Friday Mar 15, 2013

2013 Call for Proposals Open for Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco

This year, Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco runs from September 22 – 26. As customer or partner you are invited to contribute your best ideas for this conference through the Call for Proposals, open from March 13 through April 12, 2013.

If you deployed a solution that leverages one of our directory products, let's share your experience with the others. Don’t miss this opportunity!

All proposals must be submitted by the end of the day on April 12.

Here is the submission link for the Call for Papers.

Wednesday Mar 06, 2013

ODSEE 11gR1 PS2 Released: Download and update today !

We released Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition 11gR1PS2 today !

ODSEE 11g Release 1 Patch Set 2 ( allows companies to grow faster and easier. The significant improvement in performance over previous Sun DSEE 5.2 and 6.x releases allows companies to accelerate their applications while reducing their total cost of ownership. Companies can also reduce cost through improved serviceability and manageability with increased performances and smooth in-place upgrade reusing existing data store. This complete solution provides a directory server, proxy server (for high availability and distribution of data and load) , web console and synchronization with Active Directory, all under one product (ODSEE) and licensed as part of Oracle Directory Services Plus.

This release is a Patch Set to ODSEE 11gR1 and Sun DSEE 7.0. In addition to multiple fixes released in previous Patch Set and hot fixes, ODSEE 11g Release 1 Patch Set 2 includes among other new features:

  • Increased performance via Entry Cache enhancements
  • More security options with new ciphers for attribute encryption, new password storage schemes, AES encryption for proxy, support for Crypt
  • Improved password policy migration
  • Enhancement manageability through queue backlog monitoring, LDAP Controls logged in the access logs, connection tracking from Client through Back-end
  • Streamlined login in DSCC console with administrative users defined as real users in back-end directory
  • New SNMP agent and updated monitoring framework
  • Adding support for Solaris 11, Red Hat EL 6 and Oracle Linux 6

This distribution includes the Identity Synchronization for Windows.

This updated release improves the overall quality and robustness of deployments. By upgrading from Sun DSEE 5.2 or 6.x to ODSEE you might benefit from:

  • Up to 300% performance improvement
  • In-place upgrade from DSEE 6 (no need to export/import existing data)
  • Fastest export
  • Reduced disk space and memory footprint
  • Optional data compression
  • Instant restore capabilities
  • Advanced tuning capabilities
  • Improved control over traffic going through Directory Proxy Server
  • Updated list of supported Operating Systems

Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition is part of Oracle Directory Services Plus which provides comprehensive directory solutions for robust identity management deployments

Check our documentation set for more, including Release Notes and Certification Matrix.

Download ODSEE from here.

Live Twitter Chat on Mobile IDM - Get Heard!

You are invited! If you have something to say on Mobile Security and Identity Management, if you have questions on the security requirements to support mobile, if you have experience with mobile security, if you have been following the developments (the debates and discussions) on this topic, you are invited to participate in the live twitter conversation on Mobile Identity Management. Amit Jasuja, the Senior Vice President at Oracle will kick-off the discussion on @OracleIDM on Thursday, March 7th at 9 am Pacific/ 12 pm Eastern, and we hope to hear from you and the rest of the IDM twitterverse.

The live twitter chat would run 45 minutes and we look to have a meaningful conversation on the current challenges, existing solutions, potential deficiencies in the solutions, industry's task list, expected outcomes, and more if time permits. So, if you have a twitter handle, we encourage you to participate in the live discussion. Join or simply follow along using hashtag: #mobileidm.

And, if you have questions in mind, simply send those to us @OracleIDM and we will do our best to include or have those addressed by the IDM community.

So, mark your calendar:

Live Tweet Chat

Topic: Mobile IDM
Date: Thursday, March 7th (this week!)
Time: 9 am Pacific/ 12 pm Eastern
Hashtag: #MobileIDM
Host: Amit Jasuja, SVP, Oracle on @OracleIDM

Much like the last twitter chat, we will archive and post the discussion shortly after the live event. Talk to you soon!


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