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June 26, 2023 | 3 minute read
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This year marks the 53rd anniversary of Pride Month – and while this is a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community’s achievements in recent decades, members of Oracle’s employee resource group (ERG) Oracle Pride Employee Network (OPEN) and their allies also see an opportunity to reflect on the work that remains year-round. 

“Now more than ever, [this] is a time for us to sit, listen, and acknowledge the history that has shaped our LGBTQ+ community and how we can build better, together,” said OPEN board member Peter Cajina, Solution Advisor, Oracle Health Network Consulting. 

Safe and OPEN spaces for LGBTQ+ employees to thriveOracle Pride Employee Network ERG Logo

OPEN first launched in 2010, aiming to advance Oracle’s inclusive culture and create a workforce that supports LGBTQ+ employees and their allies, while also educating fellow employees about issues the community is facing. Since its formation, OPEN has become the largest employee resource group (ERG) at Oracle, with 37 chapters and membership across 49 countries.

Xavier Pinneau
Xavier Pinneau

The ERG is hoping to instill a sense of belonging among the LGBTQ+ community through various engagements - from campaigns to amplify diverse voices across the community, to the creation of Oracle’s Executive Diversity Council, which spearheads inclusion initiatives across the company.

For Oracle D&I Consultant Daniela Porcellato, OPEN has afforded the opportunity to “meet new people, learn and think how we can all – together – inspire each other to be our best selves, and to create a safe space for everyone.” Professionally, Daniela explained, OPEN has literally, “opened many doors for me, providing opportunities to be my authentic self while exploring and enhancing my leadership skills and abilities with my passionate, wonderful colleagues who are now also friends.”

Peter Cajina
Peter Cajina

Fellow OPEN board member Xavier Pinneau, VP of Oracle Finance, shared that OPEN has not only helped him build valuable connections within Oracle’s LGBTQ+ community and created a more positive workplace experience, but is also a key builder of emerging leadership within Oracle. “OPEN Volunteers are growing into the future leaders of this company. It takes courage, resilience and energy to volunteer at OPEN.”

What comes after Pride Month?

While OPEN is observing Pride month with events and trainings, they also hope to continue raising awareness throughout the year. In fact, the ERG’s theme for the coming year will be “Pride 365.” Looking beyond Pride, it will remain essential to continue building community support and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. “While not everyone will agree on every single LGBTQ+ topic, where we stand united is the ability to provide recognition for leaders in our community,” said Peter. “We will continue to learn from one another and provide spaces for everyone to be heard and supported.”

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