Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

Directory Server 7.0 Released: Download and Upgrade today

Sun  Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 just released.

The 7.0 release is a new version for Directory Server Enterprise Edition.

Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 allows companies to grow faster and easier. The significant improvement in performance allows companies to accelerate their applications while reducing their total cost of ownership. Companies can reduce cost by improving serviceability with faster import times, new easy upgrade in place, and with the only solution in the market that gives customers a directory server, virtual directory, proxy server, web console and synchronization with Active Directory available all in one license.

This updated release improves overall quality and robustness of deployments. Among other features, by downloading DSEE 7.0 you will get:

    • Up to 3 time performance improvement
    • In place upgrade from previous DSEE 6 versions
    • Reduced disk space and memory footprint
    • Optional Data compression
    • Instant Restore capability
    • Advanced tuning capability
    • More use cases and increased performances with views through Directory Proxy Server virtual directory capabilities
    • Improved control over traffic going through Directory Proxy Server
    • New distribution algorithm with Directory Proxy Server
    • Updated list of supported Operating Systems as well as IP v6 supported on all platforms
    • Directory Service Control Center supported on broader list of application servers

Release Notes are available from here. Full documentation is available from here.

Information on Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition are also available on: www.sun.com/dsee.

You can download Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 software from the following location:


The download page serves as a starting point to direct you to the proper downloads depending on the distribution type you need to download.

Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 is available in the following full distributions.

  • ZIP Full distribution (Solaris, OpenSolaris, Red Hat, SuSE, HP-UX, Windows) - standalone delivery to install Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0. For upgrade from 6.x please refer to Installation Guide.
  • Native SVR4 packages for Solaris. For upgrade from 6.x please refer to Installation Guide.

Identity Synchronization for Windows is not delivered in the Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 distribution and have to be selected from the download page: http://www.sun.com/software/products/directory_srvr_ee/get.jsp

Directory Server Enterprise Edition
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Monday Oct 19, 2009

Beta Class for "Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0 Maintenance and Operations Class"

 Sun Learning Services will be holding a beta class for Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition (Directory Server EE) 7.0 Administration training in San Francisco, CA, from Tuesday, December 1 through Friday, December 4, 2009. Tuition is waived and there will be no charge for your valued partnership in this review. However, participants are responsible for travel expenses, lodging and incidentals.

This course provides students with the opportunity to learn to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting techniques, monitor and tune servers, create and manage multiple databases, and perform other tasks encountered in day-to-day operations of Directory Server EE 7.0.

Labs acquaint students with the tools included with Directory Server EE. Students should use them to perform tasks such as searching and modifying directory data, exporting and importing data, starting and stopping servers, and troubleshooting. Students should also migrate server versions, create multiple databases, configure servers for replication, and tune

This course focuses on maintenance and operations issues related to Directory Server EE rather than planning and design issues. For planning and design topics, refer to DIR-2217: Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server Enterprise Edition: Analysis and Planning. If you are already extremely familiar with Directory Server EE, this course probably covers topics you are already familiar with.

We are looking for attendees who will provide a lot of feedback about the class and how we can improve it. We want students who will ask a lot of difficult and annoying questions that we can't answer, do the labs and make them break, and beat up on the product.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: If you have specific in-depth needs, such as heavy-duty performance tuning or analysis, planning, and architecture, please be advised that this class will NOT meet those needs. If you are new or somewhat new to the product, and need to know how to install and administer the product, use the command-line interface and Directory Server Control Center console, use the logs, and know a little about directory proxy server, this class will be will be an ideal introduction.

PLEASE NOTE: We require a passing level of familiarity with LDAP concepts, such as DN, DIT, RDN, search filter, and base DN. We will not have time to cover basic LDAP concepts during this beta course. You also need to know how to use the Solaris OS (or Linux) command line.

Our classroom space in San Francisco is extremely limited and we will very likely be unable to accommodate all who are interested. Apologies in advance if we cannot accept your enrollment.

If you're interested in attending, please contact David Goldsmith (David.Goldsmith@sun.com) for more information.


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