Using Sun Java System Web Server V7.0 with WebSphere Application Server

As you already know that WebSphere Application Server support different version of Sun Java System Web Server.
Sometime back Version 7.0 has been released and it also works fine with different versions of WebSphere Application Server.
When you install the plugin here are the action that take place:

  • Lays out the binary
  • Installs the GSKit component
  • Generates the plugin_cfg.xml config file
  • Registers this plugin with the Sun Java System Web Server which means adding few lines to magnus.con and commenting two lines in obj.conf and adding two lines. This is what makes the Web Server during startup to load the plugin.

Here you can find the list of changes to configuration files when you upgrade from Version 6.X to Version 7.0 fi you are wondering what has been changed.
Once this is done your web-server is ready to route your request to your app server. There's a migration wizard as well if you want to migrate your previous version of web server to this version. If you don't want to re-install the plugin and get it migrated to new web-server here is a short cut for you: