Seeking a bit of white space

Earnings announcement, board meetings, stockholder meeting and the continued melt down of global economic markets. All in all, it's been a stressful few weeks. So, when a few friends offered the chance for a weekend of camping and hiking in Yosemite Valley, I happily accepted.

Yosemite Valley is always wonderful. But at this time of year, it is at its most beautiful. The leaves of the black oaks have turned shades varying from crimson to mustard and color the air with every breeze. In the background, the majestic icons of the valley - El Cap, Half Dome, Glacier Point and Royal Arches, all watch silently. I'm still astounded to meet residents of California who have never visited this sublime geologic wonder.

The hike itself was grueling. There was no trail to follow and we had to move at a good pace to avoid navigating in the dark - or worse yet, being included in the next edition of this.

Our starting point was Olmstead Point off of Tioga Road. From there we descended (and more than occasionally - stumbled) down Tenaya Canyon to the valley floor. Along the more than ten mile route we discovered the engine of a plane that had crashed in the late 1950s; had an encounter (thankfully, a friendly one) with a large black bear; enjoyed the adrenaline of a few rappels and the refreshment of a chilly swim in the Tenaya river. In this environment, it is impossible to think about work. Or, the economy.

Now, at the office a week later, my legs remain in pain and the blisters on my feet have not yet healed. But each time I experience a moment of stress, I reach down and touch my still aching legs. When I do, I'm transported back to Yosemite and find a moment of repose.

(Photographs courtesy of Rene Schaub)


Sounds like a wonderful weekend Mike. Perhaps you are due for another trip to Arctic Bay. We have plenty of white space this time of year.

Posted by Clare on November 08, 2008 at 12:08 AM PST #

You are truly blessed to live around so much beauty.

Posted by Mayuresh Kathe on November 11, 2008 at 11:07 AM PST #

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