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Why autonomous cloud services are important to innovation

Gina Buchwald
| Editor

AUTHOR: Anders Løvøy, Oracle

Ingrid Mjøen is the country Manager of Oracle in Denmark, and a popular speaker at various IT-events across the Nordics. Decades of work with Nordic customers has given her a broad understanding of how IT is used to increase revenues and save costs in our marketplace.

Being a high cost market, innovation is key to success in the Nordics. At first glance, making cloud services self-driving, self-securing and self-provisioning – in other words autonomous – does not seem important for innovations, but Mjøen sees it different.

- Using autonomous services is key to shift focus from routine tasks to innovation, she says.

- If not, you risk being slowed down by unnecessary operations.


Here are her three reasons to why autonomous is key to innovation in the Nordics:

  1. Free up resources for innovation. Autonomous cloud services deliver maximum cost benefit. An example is the autonomous database, that completely eliminates the need for human intervention. This increases the business’ ability to shift focus from operations to innovation.
  2. Deliver secure innovations. Lagging security patching and not being able to spot the chain of events in security operations, are among the most common reasons for security breaches. An autonomous, self-patching and self-securing infrastructure delivers the ability to innovate without jeopardizing confidentiality. 
  3. Faster innovation cycle.  Autonomous sparks innovation at the business level by delivering the ability to easily develop and test innovations. In a single keystroke, successful innovations flexibility can scale up to the business level. Secure and cost-effective processing power is easily added or removed according to varying business needs.

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