Sunday Mar 01, 2009

Join OpenDS and OpenSSO at Community One EAST

March is going to be an exciting month with a number of events to help make it fun by joining us at one of the events listed below.  The month get's started with an Unconference in New York sponsored by the OpenSSO team.  The OpenDS team will be there as well leading a discussion on using LDAP and OpenDS as an identity repository.  The event is free and only requires you to sign-up at  Here is the link and you can see how many people are attending.  As of tonight there were 54 attendees.  Sign-up here.

At the wiki page for the event you can add topics that you would like to discuss.  There is already a suggested list that includes a presentation by Ludo on OpenDS as a datastore.  You can access the wiki here.

Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Verizon Uses OpenSSO and Directory Server to Enable 75M Users

Daniel Raskin, Senior Product Line Manager for OpenSSO,  wrote a great blog today posting the slides and video recording of a recent presentation where Damodaram Bashyam, Directory of IT, at Verizon Wireless at Gartner IAM in Orlando last Fall.  The video below from Daniel's blog allows us all to hear about his deployment of OpenSSO and Directory Server.   It is an example of the great content that is presented at Gartner and we hope you will join us for the next Gartner conference in London on March 23-26.  

It is a powerful example of the talented engineers we have at Sun and the results of good partnerships with customers like Verizon.  Scalability and high availability are a part of our DNA at Sun and as you can see from the video and Damodaram's presentation we believe live case studies prove the value of our product better than any controlled benchmark.  Watch and listen:

Here is a quick overview of the performance statistics from the presentation.  Download it here

Saturday Jan 17, 2009

Identity Security Webinar Wednesday, Jan. 21: OpenSSO and OpenDS in One Powerful Solution

There is a great webinar being offered on Wednesday, Jan. 21 which you may have missed the announcement because of all the excitement about the Inauguration and Martin Luther King Holiday in the US.  Daniel Raskin, Product Line Manager OpenSSO, and Jamie Nelson, Director of Engineering for OpenSSO, will be talking about the current release as well as the plans for the next release of OpenSSO Express.  There are already 200 registrants and there is a cap at 250 so register now so you don't get left out!

The Directory crowd should be interested as well, because OpenDS is bundled with OpenSSO and is used as OpenSSO's policy store and can be leveraged as a user store as well.  Here are the details:

Sun Software Webinar:
See how Sun's OpenSSO Enterprise provides a single solution for Web access management, federation, and Web services security.

Join Sun for a live webinar on one of today's most exciting aspects of identity management! During this session, we will discuss OpenSSO innovation and how it pushes access management, federation, and secure Web services capabilities to a new level. Learn how to solve challenges around these capabilities with a single solution.

Event:  Access Management, Federation, and Secure Web Services with OpenSSO Enterprise
Date:  Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Time:  10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST

ยป Register Now

This webinar will be presented by Sun's OpenSSO experts: Daniel Raskin, the senior product line manager, and Jamie Nelson, the director of engineering.
We hope that you can join us!

If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to

Thank you,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Thursday Dec 11, 2008

OpenDS 1.1.0-Build003 is now available

The OpenDS Team released the latest build of OpenDS which is 1.1.0 Build003.  You can read his blog summarizing the release here.  If you haven't tried the new console that provides tools to create, edit and manage users and schema in an OpenDS instance. 

Here is a list of the major updates, which I borrowed from Ludo's blog.

  • Revision 4591 (Issue #3571) - Adjust the Control Panel to reflect changes to the windows service configuration.
  • Revision 4592 (Issue #3566) - Increase the timeout of the windows service and make it configurable.
  • Revision 4593 (Issue #3564) - Fix a problem that caused make-ldif to fail with a "Permission denied" message.
  • Revision 4594 (Issue #3569) - Amend the dsconfig command to handle multi-valued properties correctly.
  • Revision 4595 (Issue #3567) - Various fixes to the persistent search mechanism.
  • Revision 4598 (Issue #3580) - Fix a Java exception in the control panel when accessing cn=backup.
  • Revision 4601 (Issue #3572) - Fix an issue where adding a local backend with dsconfig resulted in a number of erroneous messages printed to the error log.
  • Revision 4602 (Issue #3582) - Fix a failure in the --revert option of the upgrade.
  • Revision 4605 (Issue #3585) - Change the network group time/size limits to have no default value.
  • Revision 4616 (Issue #3567) - Additional fixes to the persistent search mechanism.
  • Revision 4621 (Issue #3587) - Refresh the index tab of the control panel after rebuilding indexes.
  • Revision 4622 (Issue #3588) - Control Panel : make all Base DNs available for VLV index creation.
  • Revision 4623 (Issue #3589) - Control Panel : fix an error raised at new vlv index creation.
  • Revision 4632 (Issue #3596) - Control Panel : reset data fields when opening the New Base DN window.
  • Revision 4633 (Issue #3599) - Control Panel : new schema object panels were not refreshed.
  • Revision 4634 (Issue #3603) - Control Panel : the manage schema function included other files.
  • Revision 4637 (Issue #3611) - Control Panel : fix an exception raised when refreshing the backups directory.
  • Revision 4638 (Issue #3612) - Control Panel : fix the value of the "Java Home" variable in the "Java Settings" panel.
  • Revision 4639 (Issue #3613) - Control Panel : fix incorrect output messages when deleting a subtree.
  • Revision 4641 (Issue #3614) - Control Panel : fix restore failure when the available backup was a directory.
  • Revision 4643 (Issue #3616) - Control Panel : add the missing --useSSL option.
  • Revision 4645 (Issue #3620) - Control Panel : add the missing --noPropertiesFile option to the command-line equivalents.
  • Revision 4647 - Add the standard schema files necessary for OpenSolaris LDAP naming services.
  • Revision 4648 (Issue #3622) - Control Panel : change the object class sort to be case insensitive
  • Revision 4649 (Issue #3622) - Control Panel : sort all the elements in the schema panels without taking case into account.
  • Revision 4650 (Issue #3623) - Control Panel : refresh the Matching Rules used by the attributes panel.
  • Revision 4652 (Issue #3618) - Control panel : View All Base DS's generated SEVERE ERRORS.
  • Revision 4659 (Issue #3547) - Fix an issue that prevented persistent searches from being abandoned.
  • Revision 4682 (Issue #3481) - Change the permissions on the password file generated by setup/quicksetup.
  • Revision 4697 - Implement a new ACI bind rule keyword "ssf" that allows users to control the level of access based on the security level of the connection.
  • Revision 4703 - Provide suppport for SMF for SVR4 packages.

Sun Directory Server Provides Infrastructure for Energy Innovators and Reduces Cost

As President-elect Obama announced his Energy Team yesterday, I was excited for two reasons.  One, Steven Chu is a Californian from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and it is nice to see local citizens playing National and Global roles improving our environment.  Two, I am proud to work at Sun because a large number of the energy innovators like Argonne Laboratory, which is also a part of the Department of Energy, are using Sun's Software to provide the backbone of innovation within these organizations.  

Argonne Laboratory uses Directory Server Enterprise Edition to power their collaboration infrastructure.  They also use MySQL, JavaES, OpenSSO Enterprise and Virtualization (e.g. xVM Server) to power their innovation.  You can see a great video with David Salbego, Director of IT Infrastructure at Argonne National Labs regarding his experience and business benefits resulting from Sun solutions. 

BC Hydro also used OpenSSO Enterprise and Directory Server to reduce cost of providing a web portal for their customers to get interact with their organization.  They reduced the use of paper and conserved resources for our environment.  You can read about the solution here.

Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

Gartner Identity Access Management Event, Nov. 10-13, Orlando, FL

Gartner Identity and Access Management conference is happening next week, Nov. 10-12 in Orlando, Florida.  This is a great event that brings together analysts, customers and vendors to share knowledge and experience on important topics that shape the Identity and Security industry.  The Directory Product Line Manager, Nick Wooler, will be attending with a few of other notable Identity Product Managers at Sun including: Daniel Raskin, OpenSSO; Nick Crown, Identity and Role Manager; Craig MacDonald, Identity Manager; and our fearless leader John Barco.

Come by and spend some time with your favorite Identity team.  On Monday, November 10 we will be watching Monday Night Football and talking identity in the Presidential Suite at the Gaylord Hotel at 9:00pm ET.  There will be great food, drinks and music as well as a few discussions about Identity.  We hope to see you there.

And, we will be having a few games of Identity Hero.  If you want to practice, check it out here.

Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

OpenDS Blogger Review, OpenDS and OpenSolaris

The monthly OpenDS Community call happened today.  It was a great call with insight into the upcoming inclusion of OpenDS in OpenSolarisOpenDS can be installed on OpenSolaris today but what is new is that it will be available in the new OpenSolaris application repository. I have blogged before on the importance of user experience in software. This is especially important for infrastructure sotware as it increases adoption, reduces training and maintenance costs and most importantly is "the right thing to do" when building product.  The inclusion of OpenDS in the OpenSolaris repository will improve the overall user experience of acquiring and using the software on this important platform for developers and enterprises.  Additionally, the team talked about the latest release and inclusion of the new console. 

In addition to all of the above, I came across the  following review by CS Connell who was comparing OpenDS to several other LDAP directory solutions.  Although his analysis is not comprehensive, the blog post does a nice job of illustrating his analysis of several different solutions against his business and technical requirements. Here are some of the highlights:

 "From an install standpoint, OpenDS seemed quite a bit easier to me, even though I had never seen it before."

"However, one feature that I very much liked (and we need) from OpenDS was virtual attributes, specifically isMemberOf. "

"In the end though, I just felt OpenDS was easier, and would certainly be more straightforward for someone without much backround in the technology .. and it had the nifty isMemberOf attribute we wanted"

He also posts some initial performance testing results.  Although, I can't confirm or properly comment on his results I will leave conclusions up to you.  We will be posting some testing results of our own on OpenDS shortly to give you some additional information.  

OpenDS Monthly Call Tuesday November 4th, 2008, 9am PST, 6pm CET, 5pm GMT.

There are great things happening in the OpenDS project.  Last week the team released a major update to the code.  The release also contained a great new console to manage schema, edit entries, etc.  I will blog more about this later in the week.  

Additionally, Ludo is having his monthly call this morning to go over the new release and discuss some upcoming feature's.  Hopefully, you can join the call.  Here are the details.

Dear OpenDS users and developers,

Please join us on the phone for the next OpenDS monthly public  
meeting, Tuesday November 4th, 2008, 9am PST, 6pm CET, 5pm GMT.

On the agenda for this month meeting, we will review the current  
status of OpenDS 1.1, do an update on the roadmap and will present in  
details the changes that being integrated in OpenDS to be able to  
integrate it as part of OpenSolaris. These changes include SVR4  
packages, additional features with SASL authentication, SMF support,  
separation of binaries and data...

The call in details can be found here.

Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

Identity Management Europe User Group in Munich and Burton Catalyst Europe--Prague

The product management team will be attending Burton Catalyst Europe in Prague next week.  This is a great conference that brings together a number of thought leaders and practitioners in the Identity, Security and Dyanmic Data Center spaces to talk about real problems.  One of the tag-lines of the conference is to remove "Vendor-Hype" which is a refreshing approach.  As a vendor we attend the conference to have additional conversations with customers and analysts about the problems teams are experiencing, creative solutions that are being employed to solve those problems, and contribute our voice to where we believe the industry is headed.  

Additionally, while we are in Europe, on Tuesday, October 28 we will be attending the Sun Identity User Group in Munich.  This User Group session is open to all Identity Manager, Access Manager, Directory Server Enterprise Edition, and Federation Manager customers.  For anyone new to this User Group, it is a customer driven forum providing a valuable opportunity for customers to exchange practical and technical knowledge and experiences.  Here is information on the time and location:

Sun Identity Management User Group - EMEA 2008
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Registration & Continental Breakfast will begin at 8:30 am
Sun Microsystems GmbH
Sonnenallee 1
85551 Kirchheim-Heimstetten

The agenda of the User Group can be found here.  You can register for the User Group by going here.


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