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    January 6, 2010

Windows TCP Receive Window Auto-Tuning

During the final testing of GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 the GlassFish QA team reported this Update Center bug:

11185 Installer hangs at 41% intermittently

We knew that at this phase of the install the update center was bootstrapping (downloading and installing) itself from the network repository into the installation image.  After some initial analysis we determined a few more things: this was only on Windows Vista and Windows 7, it has a hard hang, it was intermittent, we could only reproduce it inside SWAN (Sun's internal network). Further analysis showed that the client was blocked on a read from an HTTP connection to the repository, the repository thought everything was fine (and in fact showed no open connection from the client at all !?). Tom, through the use of WireShark, observed the TCP window size fluctuating significantly before the hang.

We were stumped -- so we Googled it. And the culprit was: TCP Receive Window Auto-Tuning

This feature is enabled by default on Vista, and attempts to automatically tune some TCP parameters including the Receive Window size to improve network performance. Unfortunately this can interact poorly with some pieces of network gear or firewalls leading to slowness or hangs. In our case disabling Auto-Tuning cleared up the problem.

For more details including how to disable auto-tuning check out the Microsoft blog posting on the subject or this article from www.vistax64.com.

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