do, they were one of my favorite candy bars back in the day... but they were taken off the market. A few days back my wife and I emailed the Mars Snackfood company and asked if there was some place to get of when they were coming back... and here is the response

In response to your email regarding SNICKERS PEANUT BUTTER BAR.

Thanks for contacting us about SNICKERS PEANUT BUTTER BAR.

Because we are reviewing our marketing strategy, this product is unavailable at this time. Your comments will be shared with our Marketing Staff.

The product cannot be purchased via the Internet nor directly from us.

Have a great day!

Your Friends at Mars Snackfood US

Right, so I read that as unless the entire world writes us asking for them we might consider thinking about it as a product again. Come on folks, every contact them asking for it to be brought back... a grass roots effort could pay off and it is worth the time to get it back on the market.

For what it's worth.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2007

I Wish

Play golf, cut the grass, go to the pool, ... summer is short and there is so much work to do.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Jun 14, 2007

Teleport Oddity

I have been working on a Mac Pro for a few days and have my old Ti PB sitting next to me as well. In order to make the work flow a little easier I installed teleport on the machines so that I could use the keyboard and mouse for both of them. I have found one odd item. On the Mac Pro I have the might mouse configured so the "fourth button" (squeezing the two side buttons) will open Firefox. So I am working away on the Ti PB and gave the fourth button a squeeze... FF popped open on the Mac Pro. Turns out the PB sees it just as a pointer and to the Mac Pro does not send down the fourth button push to the teleported machine but just keeps the command local.

For what it's worth.

Thursday May 17, 2007

Slacker Blogger

Well just feeling like the blog thing has been slow as of late. Beside the day to day of working on defect in the src base and trying to make shell script turn loop 'd loops I have been teaching myself Final Cut Studio.

For what it's worth.

Thursday May 03, 2007

Polycrystalline Silicon

For those that watch to see what is happening in the world of polycrystalline silicon then I am sure you did not miss this yesterday. For the rest of us that just sorta follow the tech news, then make sure you have a to see the great news from Dow Corning and Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation. Just a snip from the press release.

Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, the world’s leading producer of polycrystalline silicon, will invest up to $1 billion in the next 4 years to expand its Hemlock, Mich. facility. The expansion, which is expected to start coming online in 2010 will increase the company’s total annual output of polycrystalline silicon to 36,000 metric tons, an increase of 90 percent.

I wonder how much of this produced here in Michigan ends up in chips that Sun uses?

For what it's worth.

Thursday Apr 19, 2007

Ring Me

I have done something now that I did not think I would. On my last phone I was able to create a simple ring tone that I used a portion of Jenny. After upgrading to a new phone I was back to my the standard ring tones that were less than impressive. So I broke down and did it, I purchased a ring tone. I did, I did not think that I would but I did. No I have moved from Jenny which would get stuck in folks head when they heard it... now Ice Ice Baby can get stuck in there head.

For what it's worth.

Tuesday Apr 17, 2007

R.I.P. DI-614+

After years of service my D-Link DI-614+ has died. Last night while using the connection all was fine, I wake up this morning to a fried router with no explanation. I tried all the reset steps but no joy. My only saving part of this is that I just rolled over my Airport Express into the main router for the house. The hard part is that means my SR@H is out of commission until I can get a new home router that supports wired connections... or I can get hooked up with a wireless SunRay device... come on Thinny help me out with the hook up :)

For what it's worth.

Wednesday Mar 07, 2007

kill -9

Well sometimes there is nothing worse than geeks and YouTube. Here is a great example... some language that might not be appropriate for all viewers.

For what it's worth.

Thursday Feb 08, 2007

Who Needs Personal IP Connection

I had to get an oil change for the vehicle this morning so I lugged the laptop along with to work while I was waiting... no free wifi, no paid wifi... no wifi. I was about 30 seconds from snagging the network cord from the back of a public PC and snapping it into the laptop so send off the growing stack of emails that were composed offline. After finishing up at the garage I had to head out to our church so I left the wifi finder on and this is what I found in route:

mlcpublic 00:18:FE:D0:52:8B
linksys 00:14:BF:03:3D:2F
linksys 00:14:BF:78:9D:8B
linksys 00:18:39:98:9C:F1
Overmind 00:15:E9:D5:14:1C
linksys 00:16:B6:20:EE:4B
linksys 00:14:BF:35:6B:4E
joann 00:18:F8:55:3E:0B
wireless_474 00:90:4B:3D:5D:30
linksys 00:18:39:FA:3E:35
linksys 00:12:17:0C:00:59
belkin54g 00:11:50:19:E6:FD
TLF 00:18:F8:D6:B4:66
pam 00:16:B6:DF:56:57
linksys 00:0F:66:23:10:25
hpsetup 66:EB:5A:4C:A8:C5
belkin54g 00:11:50:52:AF:DF
NETGEAR 00:14:6C:05:64:CA
NETGEAR 00:0F:B5:51:A0:76
linksys 00:12:17:D9:18:36
2WIRE233 00:12:88:83:87:69
2WIRE369 00:0D:72:9B:D3:61
dlink05 00:40:05:CA:0B:A6
hugebuttles 00:18:39:58:14:E7
lillylinksys 00:14:BF:9D:3E:90
wideopen 00:0F:66:9E:18:6E
NETGEAR 00:14:6C:D0:90:B4
robles faimly network 00:15:E9:D3:69:C4
linksys 00:18:39:F0:79:1B
linksys 00:14:BF:35:85:A0
ellasnetwork 00:14:6C:D6:7C:C0
Wireless 00:09:5B:11:76:36
webgardenhom 00:12:17:3C:70:BD
NETGEAR 00:09:5B:C2:60:34
linksys 00:13:10:1A:9A:C2
Wm Noel Family Network 00:15:E9:15:B8:DC
dungonusCrab 00:11:50:D1:1F:01
pickels&possum_rule 00:0C:41:D4:2F:F9
NETGEAR 00:14:6C:2A:BA:E4
linksys 00:13:10:71:5A:E2
2WIRE589 00:0D:72:80:2B:A9
linksys 00:13:10:11:27:DE
USR8054 00:C0:49:E6:80:68
Espresso Coffee by Java 00:14:BF:05:02:4A
2WIRE629 00:18:3F:E1:6F:B1
dillowayst 00:16:B6:E2:52:AC
WIRELESS 00:18:3F:92:27:A1
Sutton 00:09:5B:C9:22:46
HAWKING Remax 00:0E:3B:06:A1:C9
linksys 00:14:BF:15:5F:50
NETGEAR 00:14:6C:A6:D7:98
linksys 00:18:39:B3:47:4E
2WIRE750 00:18:3F:77:99:B1
00160116494E 00:16:01:16:49:4F
2WIRE119 00:12:88:EB:1A:F1
linksys 00:0C:41:A2:95:42

For what it's worth.

Wednesday Feb 07, 2007

Where In The World

Where in the world is this blogger?

For what it's worth.

Wednesday Jan 31, 2007

Time To Worship

The stage has been set in our church's new family life center and the first L.I.F.T. service will be on February 11, 2007. If you are in the area stop in and see the expansion to the facility and the new worship time. And then stop back on the 25th when the coffeehouse opens.

For what it's worth.

Friday Jan 19, 2007

I Am Not Batman

Your results:
You are Spider-Man
Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.
Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

For what it's worth

Wednesday Jan 10, 2007

If You Are In The Market

Well I have been getting these emails for a while now... but I thought I would share it in case any else is was interested.

For what it's worth.

Monday Jan 08, 2007

80$ Work

Today's work is brought you by Like, Omigod! The '80s Pop Culture Box (Totally). Nothing like the old days to keep me motivated in the present.

For what it's worth.

Monday Jan 01, 2007

Over the break

Well over the Christmas and New Years break I had a very relaxing time with family and working on the basement project. Most of the wiring is done now and a few new circuits need to be tied back into the main panel. Although we wanted to get the drywall up over the break... we did not get that far. I spent most of the break on family time and working on the basement during naps and after our daughter fell asleep. The rest of the time I was being informed how to play with baby dolls. Our little girl received a few new babies and there were the most played with along with the Little People Learning Zoo. Over all it was a very relaxing time... but I would have liked to have a little snow.

For what it's worth.

Friday Dec 22, 2006

Sad Day: Foxtrot Sunday Only

After a long run (10+ years) Bill Amend’s widely popular (and one of my personal favorites) comic strip Foxtrot will be ceasing to do daily strips and will now only be running Sunday's. Press releases: [1], [2], [3].

Bill, thanks for the great years and I will still look forward to the once a week spice of humor and geek wisdom brought to us from the Foxtrot family.

For what it's worth.

Tuesday Dec 19, 2006

Clean Sinks

For all of those parents or just clean freaks out there make sure you take a word of advice from a now seasoned parent that learned the hard way what Oxiclean can do to your drains.

For what it's worth.

Monday Dec 18, 2006

Thunder In My Inbox

Wow, I just fired up Thunderbird 2 Beta 1 and I am impressed off the bat. I have to say that in the first 30 seconds the feature that amazed me was the "folder views". So simple and a wonderful addition to the tool. More to come I am sure... that was just the first 30 seconds.

For what it's worth.

Friday Dec 15, 2006


The other night I caught a great Nova story. If you have a chance, catch Descent into the Ice. An amazing view of glaciers, movement, and the science behind projecting villages from nature.

For what it's worth.

Monday Dec 11, 2006

Smoking... Now That Is Hot

Along with my love for coffee am sorta a pepper head as well, so it is only right that I post the following. According to this article there is a new top hot pepper in town. The Dorset Naga is ranking in at 923,000 Scoville Heat Units.

For what it's worth.

Friday Dec 08, 2006

Turn On The Light

I just started listening to a great new album from the The Steve Lampi Band. Check out their myspace page to hear a couple of the tracks. Great to see a local Christian band making it in the world even without a label, go get 'em SLB.

For what it's worth.

Monday Dec 04, 2006

Top Rack

Just read a nice little post at InfoWorld that rank the top five rack-mount servers... Sun currently snaged the top two positions.

For what it's worth

Thursday Nov 30, 2006

S is for Scheduled

Today... This week... This month... forget the opening, this time has been very scheduled and it seems to be slipping away. I wouldn't say that I am busy but just scheduled and maybe over scheduled. I say that because the word busy carries with it this idea that one might be spinning the wheels and not getting anywhere. Progress is moving forward it just seems that life has been over scheduled a bit lately. Well enough blogging back to your next regularlly scheduled item.

For what it's worth.

Monday Nov 27, 2006

Free Up Some Cell Phone Bills

For those that are out in the world using a cell/mobile phone... almost all of us, free up some money by using some free services. And, don't forget bug me not for you login purposes.

For what it's worth.

Friday Nov 17, 2006

Sneaking Away

Well I am sneaking (not realy since I am blogging it) out of the office for a bit to see the remake of Casino Royale. I am going to make a predition on my famous two word movies review:

See It. Must See!!!

For what it's worth.




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