Three days, three hundred women: Oracle’s emerging leader summit in EMEA

March 8, 2022 | 3 minute read
Amy Luddington
Human resources communications manager at Oracle
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For Oracle employees in Europe, International Women’s Day 2022 is more than a celebration of women’s accomplishments and a commitment to build a more equitable society. It’s an opportunity to advance women’s careers and help them take their rightful place in executive leadership.

Oracle Women’s Leadership (OWL) is a global development program with a mission to engage and empower current and future generations of women leaders. This year, the OWL team held its Emerging Leader Summit for the EMEA region, a three-day virtual professional development experience for 300 Oracle women. The OWL flagship development program has one ambitious goal–to prepare women leaders for the future.

“We are particularly serious about continuing to build a strong talent pipeline of women ready to assume leadership roles across the company,” says OWL’s Executive Director, Mary Ellen Kassotakis. “These types of investments are intended to spur the growth of qualified women for leadership roles at all levels of the company.”

If networking makes you feel uncomfortable, view it as being generous. Networking is about generosity.
—Patty Azzarello, founder and CEO, Azzarello Group

Held in early February, the summit included three full days of learning, presentations from inspiring and thought-provoking leaders, and interactive professional development workshops to enhance leadership skills and foster self-empowerment. For example, Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice at London Business School lead a discussion entitled “The Future of Work: The New Work Reality” that addressed emerging trends in the workplace that will impact women leaders for years to come.

Women from around the world shared their leadership experiences at the 2022 Oracle Emerging Leader Summit

Patty Azzarello, founder and CEO, Azzarello Group, which works with companies and individuals to build success and develop talent, lead the session “Advancing Your Career on Your Own Terms.” She discussed the role networking plays in advancing women’s participation in the workforce. “Networking is not about taking, it's about giving,” she says. “If networking makes you feel uncomfortable, view it as being generous. Networking is about generosity.”

Oracle executives also brought their experience and commitment to gender equality to the event. Cherian Varghese, vice president of technology license and regional managing director, shared his insights into the emerging technologies that women in leadership at Oracle will need to contend with. "It is so important to know the pace of change is coming,” he says. “Leadership is about picking up on that trend and aligning and adapting ahead of it."

With more than 100 communities around the world, OWL connects women with inspirational mentors and gives them the tools they need to grow into more specialized and leadership roles. The EMEA Emerging Leader Summit is only one of the many global efforts that OWL coordinates. In FY21 OWL communities across the globe hosted 379 events, with more than 30,000 employee registrations. From local community networking events, personal development sessions and access to professional learning resources to global conferences and emerging leaders’ summits, Oracle offers a space for women to thrive.

A Summit attendee Selma Levent, senior partner engagement manager, says the event will have an impact far beyond the 300 participants. “It will have an uplifting affect for thousands, who are part of our network,” she says. “I would like to thank OWL on behalf of my network for this life-changing event.”

Amy Luddington

Human resources communications manager at Oracle

Amy Luddington is a human resources communications manager at Oracle, focused on HR technology and diversity and inclusion.

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